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Veszprem County (Hungary)

Veszprém megye

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by Mello Luchtenberg, 7 April 2001

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Ratio: 2:3. Adopted: unknown. Capital: Veszprem.
The arms are the same as of former (Austro-Hungarian) county of Veszprem (Vezprim).
Zeljko Heimer

Veszpre'm megye (megye=county) is located in the Northern part of Transdanubia. Neighbouring counties are: Gyor-Moson-Sopron megye, Vas megye, Zala megye, Somogy megye (the border is the Lake Balaton), Feje'r megye and Kom?rom-Esztergom megye: The territory is 4639 km2. The county (including Veszpre'm City) has got 378.880 inhabitants (99,1% Hungarian, 1995). In the county there are: 1 city (not part of the county), 12 towns, 3 "large villages" and 207 villages. Four of the Official Ethnic Minorities of Hungary has got ethnic councils in the county. They are: Gipsy (in 21 settlements), German (in 36 settlements) Polish (in 1 settlement) and Armenian (in 1 settlement).

Veszpre'm County was founded by King Saint Stephen (1000-1038). The borders of the county was changed after the WWII. In 1946 the Balatonfuredi ja'ra's (ja'ra's = district) was annexed to Veszpre'm County from Zala County. On 1 January 1950 (the start of the communist administration) the Keszthelyi district, the Sumegi district and the Tapolcai district were annexed from Zala County, Kemeneshogye'sz, Kemenesszentpe'ter, Magyargencs, Egyha'zaskeszo and Va'rkeszo villages from Vas County, and Inota village from Feje'r County. From Veszpre'm County A'cstesza'r, Aka, Bakonyba'nk, Bakonyszombathely, Ba'rsonyos, Csatka, Kere'kteleki, Re'de and Su'r villages were annexed to Koma'rom County, Mezokoma'rom, Lajoskoma'rom, Mezoszilas, Mezoszentgyorgy, Lepse'ny, Balatonbozsok, Enying and De'g villages were annexed to Feje'r County, Sio'fok, Balatonszabadi and Sio'maros villages were annexed to Somogy County. In 1954 Csi'kva'nd, Gyarmat, Szerecseny and Malomsok villages were annexed from Gyor-Sopron County to Veszpre'm County. In 1958 Bakonycsenye village was annexed to Feje'r County. On 1th January 1979 the Keszthelyi district and Keszthely town were reallocated to Zala County. After the fall of the communism in Hungary (1989) in 1992 Cse'kva'nd, Gyarmat and Szerecseny villages returned to Gyor-Moson-Sopron County. In 1999 Bakonype'terd and La'zi villages decided to join to Gyor-Moson-Sopron County.

The Veszpre'm County has got the original Coat of Arm which was used until 1950. The castle shows Castle of Veszpre'm, the oak twig relates to the Bakony Mountains situated on the bigger part of the county.

Veszpre'm County is rich in historical sites from the Stone Age, Roman Age, early Hungarian age. There are many castles (more of them ruin), small old (Romanesque, Gothic) churches. On the territory of the county can be found the Balatonfelvida'k National Park with beautiful hills.
Istvan Molnar, 9 July 2000

Here the official Home Page of Veszprém County with the Coat of Arm - <>.
Istvan Molnar, 2 April 2001

The symbols of Veszprém county renewed by the Res. No. 5/1995 (VII.5.) of the General Assembly of the County. This resolution was modified by the Res. No. 3/1992 (V.6.). In 1996 the General Assembly made a new uniform resolution: The Res. No. 8/1996 (V.9.) About The Symbols of Veszprém County and Its Using, and the Using of the Official Symbols of the Republic of Hungary...<>.
The colours of the county could be used without the Coat of Arm.
Istvan Molnar, 26 May 2001

Flag in Use

by Istvan Molnar, 27 August 2001

Flying flag at the Conquest Statue, Opusztaszer NHP. Ratio: 3:1. The width of the Coat of Arm is the 1/3 of the width of the flag. The Coat of Arm is on the 1/3 of the flag's height. The inscription is gold.
Istvan Molnar, 27 August 2001

Coat of Arms

by Mello Luchtenberg, 7 April 2001

Municipalities Coat of Arms

Ábrahámhegy village: <>
Balatonalmádi town: <>
Balatonfűzfő town: <>
Badacsonytomaj village: <>
Badacsonytördemic village: <>
Balatonederics village: <>
Balatonkenese village: <>
Balatonszepezd village: <>
Csopak village: <>
Kővágóörs village: <>
Köveskál village: <>
Salföld village: <>
Szentbékálla village: <>
Tihany village: <>
Zánka village: <>
Istvan Molnar, 16 August 2001