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Aghin Buriatia (Russia)

Agin Burâtiâ

Last modified: 2006-07-29 by antonio martins
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Flag of Aghin Buriatia
image by Mello Luchtenberg, 29 Jan 2003
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Presentation of Aghin Buriatia

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  • Name (english): Aghin Buriatia • (russian, short form): Агин-Бурятия | Agin-Burâtiâ • (russian, long form): Агинский Бурятский автономный округ | Aginskiĭ Burâtskiĭ avtonomnyĭ okrug
  • Local official language: Buryat
  • Capital (russian): Агинское | Aginskoe • (english): Aghinskoe
  • Area: 19 000 km2 (≅7 300 sq.mi.) • Population: 79 100 inhabitants in 2000
  • Status: Autonomous District (автономный округ | avtonomnyĭ okrug) within Chita Region
  • Federal District: Siberia • Economic region: East Siberia
  • License plate code: 80 • Ham radio code: AB • ISO 3166-2 code: AGB
  • Flag adopted on 2001.07.06 • Coat of arms adopted on 2001.07.06

Description of the flag

The law of an autonomous district from July 6, 2001 #205 resized the specification statement of a flag in a paper 7. The modern flag consists of three equal vertical stripes — blue, yellow and white. On a blue stripe a yellow emblem Soymbo overhead is figured. The top Soymbo is apart 1/20 parts of width of a flag from the upper edge of a flag. The altitude Soymbo compounds 1/3 parts of width of a flag, diameter of a circle (sun) compounds 1/6 parts of width of a flag. The ratio of width of a flag to his length is equal 2:3. The designer of a flag — Bato Dampilon | Бато Дампилон (a Buryat). The law on a new flag has come into force on August 28 2001 The official documents are obtained by me yesterday, January 28, from Administration of Aginsky Buryatian autonomous district
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 29 Jan 2003

All these three flags (Mongolia’s, Buryatia’s and Agin Buryatia’s) show soyonboes.
António Martins, 05 Sep 2000

Previous flag (1996-2001)

Flag of Aghin Buriatia
image by Gvido Petersens and António Martins, 19 Apr 2000

In Vexilologie 120 [vex]: 2245-2246, there is an article by Mikhail Revnivtsev about some Russian regional flags [rev01]. It says the flag ratio 2:3, all stripes are equally wide (i.e., the yellow hoist stripe = 2/9 of flag length), the soyombo emblem is dark blue (i.e., there are two different shades of blue!) and is simpler than that on the flag of Buryat Republic: the flame emblem is simple, drop-like. Symbols were adopted in 1996 (December 10).
Jan Zrzavy, 17 Jul 2001

Still according to the article [rev01], the flag was hoisted for the first time 11th December 1996 in Aginskoye. The flag is described in Article 7 of the Law — indeed, the soyombo should be dark blue, flag ratio 2:3 (yellow color stands for lamaism). The author of the flag is Batoẑargal Ŝagdarov | Батожаргал Шагдаров.
Jan Zrzavy, 19 Jan 2003

In this law the colors, in Russian, are sinyĭ | синый, for the middle stripe and tëmne sinyĭ | тёмне синый for the soyombo.
Michael Simakov, 21 Jan 2003

This flag’s colours mismatched to requests of the Russian federal constitutional law About the State Flag of Russian Federation, which prohibits as a fundamentals for flags of the subjects of federation to utillize a State Flag of Russia.
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 29 Jan 2003

Incorrect depiction

Flag of Aghin Buriatia
image by Gvido Petersens and António Martins, 19 Apr 2000

According to Atlas Mira [mir00], the soyombo is identical to the one on the Buryatian flag (vertically elongated, and not “chubby”).
António Martins, 19 Apr 2000

Former flag? (<1996?)

Former flag of Aghin Buriatia
image by Željko Heimer, 28 Apr 2000

This flag is listed under number 124 at the chart Flags of Aspirant Peoples [eba94] as: «Agu”n Buryatia - South Siberia». With upper green and yellow stripes twice narrower than the lower green stripes. Might be erroneous, since Ust-Ordu”n Buryatia is represented with equal stripes in the chart.
Ivan Sache, 15 Sep 1999

Adopted Jun 12 1992.
Nozomi Kariyasu, 27 Jan 2000

Is any particular reason or reasons why those flag design pattern are that similar to each other?

Nozomi Kariyasu, 27 Jan 2000

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