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Krizevci (Koprivnica-Krizevci County, Croatia)


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by Zeljko Heimer , 14 July 2000

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City of Križevci - The coat of arms of Krizevci originates from at least 18th century. It is canting, since the name refers to the cross (city is named in Latin Crux, German Kreutz and Magyar Koros [Ko//ro:s]). It can be blazoned as Azure, two hands proper clasping each other embowed, dexter armoured Argent and sinister clead Or, holding a triple cross patte of the second between in chief two mullets of the third.
The coat of arms was used more or less throughout in different artistical redentions, differing maily in representation of the outer ornaments. The current simple shield is adopted in early 1990's, in the same time as the flag is adopted for the first time.
The flag is blue, ratio 1:2, with the CoA offset to the hoist (my guess - the axis is 1/3 of the lenght from hoist). The CoA is fimbrated in white line from the rest of the field. The blue shade used is grayish, that is considered traditional colour of the city.
The vertical flag is not reported. Presumably, it would have the CoA vetiacally set and offset upwards - but that is only a speculation, of course.
My images are based on the representations of the flag and CoA on civic pages at <> where both obverse and reverse of the flag is shown (though reverse is no different from what is considered normal vexillologic practice).
Krizevci is situated in Koprivnicko-krizevacka County.
In Bjelovar-Bilogora County page there is a describtion and pictured flag of former Bjelovar-Krizevci county, 19th and early 20th century. The CoA of Krizevci county is seen on the combined county flag of 1903 at hoist side.
Zeljko Heimer, 14 July 2000

On the Križevci On-Line site in the news for October 2002 <> it is mentioned that on the City Assemby session held on 1st October 2002 it was adopted a decision that changes the coat of arms and the flag of the City. Details of the changes are not published there. After contacting the webmaser, he promised to fill me in with more details, but explains that the intention is to revert to the historical design of the coat of arms (and flag accordingly). The historical CoA is similar to the one adopted, approved and used currently, but in more ornate design including crown above the shield etc. It was granted in 18th century. The city wants to use that historical design, or at least one that is closer to it then the current simple modernization. This was in mid-1990's rejected by the central authorities that are to approve the design (then a commission at the Ministry of Administration, nowdays in the Ministry of Justice), but the city authorities judge that they shall have more luck this time.
The previe of how the intended design would look like, probably, one can see at <>, though I do not know if this is exact the design that was adopted in October. However, the same page provides some interesting historical backgound and some explanations of the CoA charges in the first place. I sumarize: The city was established in the early middle-age, in 1225 it becomes the seat of a county and in 1245 it was granted the free royal city rights by ban Stjepan, that was confirmed by king Bela IV in 1253. At times the sessions of the state parliament were held there. The city was developed as dual, the above mentioned became the upper town (Gornji Križevac), while the lower town (Donji Križevac) was granted civic rights in 1405, when it was also fortified against Turks. The two compeeting cities were finally united in 1752 by empress Maria Theresia, and therefore the plural form of the name Križevci. At the time the city was granted the coat of arms with tripple cross (canting for the city name) with two arms holding it. One is armoured to represent the former upper town that was under military giovernment and the other is in civilian clotes for the mercantile lower town.
Križevci is the seat of the Greek-Catolic Bishopric for the whole Croatia.
Zeljko Heimer, 20 Febuary 2003

On Krizevci symbols I can add info from [ern03] on Ministry of Administration approval date: 21 February 1997. While the catalogue [ern03] include the drawing of the flag (not photos, as for other cases) the exhibition itself did not include the flag itself. Namely, as I reported, in 2002 the city authorities decided that they are not satisfied with the design and are thriving for adoptiong of an other one (I don't know if they have decided which one yet). Consequently, they do not use the 1997 design at all -  and did not have or did not want to send the 1997 flag to th exhibition.
The designer of 1997 design is mr. (magister of science) Zdenko Balog.
Zeljko Heimer, 20 May 2003

Coat of Arms

by Zeljko Heimer, 14 July 2000

Krizevci County Historical Flag

from Croatian History Museum site by courtesy of Jelena Borosak Marijanovic

The flag of the Krizevci County 1711-1740
Red silk damask, wood, brass, painted
90 x 152 cm, staff length 262 cm

Double edged cavalry flag with red and blue tassels at the ends. Both sides of the flag field are decorated with painted heraldic emblems. Obverse: in a red medallion edged with laurel wreath Hungarian (?) coat of arms with the motto In hoc signo vinces (Under this sign you will win). Reverse: in a blue medallion edged with a laurel wreath a crowned double-headed eagle, bearing a white shield with the initials of the ruler Charles VI (C VI) on his breast. In his talons he holds the ruler's insignias, a sceptre and a sword. Around the laurel wreath the inscription reads: Deo Carolo VI patriae vexilum fidele inclitae nobilitatis comitatus Crisiensis (To the divine Charles VI the flag of the homeland, the nobility of Krizevci County known for their fidelity). The flagstaff is spirally painted in red and white, and ends in a brass foliate finial with the pierced initials CC (Comitatus Crisiensis).
E. Laszowski donated the flag in 1927.
J. Borosak-Marijanovic, Zastave kroz stoljeca, Zagreb, 1996, catalogue number 33, page 113.

by Zeljko Heimer, 24 September 1999

I have made an image of "idealized" flag . Also, note that this flag was hoisted on a staff, just as we would expect it, and is not intended for vertical hoisting as one could wrongly assume from the photo!
Zeljko Heimer, 24 September 1999