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Unidentified Flags or Ensigns (2003)

Flags submitted in 2003

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Below is a series of images of flags that have been provided to FOTW, but which we have been unable to recognise. If you can identify any of these flags, please let us know! Contact the director. See also our page of Identified Flags to see flags we have figured out through this page.

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Flag at Thames Frost Fair, London

[Frost Fair Flag]

Here is a flag from an illustration of London river Thames in ice in the XIXth century. Here is the text around the picture:
What is this flag ?
Thierry Gilabert, 30 December 2003

To me this appears to be simply a rather crudely depicted British Red Ensign.
Michael Faul, 26 June 2006


['Malatee' Flag] by Jaume Ollé

From an old Japanese plate dated 1876. I can't identify this country (Malatee). It is probably related with Bengala (flag of the nawab of Bengala?)
Jaume Ollé, 17 Jan 2000

If this is what I think it is, Malatee is the old name for Malatya, a city high in the mountains of central Turkey. It was the site of an infamous massacre of Armenians during or around the time of World War One. Could this be where the flag is from?
James Dignan, 26 August 2003

I cannot give an exact answer but most probably this flag has nothing to do with Malatya. First, Jaume Ollè says that it is from an "old Japanese plate". It is not so likely a Turkish symbol is on such an item in year 1876. Second, although I cannot say that I'm an expert in Turkish symbolism, I can say that the flag does not "seem to have" Turkish figures. Third, in Turkey and in this part of the world, there is no a strong flag tradition like in the west. In the Ottoman Empire, I know that there are flags of some distant administrative units. I don't think that a city flag existed. Perhaps it can be claimed that it is the symbol of a religious or social group in Malatya (or in all Anatolia). But it won't be far than speculation. The date of the plate (1876) and that of the so-called "Armenian massacre" (1895) are not far away. Did you mention it because you think that there can be a relation or just to give information about the city? In short, my opinion is that Bengala or another far- eastern origin is much more probable.
Onur Özgün, 16 February 2004

I've done a little more searching in an old encyclopedia to look for other possibilities, and I note a Malate in the Phillipines, which is now a central part of the city of Manila. I suppose it's possible it might be connected with that...?
James Dignan, 16 February 2004


Polish(?) royal banner

I am attaching an image of a cloth banner. One side is mainly Gold Wire whilst the Reverse has Silver Wire in the central part. The dimensions are approx 27 cms x 35 cm. Our best opinion is that it comes originally from the area of Europe now Poland. It may have been a Royal Banner of some kind. The age has been calculated at between 200 and 400 years old.
Peter Power-Hynes
, 11 April 2003

I think (I'm not sure) it is flag of Konigsberg (modern Kaliningrad).
Victor Lomantsov, 14 May 2003

It bears a resemblance to the coat of arms of modern Prague. I do recall that on the old town's hall of Prague, the coat of arms appears without the arm and sword (This was probably added later, after the 30 year war.)
Richard Renes, 25 January 2006

But where does the crowned head on top of the central tower come from? I don't believe that this flag has anything to do with Prague.
Jarig Bakker
, 26 January 2006

Unidentified flag in Khanty-Mansiyisk

During the women's sprint race of the biathlon world championships, which took place yesterday in Kanthy-Mansiyisk, a supporter waved an orange flag with the white writing C C <. Any idea of the meaning of this flag?
Ivan Sache
, 16 March 2003

Probably far from the point, but it seems to be that it could be some company flag, possibly some big sponsor - say a cell phone company... 
Željko Heimer, 17 March 2003


Taiwanese vertical flag

I have a flag that I don't know what it is and I can't find it on your site....I was wondering if you knew what it was?


Red-blue-red flag with white cross

Can you help me identify a flag?  The middle panel is blue, the outer panels are red. It's a dark blue and a dark red. The x is within the center panel, and it's really like a bold "plus sign" turned on its diagonal. The flag is hanging in a window of a house here in Newport News, VA USA. Frankly, I thought I recognized it as a white supremacist flag used by someone such as the World Church of the Creator. That's what made me want to look it up, rather than just knock on the door and ask. But, of course, my first thought could turn out to be 100-percent wrong.

Dan Montgomery, 31 January 2003

It's not the WCC flag (a red swallow-tailed flag with a crowned and haloed W on white disc). It resembles the flag of Amsterdam in a curious way. I suggest "Plan B", which is actually knocking on the door and asking; this looks to me like it might be a personal flag.

Al Kirsch, 1 February 2003