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Political flags of East Timor

Last modified: 2005-08-19 by antonio martins
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  • Apodeti - Associação Popular Democrática de Timor / Timor People’s Democratic Association (1975-)
  • A.S.D.T. - Associação Social-Democrata Timorense / Timorese Social-Democratic Association
  • B.L.L.T. - Bureau de Luta para a Libertação de Timor / Battle Bureau for the Liberation of Timor (1961-1963)
  • C.N.R.T. - Conselho Nacional de Resistência Timorense / National Council of East Timorese Resistance (1998-2001)
  • Falintil - Forças Armadas de Libertação Nacional de Timor Leste / Armed Forces of National Liberation of East Timor (-2001)
  • Fretilin - Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente / Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor (1975-)
  • KOTA - Klibur Oan Timor Asuwain
  • Parentil - Partido Republika National Timor Leste / East Timor National Republic Party
  • P.D. - Partido Democrático / Democratic Party
  • P.D.C. - Partido Democrata Cristão / Christian-Democratic Party
  • P.D.M. - Partai Demokratik Maubere / Maubere Democratic Party
  • P.L. - Partai Liberal / Liberal Party
  • P.N.T. - Partido Nacionalista Timorense / Timorese Nacionalist Party
  • P.P.T. - Partido do Povo de Timor / Timor People’s Party
  • P.S.D. - Partido Social-Democrata / Social-Democratic Party
  • P.S.T. - Partido Socialista de Timor / Socialist Party of Timor
  • P.T.T. - Partido Trabalhista Timorense / Timorese Labour Party
  • U.D.C. / P.D.C. - Partido Democrata-Cristão de Timor / Christian-Democratic Party of Timor
  • U.D.T. - União Democrática Timorense / Timorese Democratic Union
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August 2001 elections

East Timor is preparing for elections, as a step on the way to independence. Party flags are appearing, as can be seen from news photos like these:

The emblems of the parties can be seen in this directory:
Jan Oskar Engene, 28 Aug 2001

Adding to the 16 parties (PDC, UDC/PDC, APODETI, UDT, PNT, PPT, PST, PD, PL, PTT, KOTA, PARENTIL, FRETILIN, PDM, ASDT and PSD), five individual candidates also run to the August 2001 elections, of which two are identified by means of their personal ex-libris — I know nothing of these being used on flags…
António Martins, 22 Sep 2001

UNTAET’s Regulation No. 2001/2:

On the election of a constituent assembly to prepare a constitution
for an independent and democratic East Timor

Section 24

A political party … shall be deemed to be registered … if the Chief Electoral Officer is satisfied … that the political party does not have a symbol which is the same as or similar to the flag of another nation, any currently used mlitary symbol or insignia, the Falintil symbol, or the National Council of East Timorese Resistance symbol …
Quite iteresting, isn't it? It seems that Falintil/CNRT-derived flags are to be reserved for the new national symbol…
Jan Zrzavy, 28 Apr 2001

It allows symbols based on the red-yellow-black arrowhead flag, entirely connoted to the most radical independentist tendencies. But I guess it would have been hard to avoid it with anything short of a direct reference…
Jorge Candeias, 28 Apr 2001