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House flags of Swedish Shipping Companies (10)

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[AB Kungsoil]

[Kungsoil] image by Jarig Bakker, 6 August 2005

three horizontal stripes of white and blue; in center a honeycombed "O" (I think). The "O" is for Haakon Onstad; Brown (1951) lists this as Rederiaktiebolaget Kungsoil, Kungsbacka, Sweden.
Jarig Bakker, 6 August 2005

The central emblem is an "O" and it does stand for Onstad. According to the flag source, which also ascribes the flag to Rederi A/B Monacus and Onstad Rederierna, Haakon Onstad of Norway entered shipowning in 1932 with the "Pan Gothia" but because of the uncertain financial times the ship was given Swedish registry under Rederi A/B Pagota. In 1935, together with his brother Niels, he formed Onstad Shipping A/S based in Oslo. In 1940, following the German occupation, he relocated to Kungsbacka where the Swedish company was located and there he then formed Rederi A/B Kungsoil and Rederi A/B Monacus. Subsequently both the Norwegian and Swedish companies were run by Niels Onstad. By the early 1970s the Swedish companies were shown in Lloyds under the umbrella of Kungsbacka-Rederierna. Although the flag appears of have been the same for both the Norwegian and Swedish operations the various sources do have a small variation which may, or may not, be valid as a differencing mark. This is the blue edging to the hexagon panel which is not shown for the Onstad flag as shown in Stewart 1963 or an article in Marine News of 3/1970, although it is by US Navy 1961 [usn61]. All sources for Kungsoil do show the edging.

The other main differencing relates to the Kungsoil version in that the cap badge in the Collectors Corner website shows the break in the blue band and the hexagon figure are nearer the hoist. This source also gives the badge to both Rederi A/B Monacus and Kungsbacka-Rederierna.

The flag version shown here has equal bands of white and blue. All other sources show the blue being narrower, probably not by much using the cap badge as a guide.

Onstad Shipping A/S
Livery 1867-80

Onstad Shipping image contributed by Neale Rosanoski, 6 June 2006

Onstad Shipping A/S had a change of livery in 1967 adopting a flag halved horizontally red over grey. The company ceased operations in 1985.
Neale Rosanoski, 6 June 2006

[Rederiaktiebolaget Kärnan (Bernh. Ingelsson)]

[Kärnan] image by Jarig Bakker, 15 August 2005

white flag red "K"
Jarig Bakker, 15 August 2005

#593 in Lloyd’s House Flags and Funnels [llo12]
Ivan Sache, 1 June 2006

It is perhaps named after Kärnan, which is the name of the castle in Helsingborg and which can be seen in the arms and flag of that town.
Elias Granqvist, 1 June 2006

Laser Lines

[Laser Lines] image by Jarig Bakker, 8 October 2005
Source: Brown’s Flags and Funnels of Shipping Companies of the World, 1995 [lgr95]

Stockholm - white flag; in center narrow horizontal blue line; thick blue "L"
Jarig Bakker, 8 October 2005

Linjebussen International Scandinavian Ferryline

(reported as erroneous attributions in sources)

Old flag
[Linjebussen International Scandinavian Ferryline] image by Jarig Bakker, 13 August 2005

White flag; in center three blue wavy stripes; the central one with on both ends arrow-heads.
Jarig Bakker, 13 August 2005


There was no such company. The first flag shown as the "original" was that of Scandinavian Ferry Lines A/B which was set up in 1969 as the collective name for the ferry services operated by subsidiaries of Stockholms Rederi A/B Svea, namely Linjebuss International A/B, Trave-Line GmbH and Skandinavisk Linietrafik A/S, using vessels provided by Stockholms Rederi A/B Svea and Linjebuss International A/B. The name apparently lapsed [it may have continued as a service name] after Axel Axel Johnson & Co. took over Svea in 1974 but was revived in 1980 for a joint venture with Swedcarrier and then in 1991 its name was changed to SweFerry A/B. During the first "existence" vessels used their own company liveries and as far as I can see this double arrow flag relates to the post 1980 period. There are two main sources for the flag. A cap badge in Collectors Corner website shows the emblem being larger and the blue medium whilst Josef Nüsse shows a double sided table flag with the emblem in line with the size shown here and the blue darker. From a postcard/photo of the funnel marking it appears likely that a darker shade applied.
Neale Rosanoski, 6 June 2006

Linjebuss International A/B

[Linjebussen International] image by Jarig Bakker, 13 August 2005

white swallowtail, blue "LB" cut through by a z-formed blue arrow.
Jarig Bakker, 13 August 2005

Lundgren & Börjesson

[Lundgren & Börjesson] image by Jarig Bakker, 18 August 2005

ship: M/S Silken, built 1957, Upphuggen 1983 in Karachi; flag: yellow, in center blue shield charged with a yellow disk with intertwined green "AB". This kind of shield is a trademark of the Börjesson family if I can believe Brown.
Jarig Bakker, 18 August 2005

Images contributed by Neale Rosanoski, 6 June 2006
Allan Börjessan
Rederi A/B Alfa
Rederi A/B Atos
Hans Lundgren
Rederi A/B Sigyn
Rederi A/B Skane
Allan Börjessan and companies Hans Lundgren and companies

There appears to have been a union of 2 companies although Lloyds continued to show them separately. Allan Börjessan has been traced to pre-World War 2 and operated through the companies Rederi A/B Alfa and Rederi A/B Atos with a yellow flag bearing a blue shield charged with a yellow circle inscribed with a blue "A". Brown 1951 shows it under Rederi A/B Alfa & Atos whilst US Navy 1961 and the cap badge in Collectors Corner are both ascribed just to Rederi A/B Atos.

Hans Lundgren is shown at the same address and traded through Rederi A/B Sigyn and Rederi A/B Skane and had a similar flag but using a blue "S".

When the merger took place, or to what extent, is not clear. According to Lloyds Hans Lundgren appears to have been replaced by B. Lundgren not long before both companies seem to have ceased operations in the early to mid 1960s. The letters of the combined flag would also appear to be blue, not green, being shown as blue both by US Navy 1961 [usn61] [which shows it as Alfa Sigyn Steamship Co.] and, more importantly, the cap badge appearing in Collectors Corner. The apparent green shade is no doubt the optical illusion of blue being placed over a yellow background.
Neale Rosanoski, 6 June 2006

Malmros Rederi AB

[Jan] image by Jarig Bakker, 12 August 2005

White flag, green "m".
Jarig Bakker, 12 August 2005