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Koprivnica-Krizevci County (Croatia)

Koprivnicko-Krizevacka Zupanija

Last modified: 2005-04-16 by dov gutterman
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by Željko Heimer, 19 October 2000

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Description of the Flag

The flag is quatered red and blue, with the arms of the county in the middle. The arms are per chevron azure and barry gules and argent [this was latter changed to argent only], tripple cross and double fleur de lys or and cock azure stantant winged or on the triple island vert, all within bordure or (that is the best blazoning I can do). In ordinary words the shield is blue with a golden triple cross and double fleur de lys in each corner, with a triangular spike from bottom with three red and three white stripes, in which there is a cock standing on the green triple island. The cock is blue with wings with some yellow. The shield is bordered in yellow.
The flag is the same when hoisted vertically (i.e. that would make it *S*/*** -> MvN in my notation).
I belive that both the flag and the arms are new (1995 or 96), but they are, surely, based on the older arms of Koprivnica and Krizevac, both important towns in late 18th century. The arms of Krizevac (which I have seen now in use, but I haven't seen the flag) is (light) blue, with two hands, one in armour, holding a tripplecross, and with the mounting star and crescent in each corner. I don't know the history of this cross, but the connection of the cross with Krizevac is quite obvious if you consider that croatian Kriz = english Cross. I belive that the flag has these arms on the blue field, but I haven't seen it.
Koprivnica has the blue arms with a castle with three towers on a kind of a bridge-like structure (I haven't got a closer look, and I have no references by hand) surrounded with two golden double fleurs de lys. The flag (which I saw) is blue with these arms.
Željko Heimer, 18 August 1996

The County of Koprivnica - Krizevci is situated north east from Zagreb, in the valley of Drava river on the border with Hungary, a very rich agricultural region of Croatia. The triple cross is from the arms of the city of Krizevci ('kriz' being a cross in Croatian), and the double fleur-de-lys is found in the arms of Koprivnica. The peacock was symbolizing the area for a long time, reminding to agriculture, as well as the history - referring to the legend of the siege of the city of Djurdjevac - when peacocks were fired from the besieged city instead of cannonballs, therefore the Turks concluded that there is too much food in the city and that the siege was senseless, and retreated. The 'rule' of Hungarian (and Croatian) heraldry that charges need to be supported by a mount, is also respected here, connecting the arms with ancient tradition.
Željko Heimer, from FAME

I located Photo of this county flag at <> (defunct) Quite similar to the image except the color of bottom part of the Coat of Arms (Looks like black and not green, but maybe it is bad photo).
Dov Gutterman, 22 September 1999

I can confirm that it is green. I really looks dark on the photo , probably due to the fact that there is light comming from the background, and the field is sewed probably with several layers of textile. I have seen tose flags "live" myself a year ago and I spoke with the man who was manufacturing them, and I have a small table flag clearly showing the green filed.
Finally, I have a copy of the official documentation on the flag adoption (from official gazette and county secretary matterials), where the CoA is shown in heraldic hatching (with slanted lines for green field), and legend bellow naming slanted lines for green. Furthermore, there is a list of colours used, stating that the green should be of shade "Chromos 50" (Chromos being the paints factory in Zagreb, and that name being the number from  their catalogue). I have no details on the exact shade of it, but it is as close to the "standard medium green" as one can put it.
And , another thing - if you take a better look, you can see a small part of another flag in upper right corner of the photo. It is certainly not the Croatian flag, I have never seen such pale blue used for it, but it is highly probable that it is the flag of Koprivnica.
Željko Heimer, 23 september 1999

It isn't black and it isn't a bad photo: it's just a photo taken against the light. Had you lightened that area a bit, you'd noticed that it's green. Dark green.
Jorge Candeias, 24 september 1999

1. Odluka o grbu i zastavi Zupanije Koprivni?ko-Krizeva?ke, 26. travnja 1996. Sluzbeni glasnik Zupanije Koprivnicko-Krizevacke 6/96, 3. svibnja 1996. pp. 176-7.
2. Rjesenje Ministarstva uprave RH Klasa:UP/I-017-02/96-01/43, 515-04-03/1-97-4, Zagreb, 21. velja?e 1996; on approval of the coat of arms and the flag
3. Odluka o izmjenama Odluke o grbu i zastavi Zupanije Koprivni?ko- Krizeva?ke, 14. ozujka 1997. Sluzbeni glasnik Zupanije Koprivnicko- Krizevacke 1/97, 15. ozujka 1997. p. 10.
4. Glas Podravine i Prigorja, 07. 03. 1997; 30. 10. 1998; 15. 01. 1999.

According to source no. 4 the designer of the flag is Antonio Grgic, architecture student from Koprivnica.
Željko Heimer, 19 October 2000

Browsing the net I noticed a new issue (December 2001!) of the official gazette of the County available on-line at <> including a change in the decision on the Coat of Arms and the flag of the Koprivnica-Križevci County:
Odluka o izmjenama Odluke o grbu i zastavi Županije Koprivnicko- Križevacke, 14. prosinca 2001. Službeni glasnik KKŽ 14/01, 15. prosinca 2001. pp. 890-891.
The decision does not change anything substantial for our interest - it somewhat more precisely defines the process of granting the right for the usage of the Coat of Arms and the flag to the public buissnesses, and changes the penal fees (lowering them!).
Željko Heimer, 7 Febuary 2004

Coat of Arms

by Željko Heimer, 19 October 2000

Pre- 1997 Flag

by Željko Heimer, 19 October 2000

Ratio: 1:2
Adopted: 1995/1996
Abandoned: 05 March 1997
Željko Heimer

Pre - 1997 Coat of Arms

by Željko Heimer, 19 October 2000

County's Local Flags

In the Museum of the City of Koprivnica was held between 14 April to 14 May 2003, an exhibition of symbols of the County and its subdivisions. The exhibition was held as part of the celebraion of 10th anniversary of the County, and author was Dražen Ernecic, historian and the currator of the Museum. Though his cordiallity, I had chance of studing the exhibitied flags in details.
The exhibition showed the state of the civic heraldry and vexillology in the county. Out of one county, three cities and 22 communities, there are adopted symbols of one county, all three cities and 12 communities. So yet 10 communities have no official symbols adopted, and one of the intentions of the exhibitions was to initiate the adoption of the symbols for the remaining communities.
There is a nice catalogue of the exhibition [ern03] that explains in short the history of county flags and showes few existing historical coat of arms of cities and towns in it. It includes images of 16 coas and photos of 16 matching flags of the county and its subdivisions, each with blazon and flag description, indication of designers and approval dates.
Željko Heimer, 20 May 2003