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Title: The Flag Bulletin
Medium: periodical
Edition (publisher: place): The Flag Research Center (United States)
Language: English
Publishing dates: since 1961
Frequency: 6 issues per annum
Catalogue codes: ISSN:0015-3370
Pages: varies
Format: 215×138 mm

427 entries in this source:

issue III-2 = 10:
issue XIX-3-5 = 84:
p.232-253: [neu80];
issue XXII-3-4 = 100:
p.72-83: [dra83]; p.84-92: [mad83]; p.189-197: [sol83a]; [ach83a];
issue XXIII-5 = 107:
p.147-148: [smi84a]; p.176-181: [smi84b];
issue XXIV-1 = 109:
p.1-36: [dra85];
issue 115:
p.80 (?): [mdsXX];
issue XXV-5 = 118:
p.192-196: [wlr86];
issue 120:
p.164: [wrm87];
issue 126:
p.108-117: [sol88];
issue 130:
p.17-28: [brt89]; p.29-37: [brl89]; p.38-43: [cer89a]; p.79-115: [fal89]; p.116-122: [fer89]; p.123-127: [ghr89]; p.128-130: [ghr89a]; p.131-141: [gnt89]; p.142-145: [han89]; p.146-167: [hrg89]; p.168-175: [hea89]; p.176-181: [jaa89]; p.182-189: [jil89]; p.190-218: [jil89a]; p.219-223: [paw89]; p.224-232: [rab89]; p.233-237: [rah89]; p.238-244a: [sya89]; p.246-253: [smi89a]; p.262: [cro89];
issue XXIX-1 = 133:
p.3-15: [smi90]; p.15-19: [smi90a]; p.19-21: [smi90b]; p.22-24: [dra90]; p.25-31: [smi90j]; p.32-33: [smi90d]; p.35-40: [lux90];
issue XXIX-2 = 134:
p.43-50: [smi90e]; p.51: [smi90f]; p.52-53: [smi90g]; p.54-78: [gfi90]; p.79-80: [smi90c];
issue XXIX-3 = 135:
p.83-124: [rud90];
issue XXIX-4 = 136:
p.127-148: [smi90i]; p.149-153: [smi90h]; p.154-158: [mar90]; p.159-160: [smi90k];
issue XXIX-5 = 137:
p.162-167: [smi90w]; p.167-169: [smi90l]; p.169-170: [smi90m]; p.171-173: [smi90n]; p.174-187: [btn90]; p.190: [smi90o]; p.191-199: [jtn90]; p.202-205: [smi90p]; p.205-211: [smi90q]; p.211-212: [smi90r]; p.213-214: [smi90s]; p.216-219: [smi90t];
issue XXIX-6 = 138:
p.213-214: [smi90x]; p.220-231: [not90]; p.232-236: [lux90a]; p.236: [smi90u]; p.238-240: [smi90v];
issue XXX-1 = 139:
p.2-7: [smi91]; p.8-16: [smi91a]; p.16: [smi91b]; p.17-21: [smi91c]; p.22-24: [lux91]; p.25-35: [gnt91]; p.36-39: [smi91d];
issue XXX-2 = 140:
p.42-49: [smi91e]; p.50-54: [smi91f]; p.55-70: [tom91]; p.70: [smi91g]; p.71-75: [smi91h]; p.76: [smi91i]; p.77-78: [smi91j]; p.79: [smi91k];
issue XXX-3 = 141:
p.82-85: [smi91l]; p.86-87: [cof91]; p.88-92: [hea91]; p.92: [smi91m]; p.93-109: [qas91]; p.110-114: [smi91n]; p.115: [smi91o];
issue XXX-4 = 142:
p.118-124: [sic91]; p.125-133: [lbd91]; p.134-140: [mzk91]; p.140: [smi91p]; p.140: [smi91q]; p.141-153: [woc91]; p.154-155: [smi91r];
issue XXX-5 = 143:
p.158-181: [smi91s]; p.181-184: [smi91t]; p.184 + 195-196: [smi91x]; p.185-190: [smi91u]; p.191-192: [mds91]; p.192: [smi91v]; p.193-194: [smi91w];
issue XXX-6 = 144:
p.199-232: [smi91y];
issue XXXI-1-2 = 145:
p.2-8: [smi92a]; p.8-16: [smi92b]; p.16-23: [smi92c]; p.24-29: [smi92d]; p.29-33: [smi92e]; p.34-38: [smi92f]; p.38-39: [smi92g]; p.40-54: [brl92a]; p.54: [smi92h]; p.55-66: [smi92i];
issue XXXI-3 = 146:
p.70-73: [smi92j]; p.73-77: [lou92]; p.77-88: [ces92]; p.89-99: [sol92]; p.100-104: [brp92]; p.105-112: [rch92]; p.113-114: [smi92k]; p.114: [smi92l];
issue XXXI-4 = 147:
p.119-128: [woc92]; p.129-138: [can92]; p.138: [smi92m]; p.139-152: [hrg92]; p.153-154: [smi92n];
issue XXXI-5 = 148:
p.157-201: [smi92o];
issue XXXI-6 = 149:
p.205-249: [smi92p]; p.254-256: [smi92q];
issue XXXII-1 = 150:
p.2-12: [smi93a]; p.13-21: [dra93]; p.22-30: [kay93]; p.31-39: [srm93]; p.40-44: [brk93]; p.45-48: [crr93]; p.49-56: [smi93b]; p.57-61: [gua93];
issue XXXII-2 = 151:
p.66-87: [mbo93]; p.88-98: [smi93c]; p.98: [smi93d]; p.99-100: [smi93e]; p.101-106: [brz93b];
issue XXXII-3 = 152:
p.110-137: [smi93f]; p.124: [smi93g];
issue XXXII-4 = 153:
p.142-175: [gst93]; p.176-182: [smi93h]; p.183: [smi93i];
issue XXXII-5 = 154:
p.186-211 + 217: [zna93]; p.212-213: [smi93p]; p.214-216: [smi93j]; p.217: [smi93k];
issue XXXII-6 = 155:
p.222-253: [smi93l]; p.223: [smi93m]; p.234-236: [smi93o]; p.254-256: [smi93n];
issue XXXIII-1 = 156:
p.2-39: [rau94]; p.39: [smi94a];
issue XXXIII-2 = 157:
p.42-58: [smi94]; p.58: [smi94c]; p.63-66: [smi94d]; p.67: [smi94e]; p.68-77: [brz94];
issue XXXIII-3 = 158:
p.82-123: [bbw94]; p.123: [smi94f];
issue XXXIII-4 = 159:
p.130-168: [smi94g]; p.169: [smi94h];
issue XXXIII-5 = 160:
p.174-200: [smi94i]; p.200-201: [smi94j]; p.201-202: [smi94k]; p.202-203: [smi94l]; p.204: [smi94m]; p.205-209: [smi94n]; p.209: [smi94o]; p.210: [smi94p];
issue XXXIII-6 = 161:
p.214-230: [smi94q]; p.230-231: [smi94r]; p.232-239: [mtb94]; p.240: [smi94s]; p.241-242: [smi94t]; p.243-246: [smi94u]; p.250-252: [smi94v];
issue XXXIV-1 = 162:
p.2-23: [lin95]; p.24: [smi95]; p.25-27: [smi95a]; p.28-42: [gmz95];
issue XXXIV-2 = 163:
p.46-64: [brr95]; p.65-76: [gst95]; p.76: [smi95b]; p.77-82: [smi95c];
issue XXXIV-3 = 164:
p.87-89: [smi95d]; p.90-102: [lbd95]; p.102: [smi95e]; p.103-106: [sol95]; p.107-112: [smi95f]; p.113-122: [brz95];
issue XXXIV-4 = 165:
p.126-141: [smi95g]; p.142-152: [abs95]; p.152: [smi95h]; p.153-173: [smi95i];
issue XXXIV-5 = 166:
p.178-191: [yar95]; p.192-200: [brl95]; p.201-204: [paw95]; p.205-207: [glg95]; p.207: [smi95j];
issue XXXIV-6 = 167:
p.210-239: [smi95k]; p.240-243: [smi95l]; p.244: [smi95m]; p.246-248: [smi95n];
issue XXXV-1-2 = 168:
p.3-106: [ore96]; p.6-7: [smi96];
issue XXXV-3 = 169:
p.134-138: [mad96]; p.108-123: [smi96a]; p.124-133: [dra96]; p.133: [smi96b]; p.139-140: [smi96c]; p.141-142: [smi96d];
issue XXXV-4 = 170:
p.144-180: [smi96e];
issue XXXV-5 = 171:
p.184-197: [smi97f]; p.197: [smi96g]; p.198-207: [vua96]; p.208-216: [brz96b];
issue XXXV-6 = 172:
p.220-222: [smi96h]; p.223-231: [mtc96]; p.232-238: [rau96]; p.238: [smi96i]; p.239-253: [smi96j]; p.257-258: [smi96k];
issue XXXVI-1 = 173:
p.2-6: [bet97]; p.7-16: [cro97]; p.17: [smi97a]; p.18-22: [rab97]; p.23-45: [zna97a];
issue XXXVI-2 = 174:
p.50-54: [smi97b]; p.55-63: [gon97]; p.64-71: [abj97]; p.71: [smi97c]; p.72-86: [cmm97]; p.87-88: [smi97d];
issue XXXVI-3 = 175:
p.94-97: [smi97e]; p.98-100: [smi96f]; p.101-114: [not97]; p.115-125: [gnt97]; p.126-132: [smi97g]; p.132: [smi97h];
issue XXXVI-4 = 176:
p.136-178: [smi97i]; p.179: [smi97j];
issue XXXVI-5 = 177:
p.184-185: [smi97k]; p.186-194: [smi97l]; p.196-212: [hsr97]; p.213-219: [brz97]; p.220: [smi97m];
issue XXXVI-6 = 178:
p.225-227: [smi97n]; p.227: [smi97o]; p.228-235: [smi97p]; p.237-244: [p2d97]; p.246-262: [lst97]; p.263-266: [smi97q];
issue XXXVII-1 = 179:
p.2-15: [brb98]; p.16-19: [neu98a]; p.20-40: [lym98]; p.41-42: [smi98];
issue XXXVII-2 = 180:
p.46-61: [smi98a]; p.62-71: [fab98]; p.72-84: [smi98b]; p.85-86: [smi98c]; p.87: [smi98d];
issue XXXVII-3 = 181:
p.90-103: [smi98e]; p.104-118: [rud98]; p.119: [smi98f]; p.120-125: [mar98]; p.126-128: [smi98g];
issue XXXVII-4 = 182:
p.130-160: [smi98h]; p.147-150 + 162: [smi98i]; p.163-164: [smi98j]; p.165-167: [smi98k]; p.168: [smi98l];
issue XXXVII-5 = 183:
p.170-173: [smi98m]; p.174-184: [smi98n]; p.185-193: [brz98b]; p.194-205: [ful98]; p.206: [smi98o]; p.207: [smi98p];
issue XXXVII-6 = 184:
p.210-215: [smi98r]; p.216-233: [lbd98]; p.234-236: [mar98a]; p.237: [smi98s]; p.238-243: [rjn98]; p.244-248: [smi98t];
issue XXXVIII-1 = 185:
p.3-39: [smi99a]; p.40: [smi99b];
issue XXXVIII-2 = 186:
p.42-49: [smi99c]; p.50-68: [htv99]; p.69: [smi99d]; p.70-73: [swl99]; p.74-78: [smi99e]; p.79: [smi99f];
issue XXXVIII-3 = 187:
p.82-87: [smi99g]; p.87: [smi99h]; p.88: [smi99i]; p.89-105: [ang99]; p.106-128: [lgy99];
issue XXXVIII-4 = 188:
p.130-135: [smi99j]; p.136-157: [smb99]; p.157: [smi99k]; p.158-160: [ine99]; p.161-163: [smi99l];
issue XXXVIII-5 = 189:
p.166-167: [smi99m]; p.168: [smi99n]; p.169-196: [sld99]; p.197-200: [smi99o];
issue XXXVIII-6 = 190:
p.202-205: [smi99p]; p.206-237: [c2s99]; p.237: [smi99q]; p.238-240: [smi99r];
issue XXXIX-1 = 191:
p.3-4: [smi00a]; p.5-47: [hsn00];
issue XXXIX-2 = 192:
p.60: [smi00c]; p.60-60: [smi00b]; p.61-88: [smi00d];
issue XXXIX-3 = 193:
p.90-108: [smi00e]; p.109-121: [mtc00]; p.122-128: [fau00a]; p.128: [smi00f];
issue XXXIX-4 = 194:
p.130-138: [smi00g]; p.139-141: [smi00h]; p.141: [smi00i]; p.142-153: [hsr00]; p.154-160: [mrw00]; p.161-168: [brz00a];
issue XXXIX-5 = 195:
p.171-194: [smi00j]; p.195-196: [smi00k]; p.197: [smi00l]; p.198-204: [tur00]; p.204: [smi00m]; p.205: [frk00]; p.206-208: [smi00n];
issue XXXIX-6 = 196:
p.211-217: [smi00o]; p.218-228: [bta00]; p.229-232: [fer00]; p.233: [smi00p]; p.234-235: [bta00a]; p.235: [smi00q]; p.236-239: [smi00r]; p.240-248: [smi00s];
issue XL-1 = 197:
p.1-40: [jil01];
issue XL-2 = 198:
p.41 + 76-80: [grb01]; p.43-47 + 60-61: [smi01a]; p.48-59 + 62-73: [lgy01]; p.74-75: [dra01];
issue XL-3 = 199:
p.81: [smi01b]; p.83-86: [smi01c]; p.87: [smi01d]; p.88-99 + 102-113: [tyr01]; p.100-101 + 114-118: [lnm01]; p.118: [smi01e]; p.119-120: [smi01f];
issue XL-4 = 200:
p.121-184: [ore01a];
issue XL-5 = 201:
p.187: [smi01g]; p.188-218: [smi01h]; p.219-220: [sle01]; p.221: [smi01i]; p.222-228: [smi01j]; p.228: [smi01k];
issue XLI-1 = 203:
p.1-40: [smi02a];
issue XLI-2 = 204:
p.41 + 49-60 + 76: [dra02]; p.43-48: [smi02v]; p.61-70: [hys02]; p.71-74: [jil02]; p.75: [smi02c];
issue XLI-3 = 205:
p.79-80: [smi02d]; p.81: [smi02e]; p.82-118: [smi02f]; p.118: [smi02g]; p.119-124: [smi02h];
issue XLI-4 = 206:
p.125 + 127-141: [rog02]; p.141: [smi02i]; p.142-143 + 146-151: [lub02]; p.144-145: [smi02j]; p.152-160: [brz02]; p.161-164: [smi02k];
issue XLI-5 = 207:
p.167-171: [smi02l]; p.171: [smi02m]; p.172-173: [smi02n]; p.174-176: [hen02]; p.177-204: [smi02o];
issue XLI-6 = 208:
p.205-213: [smi02aa]; p.214-219: [smi02p]; p.219: [smi02q]; p.220-221: [smi02r]; p.222-224: [smi02s]; p.225-240: [zig02]; p.240: [smi02t];
issue XLII-1 =209:
p.1 + 14-38 + 40: [khw03]; p.3-4: [smi03a]; p.4: [smi03b]; p.5-13: [apa03]; p.39: [smi03c]; p.39: [smi03d];
issue XLII-2 =210:
p.41 + 43-57: [smi03e]; p.42: [smi03f]; p.57: [smi03g]; p.58-69: [hdh03]; p.70-79: [brz03]; p.80: [smi03h];
issue XLII-3 = 211:
p.83: [smi03i]; p.84-110: [mee03]; p.110: [smi03j]; p.111-112: [smi03k];
issue XLII-4 = 212 :
p.115-147: [jks03]; p.148: [smi03l];
issue(s): (unknown)
issue IX:
issue X:
p.2-3: [mtc71]; p.35-39: [lpa71]; [pve69];
issue XVIII-5 = :
issue I-1:
p.2: [ggh61];
issue VIII-3 (summer 1969):
p.79-140: [tbc69];
issue XI-1:
p.1-212: [smi72];
issue XV-2-3:
p.1-212: [smi76b];
issue XI-3:
p.297-325: [mar72]; [neu72];
issue XIV-5 (1975-09-10):
issue XVII-6:
p.183-191: [smi78];
issue XX-1:
issue VI-1-2 (winter 1966-1967):

The FRC has published 3 Festschriften — #100 for O. Neubecker, #96 in honor of E. M. C. Barraclough, and Vol. XI:1 in honor of Karl Fachinger.
Whitney Smith, 31 Oct 2002

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