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Virovitica-Podravina County (Croatia)

Viroviticko-podravska zupanija

Last modified: 2005-05-28 by dov gutterman
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by Željko Heimer, 20 August 2000

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County Symbols

I have bought a book: Csa'ki, Imre: A magyar kira'lysa'g va'rmegyéinek ci'merei a XVIII-XIX. sza'zadban, Corvina, Budapest, 1995 , in which are shown (one big coat of arms in each page!) all the coats of arms of the counties of the Hungarian part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the XVIII. and XIX. centuries.
« Veröce va'rmegye » [Virovitica county]: Polish like shield, tierced in fess: 1- gules a six-pointed star or; 2- argent a broad fess vert on which is a running marten natural; 3- gules an anchor argent and brown per bend. The supporters are: dexter an eagle regardant sable beaked or, tongued gules; sinister a lion regardant or tongued gules. The shield is sumounted by a royal crown or. The whole is on a board.
Pascal Vagnat, 28 June 1998

Without supporters, used today for Virovitica-Podravina county.
Željko Heimer, 2 July 1998

The Coat of Arms is highly probable is the same as the Historical Coat of Arms (1746): red with green stripe bordered yellow witn running marten proper, and with a yellow star in the red field above and an anchor proper diagonally set in the red field below (to keep the description simple). Such Coat of Arms (not in "baroque" style as on my mentioned page, but only a simple shield, as expected) is published several times in "Globus" .
Željko Heimer, 22 June 1999

The County of Virovitica and Podravina is situated in north-western part of Slavonia, south of Drava (German: Drau) river with capital in Virovitica. The city was seat of an ancient county from middle age, but the region was occupied by Turks and held for almost 200 years. It was liberated in early 18th century - 21 July 1718 is counted as the liberation day of Slavonia. The reestablished county of Virovitica (German: Virovititz, Hungarian: Vero//ce [ o// is o with two acutes]) covered much larger region along Drava then today, reaching Donau on the eastern end, including cities of Djakovo and Osijek. The coat of arms was granted by Maria Theresia, and verified by the imperial and royal office in Vienna on 16 May 1746. The coat of arms was: Gules, on a fess Vert bordered with two bars Argent a Marten passant proper, in chief a Mullet [of six] Or and in base an anchor in bend of the third. Crowned with royal crown. Supporters, dexter an eagle regardant Sable beaked and membered Or, tongued Gules, sinister a lion regardant Or, tongued Gules. Compartment: a board Argent. The coat of arms combines the mideval arms of Kingdom of Slavonia and arms of family Patacic (Patachich) de Zajezda, Ljudevit Patacic being installed in 1745 as the county supperier officer ("supremus commes" or "veliki zupan"). See Historical Coat of Arms (1746).
The county was briefly disbanded in 1785, but restablished in 1790. From that year is preserved a flag in Croatian History Museum. The flag is red vertically hoisted banner in ratio 1:3~. In the middle of the field is the shield of the coat of arms, crowned, and with inscriptions in golden letters in arch, above "PRO: DEO: REGE: ET: LEGE" (For God, King and Law) and below "MDCCLXXXX" (= 1790, year of reestablishment and the production of the flag). See Historical Flag of Virovitica (Virovititz) County (1790)
The administrative regorganization in 1886 had little effect to Virovitica county and the coat of arms was continued to be used. There is no evidence if the previous flag (at that time almost 100 years old) continued to be used, or if there was any used at all. With the desintegration of Austria-Hungary after WWII the county system was disbanded, and the symbols, of course, went into disuse.
When the new administrative division of independent Croatia was mad in 1993 the old symbols were not entirely forgotten, and they were basis for the new ones. However, as it shall be seen, at first the symbols were somewhat changed.
The decision on the coat of arms and the flag (Odluka o grbu i zastavi Zupanije Viroviticko-podravske, 27 May 1994, Sluzbeni glasnik ZVP nr. 3/94) determined new coat of arms and flag. Quoting article 10 of said decision (my translation):
"The coat of arms of the County is rectangular with the lower side curved and pointe in the midle. It is divided in four horizontaly fields ordered red, white, green and red. The first two fields are bar shaped, while the other two are of iregular shape. In the upper red field there is in the middle a sixpointed white star in size 1/5 of the width of the coat of arms, while in the green field there is a black marten running towards left side of the coat of arms [NB! It's meant non-heraldic left, ZH]. The ratio of the red and green field in respect to the coat of arms height is 1:3, while the white field is 1/10 of the coat of arms width. The coat of arms, the fields and the star are outlined with black". See Previous Coat of Arms (1994-1996).
The article 12 of the said decision is simplier and more clear:
"The flag of the County is rectangular and blue. The Ratio of width to length of the flag is 2:3. In the middle of the flag there is the coat of arms of the County. The height of the flag is equal to sum of height and width of the coat of arms." See Previous Flag (1994-1996).
Such flag and Coat of Arma were probably rejected by the committee of the Ministry of Administration that is to approve the design for two reasons:
1. oversimplification of the historical original.
2. one-coloured flag.
The regulations require that the historical coat of arms are readopted if possible, and that counties should have two-coloured flag fields. In any case, this symbols were not very much seen in public (as far as I am aware, none reported them as yet), and were relatively soon superseeded by a new set.

The decision on change of the previous decision (Odluka o izmjenama Odluke o grbu i zastavi Zupanije Viroviticko-podravske, 29 August 1996, Sluzbeni glasnik ZVP nr. ?/96) intorduces new simple descriptions of the coat of arms and the flag. The coat of arms now reverts to the old pattern, from which is different only in some colours (of the field between the two rivers, and of the anchor). Of course, all except the shield is ommited: "On red shield between two white/silver bars a running marten , in chief a yellow/golden six-pointed star, in base yellow/golden anchor" . The flag is described:
"The flag in ratio 1:2, blue-white-blue with yellow/golden bordered county coat of arms in the middle."
The shade of blue is not specified, but according to the county official with whom I talked, the light blue is used. Also, if the stripes are not equal that is not mentioned in the description, so the only logical is to interpret it as equal-striped triband.
Željko Heimer, 20 August 2000

Coat of Arms

by Željko Heimer, 20 August 2000

I have some doubts regarding the wavy lines in the bars on the coat of arms, but it is too early to claim anything. In general, it is highly probable that the coat of arms is just as Janko reported - it is shield from a historical coat of arms.
Željko Heimer, 17 August 2000

Historical Coat of Arms (1746)

by Željko Heimer, 20 August 2000

Historical Flag of Virovitica (Virovititz) County (1790)

by Željko Heimer, 20 August 2000

Previous Flag (1994-1996)

by Željko Heimer, 20 August 2000

Previous Coat of Arms (1994-1996)

by Željko Heimer, 20 August 2000

Historical Cavalry standard of the Virovitica County

from Croatian History Museum site by courtesy of Jelena Borosak Marijanovic. Bigger image here

Cavalry standard of the Virovitica County 1790
Light brown silk, braids, wood, brass, embroidery
58 x 97 cm, staff length 199 cm

A cavalry standard made of double silk, edged with fringes. The centre of the flag field on both sides holds the embroidered coat of arms of the Virovitica County. Above the coat of arms the embroidered motto reads: PRO: DEO: REGE: ET: LEGE, ('For God, king and law'), and below the coat of arms the year: MDCCLXXXX (1790). The flagstaff, similar to a tournament lance, ends with a heart-shaped finial.

J. Borosak-Marijanovic, Zastave kroz stoljeca, Zagreb, 1996, page 113.

it is worth of noteing that roughly in the same time Virovitica county had the county flag as well, which was red with the shield from the Coat of Arms, and same motto (see above).
Željko Heimer, 28 September 1999