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Dutch Houseflags of Shipping Companies [d]

Last modified: 2006-09-23 by jarig bakker
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Daanen, Nijmegen

[Daane, Nijmegen houseflag] image by Jarig Bakker, 23 Mar 2006

Yet another firm featured in “Duwvaart” by Jansen & Van Heck, briefly, is Gebr. (Brothers) Daanen at Nijmegen on pp. 126-127.  According to the b/w flag picture and the description, the house flag is orange with blue “diagonals” (a saltire is meant) and in the centre an orange ‘D’.  (A circular space is left out for this initial.)
The pattern described above was also adopted by the Finnish Baltic Line A/S.
Website of this company, now named ‘Daanen Shipping & Logistics BV’, English version - Some history highlights, taken from above site:
Founded by in 1958 by J. Th. Daanen, former bargeman turned publican whose café became a meeting point for shippers, thus permitting him to become a middleman organizing transports and charters.   After his death in 1978 his son took over the business (the café was sold) and invested in a push-towboat, a pontoon for heavy transport, various barges, etc.  A new office was built in 1998 and the firm keeps expanding slowly but steadily.
Back to the site: click ‘Headbarge’ (left column), second photo, to get an impression of the house flag and especially ‘Pictures’, second row, first photo.  Then there is a tiny swallowtail on the plan under ‘Info’ shown larger, here.
These flags tend to be yellow, or are just that, rather than orange – and the central disk on the saltire (as in “Duwvaart”) has become a diamond it seems.
Jan Mertens, 15 Mar 2006

Daanen new flag

[Daane new houseflag] image by Jarig Bakker, 23 Mar 2006

Damhof, Delfzijl

[Damhof, Delfzijl houseflag]  image by Jarig Bakker, 17 Nov 2005

H. Damhof, Delfzijl - Spanish style BWB, black "D".
Source: Brown's Flags and Funnels of Shipping Companies of the World, compiled by J.L. Loughran, Glasgow, 1995.
Jarig Bakker, 17 Nov 2005

Dammers & van der Heide, Rotterdam

[Dammers & van der Heide houseflag]  image by Jarig Bakker, 17 Nov 2005

Dammers & van der Heide's Shipping & Trading Co., Rotterdam - blue flag, red "D".
Source: Brown's Flags and Funnels of Shipping Companies of the World, compiled by J.L. Loughran, Glasgow, 1995.
Jarig Bakker, 17 Nov 2005

Defais & Verschure

[Defais & Verschure houseflag]  image by Jarig Bakker, 9 Mar 2005

Jan Mertens reported this link. Defais & Verschure, 's Hertogenbosch - red flag, white "V.D.".
N.V. Defais & Verschure’s Scheepvaartbedrijf voor Handel en Industrie - Share of 500 Hfl. Jan. 1922. Edited: 01.01.1922
Place: ‘s-Hertogenbosch - Shipping Company founded 1918
Jarig Bakker, 9 Mar 2005

De Kaap Scheepswerf

[De Kaap Scheepswerf houseflag] image by Eugene Ipavec, 10 Jul 2006

Scheepswerf (shipyard) De Kaap (“The Cape”) is located at Meppel on the Meppelerdiep, a waterway leading into the Zwartemeer and ultimately into the IJsselmeer. Building small coasters, light inland vessels and sightseeing boats since 1939, De Kaap also specifically mentions the lengthening of ships. Company website (in Dutch).
The ‘Producten’ (“products”) section shows the various sorts of vessels De Kaap is able to build, and ‘Actueel’ (“current”) what is being undertaken at the moment.
On the website, De Kaap’s logo looks like a ribbed triangle rendered in green, white, and dark blue.

Yet another flag offered on German eBay, item no. 6623520355 (auction end 30 April 2006) shows a related but different design: a white flag bears a green triangle, top down, made up of stripes getting gradually thinner towards the base (i.e. upwards), and interrupted by the words ‘DE KAAP’ in a rather nice font (serifed, but which one?); in the lower fly is the place name MEPPEL rendered in a simpler font without serifs.
Size of flag is given as ca. 95cm x 145cm.   By the way… surely this kind of green has a specific name?
Jan Mertens, 7 Jul 2006

Seafoam? Or, less poetically, 0:153:102.
Eugene Ipavec, 10 Jul 2006

Dekker BV

[Dekker BV houseflag]  image by Jarig Bakker, 6 Sep 2006

The Dutch firm Dekker BV at Papendrecht (on the Beneden Merwede River, to the north of Dordrecht), had its flag offered on German eBay.
Actually the offer still stands (till 15 Sept. 2006) and bears item no. 230025810677.  Of simple design, the flag is green bearing a large white initial ‘D’, without serifs in the centre.

Whether the company was a ‘Reederei’ (shipping company) as the offer maintains remains to be seen, all I could find was this snippet on the Boskalis website:
(paraphrasing from Dutch version) In an effort to strengthen the firm’s position on the home market, a number of companies, Dekker at Papendrecht among them, is taken over in 1990. (Takeovers in that period typically concern dredging or construction firms.)

BosKalis, of course, is the well-known Dutch dredging and building contractor known abroad as Royal Boskalis Westminster. (Dekker is not mentioned in the history section of the English version which is admittedly oriented internationally.
Jan Mertens, 6 Sep 2006

Delta Bunkerstation

[Delta Bunkerstation houseflag] image by Jarig Bakker, 10 Jul 2006

A bunkering firm established at Dordrecht, Bunkerstation Delta BV has apparently not looked very hard for a distinctive house flag.  See it as a design on the company site, and on one of many Vlootschouw pages (vessel ‘Calanda’).
It consists of the town flag with ‘DELTA’ in black placed in a white vertical stripe near the hoist and ‘DORDRECHT’ in black in the central white stripe.  The design is based on the flag of the city of Dordrecht.
For a photo showing two tiny house flags (and another drawing),  see the ‘Delta III’ on the Binnenvaart site.

Some history provided by the site: founded in 1955 by Gerrit Bernouw, dealer of Esso lubrication oils for inland navigation; Gijs van Loon having become a business partner, the firm was renamed ‘Bunkerstation Delta’.  Not counting a tiny boat, the first vessel was bought in 1958 to become a floating supply shop. One large supply vessel replaced two smaller ones and two bunker vessels were bought from Esso; a third bunker vessel was built in 2000. Due to changes in ownership, the firm is now named ‘Bunkerstation Delta Stolk & Berends BV’.

Apart from the usual services offered by bunkering stations (i.e. oil supplied at site and - mostly - via boats, shop, drinking water), Delta sells motor boats and offers a recycling service.
Jan Mertens, 10 Jul 2006

De Schutter Groep

[De Schutter Groep houseflag] image by Eugene Ipavec, 31 Jul 2006

An unusual house flag is flown by Schutter Group, a multinational firm with head office at Capelle aan den IJssel, east of Rotterdam. See it on the Company homepage. It is white bearing two blue vertical stripes in front of which an orange, and rather tortuous, initial ‘S’ appears (within blue holding lines). For good measure, the words ‘DE SCHUTTER / GROEP’ are added, in blue, to the right of this logo.

Quote from home page: “Schutter Group, founded in 1847, is a privately owned and independent Group of companies involved in quality inspections and the rendering of logistic services, mainly in the field of Food and Feed commodities and products. (…) Schutter Group maintains a global network of offices (and works) in compliance with a number of Quality Standards and accredited by (inter)national Trade Organizations, Accreditation Institutes and Governmental Organizations.”
Further exploration of the site tells us what this means. The ‘Products’ section of the ‘Company’ chapter for instance shows a number of products, mainly foodstuffs, but also steel, oil, and forest products.
As to ‘Activities’ (same chapter), these range from inspecting and testing to warehousing and transport (a barge fleet is mentioned), and numerous related services.
Schutter has a number of branches in four continents, being represented for instance in Argentina, Russia, Ivory Coast, China, India, etc.
Jan Mertens, 27 Jul 2006

De Waal Shipbuilding

[De Waal Shipbuilding houseflag] image by Eugene Ipavec, 21 Jul 2006

The house flag of ‘De Waal BV’ at Werkendam (on the Nieuwe Merwede river, East of Dordrecht) is really a variant of the Dutch national flag (photo of push boat ‘Riad’ plus logo lower down this page).
Company site:
Founded in 1938, De Waal (named after yet another river, in fact) builds and repairs “everything which concerns propulsion and manoeuvering of inland vessels”, also coasters and fishing boats.  The ‘Producten’ (products) section shows what this means: screws, rudders, steering systems, automobile cranes, etc.
Another important activity is outfitting casco’s or hulls built elsewhere. To give an example, the hull of the ‘Riad’ mentioned above was built in Romania whereas another Dutch firm, Hoogendijk admittedly outfitted the casco but De Waal furnished the screws, the steering system, and the rudders.

The flag can be described: on a white field are placed the national colours RWB,  the white stripe containing  the company name – seemingly in the same font as used on De Waal’s site – with the words ‘DE’ and ‘WAAL’ interrupted, again, by the national colours.  In both cases, the Dutch flag is truncated at the right side, in the second case neatly paralleling the ‘W’. (Perhaps ‘BV’ follows the name, but that I cannot see…).
Jan Mertens, 17 Jul 2006

Dock Express

[Dock Express houseflag] image by Jarig Bakker, 3 Mar 2005

Jan Mertens reported this link with mainly Dutch houseflags. Dock Express - white flag, orange ship, charged with black "DOCK EXPRESS".
Jarig Bakker, 3 Mar 2005


[Dockwise houseflag] image by Jarig Bakker, 20 May 2006

Dockwise is an important maritime heavy goods transporter which does a good job of informing the public through its website, full of interesting facts, for instance in the ‘History’ section. Dockwise is the result of a merger, operative from 1 January 1994 on, of the Dutch companies Wijsmuller at IJmuiden and Dock Express at Rhoon, establishing itself at Meer, just over the Belgian border.  In 2001, Offshore Heavy Transport was acquired and in the same year, company headquarters moved to Breda, back to the Netherlands.  There are several offices and agents on other continents.

As to the Dockwise fleet, this is necessarily versatile.  Quote from the ‘Fleet’ section: “Five open-deck heavy transport vessels and four heavy transport and product carriers are mainly deployed for marine transportation of drilling rigs and offshore platform components. Two dock-type vessels are primarily used for transporting port and industry-related cargo. Four other vessels are permanently deployed as luxury yacht carriers.”

This last activity is assured by Dockwise Yacht Transport, an earlier common venture of Wijsmuller and Dock Express.  And according to Dockwise, it operates the world’s larges heavy transport vessel, the ‘Blue Marlin’.  More on various loads – including some improbable ones – in the ‘News’ section.
Furthermore, an important engineering department works for customers as well as for the Dockwise fleet itself.

See the July, 2004 article concerning the ‘Transshelf’, formerly Russian and now registered in the Netherlands Antilles, plus the photo showing the house flag hoisted to mark the acquisition:
This photo shows the flag of a vivid blue and bears a large white disk with a black initial ‘D’ in it.  Compare the Dock Express and Wijsmuller flags on FOTW-ws, and you will see that a Wijsmuller variant was the wiser choice.
Jan Mertens, 16 Apr 2006

van Driel

[Van Driel houseflag]  image by Jarig Bakker, 26 January 2005

Van Driel, Rotterdam - vertical triband BWB, countercharged "WVD".
Source: Brown's Flags and Funnels of British and Foreign Steamship Companies, compiled by F.J.N. Wedge, Glasgow, 1926 [wed26]
Jarig Bakker, 26 January 2005