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Svea, Stockholms Rederi

Last modified: 2006-09-23 by phil nelson
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Svea, Stockholms Rederi A/B

Centered-cross depiction
[Svea, Stockholms Rederi A/B]
image by Phil Nelson
Source: Colin Stewart and John B. Styring: Flags, Funnels and Hull Colours, 1963 [ste63]. has this one too, but with a more centered S (and uneven swallow-tails?).
Ole Andersen, 22 September 2000

I experienced the time when the ships of Svea came and went in the harbour of Stockholm. I have no memory of Svea having a small Swedish flag in the house flag. The S was on the other hand bolder than in the image.
Richard Roosvall, May 2001 [translated from Swedish]

Scandinavian cross depiction
[Eman. Högberg]
image by James Dignan

Taking a look at Svea in Brown's Flags and Funnels, 1978, which is a few years later than the source in my original image there are a few differences. The Swedish flag appears more along the lines of a Scandinavian cross as anticipated by Ole back at the time of the original posting. Additionally, the 'S' in the image is more san serif v. the serif letter in the [ste63] source.
Phil Nelson, 1 June 2001

See: Eman. Högberg

Original flag
[Stockholms Rederi] contributed by Neale Rosanoski, 5 August 2003

Probably the best source available is the Josef Nüsse table flag showing a very small canton with the cross fesspoint to the hoist ie Scandinavian style and with a plain letter. As photos definitely show the "S" on the funnel was plain I would be surprised if that on the flag differed. The company originated 1886 as Stockholms Rederi A/B or Stockholms Ångfartygs Rederi A/B (sources differ) with the original flag being a dark blue with an oval picture, within an ornate gold frame, of the upper portion of a red coated man with a golden crown against a light blue background with the name and flag changed by 1912.
Neale Rosanoski, 5 August 2003

Eman. Högberg

[Eman. Högberg]
image by James Dignan

According to Flags, Funnels and Hull Colours (Colin Stewart; Adlard Coles, Ltd; 1953) [ste53] Eman. Hogberg was Swedish, and affiliated with Stockholms Rederiaktiebolag Svea which flew the same houseflag.
Ned Smith, 17 October 2003

This is the flag of Stockholms Rederiaktibolag Svea which was associated with Emmanuel Högberg. According to Jordan in The World's Merchant Fleets 1939 he was the managers whilst by the mid-1960's the company was being operated by Curt Högberg who was obviously connected with both Högbergs being at the same address in Lloyds. Whilst they may even have become owners the flag itself belongs to Stockholms Rederiaktibolag Svea, going back to pre-World War 1.
Neale Rosanoski, 6 January 2004

Some more detail has come to light in that Emanual Högberg has been given as heading a syndicate of Swedish families, who, as Stjärnbolagen, acquired over half of the shares in Stockholms Rederi A/B Svea around the 1930s. Emanual apparently became CEO and principal operator although other family members seem to have been involved as well. In 1939 Svea set up a joint venture with Kooperative Förbundet (Swedish Co-operative Society) for a tanker company Rederi A/B Saturnus which became a full subsidiary in 1956 and lasted until the Johnson takeover in 1975.

[Emanual Högberg] [Emanual Högberg] [Emanual Högberg]
images contributed by Neale Rosanaoski, 21 August 2006

According to Brown 1958 [wed58] they had a blue swallowtailed flag with a yellow "S" [see s210a] and this appears to be supported by black and white ship photos. Then it seems the colours became reversed to a yellow flag with a blue "S" [see s209a] which is given by US Navy 1961 [usn61] and supported by a cap badge in Collectors Corner. The latter version is also shown by the kommandobryggan website but they allocate the former to Rederi A/B Staffan which was a company taken over by Svea, operated by Curt Högberg, and then absorbed by Svea. US Navy 1961 also show this blue flag with yellow "S" for Rederi A/B Staffan but in conjunction with another funnel [see s982] so perhaps it was used by both or maybe its adoption for the latter was reason for a change in that for Rederi A/B Saturnus.
Neale Rosanaoski, 21 August 2006

[Rederi AB Fredrika]

[Dalen & Fraternitas] image by Jarig Bakker, 15 August 2005

White swallowtail with blue top and bottom; on white a white shield bordered blue, charged with blue "F".
Jarig Bakker, 15 August 2005

This company had origins going back to 1914 but was acquired by the Högberg family in 1923 according to the kommandobryggan website being managed, according to Lloyds, by Erik Högberg who, it is assumed, was another of the family.
Neale Rosanaoski, 21 August 2006