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Vojvodina (Serbia): Political parties

Last modified: 2006-07-22 by ivan sache
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League of Social-Democrats of Vojvodina (Liga socijaldemokrata Vojvodine)

[League of Social-Democrats]

Flag of the League of Social-Democrats of Vojvofina - Image by Željko Heimer, 25 March 1999

The vertical blue-yellow-green flag dates from the year 1848, more exactly from 11 May 1848 when this flag was adopted as the flag of the revolutionaries from Sajkaska [region of Vojvodina around Novi Sad], more precisely by the Sajkaska Batallion (with only a difference in the last colour which was brownish). The League of Social-Democrats of Vojvodina after its establishment on 14 July 1990, adopted this flag (somewhat modified, namely in place of brown there is green) as its party flag, with the proposal that this shall be the future flag of the Republic of Vojvodina.
At that time this flag becomes one of the symbols of Vojvodina resistance movement against Milošević's regime in Belgrade, and appears in several countries of European Union and in the USA, as the official flag of the Republic of Vojvodina.
At that time it was also accepted also by the citizens of Vojvodina as a recognizable symbol of our party.

Communication by Zoran Petakov, student in history, to Željko Heimer, 25 March 1999

The claims that the blue-yellow-green flag originates from 1848 is dubious. At that time, the Hungarians used their national flag that has just been designed, just as well as the Serbs used their tricolour, so there would hardly have been space for a blue-yellow-green flag. The Serbs proclaimed Srpska Vojvodina (Serbian Vojvodina) on a session in Sremski Karlovci, 1-3 May 1848. The Serb tricolour was proclaimed the flag of that state/crownland. Srpska Vojvodina was disbanded on 1863, and the old counties were reintroduced. All other flags would have been of secondary importance at that time.

The statement that blue, yellow and green colors represent sky and corn and wheat crops, respectively, is just a popular belief which has never been officially confirmed. Another such belief is that these colors represent sky, sun and fertile land in Vojvodina, respectively. Apart from all this, these colors happen to be main colors of the coat of arms of the Backa region, which occupies the dexter chief portion of the coat of arms of Vojvodina: blue field, green base and gold nimbus of St. Paul and hilt of his sword. Even the brown color, which is said to have occupied the place of green on some 1848 flags, appears there as the color of St Paul's toga (which should have been red, but it seems that the designers of the coat of arms made it after some old image on which red has changed into brown due to bad storage conditions). There has been no proof yet that this might be more than a coincidence, but still this makes the color combination more convenient for a would-be flag of Backa than for that of the Vojvodina as a whole, because the coats of arms of the other two regions have different main colors (Banat - yellow and red, Srem - green, white and blue).

Tomislav Todorović, 17 February 2004

Yesterday night BBC World News illustrated its headline on the anti-Milošević demonstrations in Yugoslavia with an image of demonstrators waving large vertically-divided (dark)blue-yellow-(dark)green flags; there were at least about five of them, apparently identical, so they did not seem to be home-made.
I wonder whether the shot actually showed a demonstration in Vojvodina. The flags were identical to that shown in above, but with both the blue and the green a bit darker. The ratio appeared to be 2:3

Santiago Dotor, 22 September 1999

Actually, the League of Social-Democrats is called Authonomashy. They want more autonomy and Vojvodina to be a federated republic in Serbia/Yugoslavia, but they are in vast majority Serbs.

Alekandar Kiš, 18 April 2002

Vojvodina Coalition (Koalicija Vojvodina)

In April 2004, the Vojvodina Coalition merged, together with several other regional political parties and organizations, into the newly formed Vojvodinian Party (Vojvodjanska partija), so the flag shown below are no longer in use since then. The new party might have adopted a flag, but currently there are no such informations.

[Vojvodina Coalition flag]

Flag of Vojvodina Coalition - Image by Tomislav Todorović & Mladen Mijatov, 8 July 2004

The present-day flag of the Vojvodina Coalition is a blue-yellow-green horizontal tricolor with the party logotype in the centre and the aspect ratio 1:2. The logotype consists of party name in Serbian - Koalicija Vojvodina - written in two lines in black, and a small red disc, placed where the dot of the letter "i" in the word Vojvodina should be if that letter had the lowercase form (all the letters, including that one, have the uppercase forms, only their sizes are different). The flag has first appeared in 2000. The aspect ratio has varied at first between 2:3 and 1:2, only the latter eventually remaining. Originally, I was seeing only its image on the TV, where it was used as an "expanded" version of the logo rather than a flag. The first use of the design in real life which I could record was in the TV report from the 2nd Electoral Convention of the party on 18 May 2005, although it certainly was not the first time it was used. For a long time, it was in parallel use with copies of previous flag versions, but since summer 2002 this is the only version in use.

[Vojvodina Coalition flag]

Variant of the current flag of Vojvodian Coalition - Image by Tomislav Todorović & Mladen Mijatov, 8 July 2004

A different version of the present design has appeared in summer 2000 during the election campaign, when its small copies made of paper were distributed to the people who attended the party rallies. It has the aspect ratio 2:3, employs much lighter shades of blue, yellow and green than the other flag versions and in the centre is the party logotype. The flag remained in parallel use with other versions until summer 2002 (then I saw it for the last time - and for the first time as a flag made of fabric). Since then, only the present version of the flag is in use.

[Vojvodina Coalition flag]

First flag of Vojvodina Coalition - Image by Tomislav Todorović & Mladen Mijatov, 8 July 2004

The original flag of the Vojvodina Coalition was adopted at the time of its founding in 1996. It is a plain blue-yellow-green horizontal tricolor with the aspect ratio 1:2. The logotype was adopted at the same time but seems not to have been added to the flag since 2000. After having been replaced with the present design, the existing copies of the original flag were kept in parallel use until 2002 (at least, I have seen them for the last time in summer that year).

The Vojvodina Coalition was founded in 1996 by the LSV, the Reformative Democratic Party of Vojvodina (Reformska demokratska stranka Vojvodine) and the People's Peasants' Party (Narodna seljacka stranka). The flag dates from the same time and was used by the coalition as a whole. In 1998, the LSV and the Reformative Democratic Party of Vojvodina left the coalition after a series of conflicts with the People's Peasants' Party and stopped using the horizontal tricolor; since then, it was used only by the remaining members of the coalition - the People's Peasants' Party and a Movement for Vojvodina (Pokret za Vojvodinu), whose registration as a coalition member had actually initiated the said conflict. The flag of the Vojvodina Coalition (which exists as a unified party since then) still has the same basic design. The vertical blue-yellow-green tricolor was also introduced in 1996 by the same original coalition, but was used as a would-be flag of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. After the 1998 split, both sides continued to use this flag with the same purpose until 2000, when it was last used by the Vojvodina Coalition in the election campaigns. Since then, the vertical tricolor was, and still is, used by the LSV only. However, in the 2003 election campaign a new flag of the LSV has appeared along with the tricolor: it has a white field, ratio of about 1:2, in the hoist is the new party logo and in the fly is the party name, spelled in the six official languages of the province (Serb, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Ruthenian and Croat) on six lines (the actual order might vary a bit from the above) in black letters and separated with black horizontal lines; the logotype is a large red square with white letters LSV in bottom left part and three bars, blue, yellow and green respectively and outlined white, in the bottom right part. There is an obvious intention to make difference between the party flag and the proposed provincial flag (the blue, yellow and green colors were promoted by the LSV since 1990, when the party was founded).

Tomislav Todorović, 25 January 2006

[Vojvodina Coalition]

Other reported flag of Vojvodina Coalition - Image by Ivan Sache, 25 October 2000

During demonstrations in 1999, the Vojvodina Coalition used an horizontally divided blue-yellow-green flag with the party name in white in upper hoist.

Source: M. Corbic, Franciae Vexilla [frv] #19/65, September 2000

Ivan Sache, 25 October 2000

The flag with the party name in white letters on blue in the canton is probably an unofficial version; I have only seen its image on the TV, where it was used more like a logotype than a flag, but never saw it in real life. It is difficult to determine the date of its adoption and abandoning, as different versions of the basic flag design were in parallel use during long periods of time, but it is the most likely to have been used until the year 2000.

As can be seen, it is difficult to determine the exact dates of adoption and abandoning of each flag, as the older versions have been in use parallelly with the newer ones for some time, as it usually happens with political flags in Serbia.

Tomislav Todorović, 8 July 2004

Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (Vajdasagi Magyarok Szevetsege / Savez vojvodjanskih Madjara)

[Alliance of Hungarians]

Flag of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians - Image by Istvan Molnar, 10 December 2000

This party is the largest Hungarian party in Serbia and Montenegro. The current Mayor of Subotica is member of the party.

István Molnár, 10 December 2000