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Asafo company flags with Union Jack canton (Fante people, Ghana)

Last modified: 2006-03-18 by antonio martins
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“Game of Checkers” company flag

Game of Checkers
image by Ivan Sarajčić, 06 Jan 2000 | (73×136 cm)

An abstract flag with a Union Jack in the canton. The border contains narrow Black and White fields, which makes the static patterns moving somehow. The chessboard is a secret code for a scene in which two opponents play a startegic boardgame. Like the African Oware-game the Game of Checkers is a metaphore for war. Images of checkers-players are known in the Asafo iconography. The way the Union Jack is made points at the same maker as flags 23-25 and 72.
Jarig Bakker, 06 Jan 2000, quoting [gru95]

“Dragon” company flag

image by Ivan Sarajčić, 06 Jan 2000 | (96×165 cm)

This dragon is a remarkable formal representation of the proverb: "He can fly and penetrate the earth, he can go whereever he wants to go." Wings and arrow-pointed tail point at his exceptional capabilities. As a total figure the Dragon has been turned towards the left; the way in which wings and legs are related look like two figures, who travel in the opposite direction than the Dragon. So: a-a watch it!: the Dragon can travel in any direction!
Jarig Bakker, 06 Jan 2000, quoting [gru95]

The text from [gru95] fails to mention the inscription "Nº2" and also the orange human figure holding a megaphone/trumpet.
António Martins, 03 Jun 2004

“Three gong-gongs” company flag

Three gong-gongs
image by Ivan Sarajčić, 07 Jan 2000 | (104×136 cm) sinister

Three gong-gongs as symbol for the state of alarm of the company is combined on this flag with the image of a Posuban-shrine, from which a rainbow ascends. This rainbow is a symbol for death, for like the rainbow folds itself around someone’s neck, so is death the fate which threatens us all. The company underlines with this symbol the deadly danger it presents to its enemies.
Jarig Bakker, 07 Jan 2000, quoting [gru95]

“Woman worriers” company flag

Woman worriers
image by Ivan Sarajčić, 06 Jan 2000 | (88×145 cm)

A big man evades frightened a group of armed women. The scene illustrates the power of a company by the revelation of force of its weakest members: the women: «When even our women have been prepared for war, what are our men capable of?» This theme is not uncommon; it is to be found equally on flags and Posuban-shrines. Stylistically this flag is related to those from the workshop of Ekotsi; there are some differences in the proportioning and the Union Jack has been depicted differently.
Jarig Bakker, 04 Jan 2000, quoting [gru95]

“Scales of the dead” company flag

Scales of the dead
image by Ivan Sarajčić, 04 Jan 2000 | (81×129 cm)

Weighing always implies comparison. When the Sahohen puts a fallen warrior on a scale, he evokes revenge, for «no head weighs as much like the one on the scales: the losses on your own side always weigh the heaviest.» The whole background of this flag was restored with the same tissue as the old silk, which had been used until it was worn out.
Jarig Bakker, 04 Jan 2000, quoting [gru95]

The warrior on the left holds the scales in his left hand; the scales consist of thin white lines: top a horizontal line, from which depend two pyramides, left and right, which both and in disks with three concentric circles. Between the pyramids are small yellow objects. The bottom foot of the fallen warrior is on top of some yellow objects.
Thanh-Tâm Lê, 04 Jan 2000

“Road Close” company flag

This flag is hard to describe, but here goes: a colourful fringed flag with a Union Jack in the canton. Part of the border is fringed with an unusual green and white geometrical pattern. There is a large human? figure below the Union Jack, gesturing? at a gate? with a padlock? Behind the gate is another figure by a car. Above the gate in a black field are the words in white capitals ROAD CLOSE.
David Cohen, 21 Jun 1998