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Boarnsterhim (The Netherlands)

Fryslân province

Last modified: 2003-09-06 by jarig bakker
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boonsterhem municipality Shipmate Flagchart :
adopted 28 Nov 1983.

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Boarnsterhim municipality

Number of inhabitants (1 Jan 2003): 18.989; area: 168,59 km². Settlements: Akkrum, Aldeboarn, Dearsum, Eagum, Friens, Grou (seat), Idaerd, Jirnsum, Nes, Poppenwier, Raerd, Reduzum, Sibrandabuorren, Terherne, Tersoal, Warstiens, Warten, Wergea. In Jan 1989 the municipal council decided to use the Frisian language for all placenames.
The municipalities Boarnsterhim and Idaarderadeel and the village Idaard, became part of the new municipality of Boarnsterhim (a Frisian name, meaning 'yard of the Boorne' (the name of an old river)). The main village is Grouw, which is in the heart of Friesland, just south of the provincial capital, Leeuwarden/Ljouwert.
Flag adopted 28 Nov 1983.
Jarig Bakker, 19 Aug 2003

Boarnsterhim village flags

By municipal resolution of 8 Dec 1985 CoAs and flags for all 18 villages of Boarnsterhim (Fryslân) were adopted. The mayor and aldermen had decided to adopt a new mayor's chain, on which they wanted to engrave the village CoAs, which was the major cause. The village-CoAs of Akkrum, Dearsum, Âldeboarn, Terherne, Tersoal, Grou, and Warten were already known. The Fryske Rie foar Heraldyk was asked to design new CoAs for the remaining villages. The Rie designed at the same time new flags for all 18 villages. Only Warten was known to have a flag (see Genealogysk Jierboekje 1974).
Source: Genealogysk Jierboekje 1986.
Jarig Bakker, 19 Aug 2003

Boarnsterhim CoA

Boarnsterhim CoAInternational Civic Arms :

Granted 10 Aug 1984.

Idaerderadiel (former municipality)

village Idaarderadeel Shipmate Flagchart :

Idaarderadeel - Idaerderadiel is in the center of Friesland, due south of Leeuwarden. Since 1984 it is part of Boarnsterhim. The seat was in Grouw, the village where in the last century the revival of Frisian literature was started.
Flagdescription: "White with a red scandinavian cross whereof the width of the arms is 3/16th of the flag height, and over that a white scandinavian cross with a width of 1/16th of the flag height and on the crossing of the arms a blue escutcheon ending in a point on which two contrary yellow crescents.
The two crescents on the flag might refer to the quite popular opinion that Frisians took part in the crusades (notably the conquest of Damiette in Egypt).
Jarig Bakker, 24 October 1999

Idaerderadiel CoA

See International Civic Arms :

Raarderhim (former municipality)

(Raarderhim flag] Shipmate Flagchart :
adopted 6 June 1971

Rauwerderhem - Raarderhim was a municipality between Leeuwarden and Sneek; in old times part of it was in the Middelzee. Since 3 January 1985 part of Boarnsterhim. Municipal seat: Raerd (Rauwerd).
Flagdescription: "Three stripes red-white-red, with at the hoist side over all two crossed yellow keys, the bits up and turned inward."
The flag was adopted 6 June 1971, adapted from the municipal CoA. The two keys might deformations of the gridirons as attribute of St. Laurentius, formerly patron saint of Rauwerderhem.
Jarig Bakker, 30 October 1999

Rauwerderheim CoA

See International Civic Arms :

Utingeradiel (former municipality)

[Utingeradeel flag] Shipmate Flagchart :
adopted 29 January 1958

Utingeradeel / Utingeradiel was in the center of Friesland, southeast of Leeuwarden, with municipal seat in Akkrum. It is since 3 January 1985 divided between Boarnsterhim and Skarsterlân.
Flagdescription: three horizontal stripes of red and white, proportioned 2:1:5; in hoist-bottom a yellow cloverleaf.
The flag was adopted 29 January 1958, derived from the CoA. The white stripe symbolizes the old river De Boorn, where the 5 main villages were bordering on. The cloverleaf is for the fertility of the soil.
Jarig Bakker, 2 December 1999

Utingeradiel CoA

See International Civic Arms :