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Asafo company flags with other or no canton (Fante people, Ghana)

(including considerably altered Union Jacks)

Last modified: 2006-03-18 by antonio martins
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“Posuban-shrine with Rainbow” company flag

Posuban-shrine with Rainbow
image by Ivan Sarajčić, 06 Jan 2000

Most flags of of the Asafo-companies can easily be handled by a flag-dancer (Frankaatunyi or Frankaakitsanyi) during a festival or a ceremony with a spectacular dance-performance. Very few flags are so big that they have to be escorted by many men, or to be presented at a company-post (Aban or Posuban). This is one of the last: In the lower half to the hoist is the company number, the Lion and the cock. On top of that a rainbow arising from a Posuban. Quite remarkable is that the posuban literally jumps out of the flag… The rainbow reaches into the right (black) half. In the center of that field one observes the symbol, which is most powerful among the Akan-people: Key and Lock ("We are Lock and Key of the State" — we are in control of the state). The eight-pointed star Nsoromma completes the claim of control: starlight is seen as light emanating from the Gods.
Jarig Bakker, 04 Jan 2000, quoting [gru95]

“Tree and hens” company flag

Scales of the dead
image by Ivan Sarajčić, 04 Jan 2000 | (99×138 cm)

A man climbs a tree. The elders of the Fante say, when they see the image of a man climbing a tree: «When a deceiving man tells you to climb a tree, you have to tell him to climb it first. If he finds a comfotable spot you can follow him». The proverb warns for deceit and admonishes the company to healthy distruct regarding rival companies. When you look at the birds as well you can learn a message: «When a hen stays too long in a house it becomes red (because of dust and earth)».
Jarig Bakker, 04 Jan 2000, quoting [gru95]

1st figure on the left: white with Sampras-style short red trowsers; 2nd figure: white with red stick (sword?) tree has red papayas between first and second leaf left and right and on the ground right of the tree; small man (or monkey?) is climbing the tree.
Thanh-Tâm Lê, 04 Jan 2000

“Elephant and crab” company flag

Elephant and crab
image by Thanh-Tâm Lê, 28 Dec 1999

“Highway patrol” company flag

Highway patrol
image by Jarig Bakker, 04 Jan 2000

“Crowned rooster” company flag

This flag was yellow in color, with white fringe around 3 sides. In the left corner was a sort of Union Jack… however, this UJ had no blue, only the white spaces where the St. Andrew should be, with a red St. George’s cross, as it should be. The red was faded and sort of look pink. In the field there was a representation of a Rooster in black with the crown (?) on top of in red (faded to pink). In the lower right fly was the number, in white, "No.1". The "No.1" was sewen on both sides of the flag to read correctly.
Steve Stringfellow, 10 Aug 1998

The "Nº1" reefers to the company number and the rooster or “Clock bird” is a symbol of authority and power, i.e., he is the one who decides when things are done.
James Ferrigan, 10 Aug 1998