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Unidentified Flags or Ensigns (2006)

Flags submitted in 2006

Last modified: 2006-09-23 by rob raeside
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Below is a series of images of flags that have been provided to FOTW, but which we have been unable to recognise. If you can identify any of these flags, please let us know! Contact the director. See also our page of Identified Flags to see flags we have figured out through this page.

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Possible Palestinian flag

by Rob Raeside

 I saw a flag that looks exactly like the Palestinian flag- same colors and shapes, except the base of the triangle is situated along the length of the flag (instead of the width part) and the point of the triangle reaches to the other side of the flag (unlike the Palestinian flag where it just goes about 1/4 of the way in). Someone had it in New York City.
John Ether, 7 January 2006

Triband with black hoist

by Flavio C.

I live in the L.A. area, and saw a flag on a sticker on the back of someone's car. I did not recognize it at all, I was hoping you or somebody else may know it offhand. (I tried using the flag identifier, but couldn't find it.) The flag had a black hoist, with 3 horizontal stripes (red, white, and blue). In the black area, there was some sort of design in yellow. I have attached an illustration (without the yellow design). The car sped past me, I really didn't get a very good look at that yellow design.
Flavio C., 18 January 2006

I would be almost certain that this flag is a version of the unofficial 'Benelux' flag. The unidentified yellow design in the hoist would then be the yellow rampant lion. Compare this described design with the design under 'Benelux' on the FOTW site and you will see what I mean. I have also seen a similar flag design used in the shipmate flagchart to indicate Dutch/Flemish? language (black lion rampant on yellow field).
Peter Bradley, 20 March 2006

Stickpin flag

I have recently acquired this stickpin featuring a very nice looking enamel red and white flag. I believe it may be an American nautical flag of some kind but I cannot find anything about it on any website. If you could identify it for me it would be much appreciated.
Brian Brecker, 21 March 2006

Isn't the stickpin with the S and the stripes an old flag of Sheraton Hotels or Stauffer foods?
John Udics, 24 June 2006

Shipping pennant P

I am a volunteer for the William G. Mather Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. We are trying to identify this flag that was in our collection. I have been through your website and could not find it. Any clue as to what it is for? There was some question as to whether it might be an old N. M. Paterson flag, but it does not appear in the Canadian Flag list. I am beginning to suspect that it may be a yacht club flag. Any help will be appreciated.
Les Weston, 30 May 2006

Pharoah flag

I came across this striking and beautiful UFE displayed in a storefront in Atlanta. I suspect it's the flag of those African-Americans (and others) who identify with the concept that the ancient Egyptian civilizations were black African in origin. The store owner explained some of the symbolism, but I can't find any other provenance.
Don Macnaughtan, 2 June 2006

WW2 nazi flag, blue canton and gold post horn

I was wondering if you could help me identify a flag my grandfather sequestered when he was in the war. It seems like a ceremonial flag, rather large (around 3-4 ft x 4-5 ft?) with silver fringe around its entirety and 4 large metal rings on the hoist. It is the typical black swastika on white circle on red design, however it has a blue canton with a gold post horn on the upper hoist. I would appreciate it greatly if you could identify it for me or point me in the direction of someone who can.
Tom Fothergill, 23 June 2006

The rings and fringe makes it sound like a unit colours. With the horn and the fact that Reichpost apparently used blue as a distinctive colour for their post box and uniform, could it be the flag used by post office employees on parade?
Marc Pasquin, 23 June 2006

US shipping flag on gravy boat

image provided by Paul Van Vactor, 4 July 2006

Can you identify a logo - could be a steamship line. Here's the flag logo - it is on a restaurant china style gravy boat.
Paul Van Vactor, 4 July 2006

Whaling Flag

I am trying to locate information about a house flag with the letters BH on it. This flag is depicted on scrimshaw that may be pre-civil war. It is carved flying on a tall ship and does not have a straight side (similar to < on the edge). Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Virginia Willard, 9 July 2006

Red-black-red with eagle

by Thomas Ostrognai, 8 August 2006

Black flag, white disk

I live in Worthing, West Sussex, England, and just recently, on a flag pole, under the union jack, a black flag with a white central disc has appeared. Do you know what this signifies?
Tony Burnett, 14 August 2006

Yellow, black diamond

by Valerie Marsh, 20 August 2006

I have a plate that belonged to my parents that has a flag on it and I am unable to find out which one it is. It is a yellow back ground with a black diamond shape and a black spot in the centre.
Valerie Marsh, 20 August 2006