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Polish miscellaneous flags

Last modified: 2006-03-18 by jarig bakker
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Flag of the Salt Mines

[salt] by Zach Harden, 22 Mar 2002

Salt mines near Krakow - in the underground chappel there are Polish,Vatican and miners green over black flags, There is also a white-yellow vertical banner.
Dov Gutterman, 22 Mar 2002

Adam Kromer was recently in Wieliczka, in the salt mines (as a tourist, not as a condemned one) and talked to some people
in authority about the Dov's flag on your Polish pages. That flag is not only for the salt mines but for all the miners, primarily the coalminers, so numerous in Poland.
To confirm it, he saw (on TV) a lot of recent demonstrations protesting closures of those mines (Welcome to European Union) where these flags were in abundance.
Chrystian Kretowicz, 19 Nov 2002

Flag of the Salt Mines #2

2] by Zach Harden, 22 Mar 2002

Salt mines near Krakow - there is also a white-yellow vertical banner.
Dov Gutterman, 22 Mar 2002

Buttons Museum flag

[Buttons Museum flag] by Chrystian Kretowicz, 20 Nov 2002

There is, most likely one of a kind, Museum of Buttons in Lowicz, Poland run by one Jerzy Rutkowski, great authority on ... buttons. The Museum has its own flag, even if it is rather small institution. The entire collection fits into a suitcase and is stored in the closet in Mr. Rutkowski's apartment in Lowicz. The best way to view the significant collection is by the way of Internet at this webpage, where the information is presented in both, Polish and English.
The flag is pictured and described at this webpage.
Chrystian Kretowicz, 20 Nov 2002

Bia這wieski National Park flag

[Bia這wieski National Park] by Jens Pattke, 11 Jan 2006, after image on this site, spotted by Valentin Poposki.

The cited cite states:
"We workers of the Bia這wieski National Park granted with the holy flag vow to:
- protect nature, all living in Bia這wieski National Park plants and animals,
- guard the reputation of park, win over followers and friends. With dignity fulfill professional duties,
- protect and defend our flag, symbol of our unity and devotion to the service of our Country Rzeczpospolita Polska

On the third of September 2005, the 83rd anniversary of establishment of the Bia這wieski National Park, the 75th anniversary of European bison restitution in Bia這wie瘸 Primeval Forest, the 25th anniversary of receiving by our National Park the World Heritage Title the ceremony of awarding and blessing of the Bia這wieski National Park flag in front of the administrative-museum building took place.

The flag was founded by the Association of Local Government of Puszcza Bia這wieska Euroregion (Starostwo Powiatowe w Hajn闚ce, Miasto Hajn闚ka, Gmina Hajn闚ka, Gmina Bia這wie瘸, Miasto and Gmina Kleszczele, Gmina Czeremcha, Gmina Czy瞠, Gmina Dubicze Cerkiewne, W鎩t Gminy Narew, Gmina Narewka, Gmina Bielsk Podlaski, Orla Gmina).

W這dzimierz Pietroczuk the chairman both of the Hajn闚ka Administrative District and the Association handed the flag to managing director J霩ef Popiel. The blessing act was performed by archbishop Leszek S豉woj G堯d - the catholic ordinary of the Polish Army and bishop Miron the orthodox ordinary of the Polish Army. In the ceremony many representatives of the Local Government, the Ministry of Environment, The National Found of Environment Protection and Water Management, Ekofundusz Fund, Pekao S.A. Bank (co-organizer of 真br Year celebration), 真br Brand (真br Year sponsor) and Bia這wie瘸 inhabitants participated. In the name of BNP workers vowed: Anna Gierasimiuk and Andrzej Karczewski.

The flag was designed by a visual aritist Lech Z. Nowacki from Bia這wie瘸. On a green face side there is a picture of two first European bisons brought to Bia這wie瘸 Primeval Forest in 1921, above them the inscription- Bia這wieski National Park, and under it the year 1921 (the year of BNP establishment). There were placed also signs of BNP affiliation to the World Heritage Site (since 1979) and to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (since 1977). On the bottom of the flag there is the inscription: In the service of nature and mankind. On the reverse there is the image of the Piast eagle. The flag was made in Suwa趾i by Mrs Krystyna Brzezi雟ka`s company.

The Bia這wieski National Park is the third national park (after Biebrza雟ki and Tatrza雟ki National Park) that can take pride in possessing a flag."
Valentin Poposki, 1 Jan 2006

Dar Pomorza

Polish state flag (with COAs), with DAR POMORZA in black letters on the red stripe.
Luc Baronian, 18 May 1999

Isn't Pomorze "Pomerania"?
Pascal Vagnat, 19 May 1999

DAR POMORZA is a Polish sail training ship, so I guess that must be the flag of the ship...
Robert M J Czernkowski, 21 May 1999

A medieval Polish Flag?

Do you know of a Polish flag with a light blue background and yellow stars? I've seen a flag which almost has the same insigna as our family crest! The picture I saw with this flag is used in a castle joust. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
berezikp, 16 Dec 1998

I think, that it could be some flag of 安i皻okrzyskie voyevodship. It had a coat of arms with 7 vertical red/white stripes on right (heraldic) side of shield and eight golden stars on blue field on left side.
O. Myszor, 20 Nov 2001

A Polish Unidentified flag in New York

In New York my girlfriend recently saw a flag that I can't identify from her description. She said it was divided vertically red at the hoist, white at the fly, with a white eagle on the red section. The colors and charge say Poland to me, but the arrangement is unlike any Polish flag I can recall.  I've just had a look at the website and couldn't find anything matching it under Poland or under the keywords "eagle (white)".
She says they were in mid-town Manhattan when they saw it, and she thinks they were on Broadway.
Roy Stilling, 7 Aug 2000

If I understand the description clearly, looking at the flag attached to the pole (on the left for arguments sake) the flag is red on the left side, white on the right, with a white eagle on the red part.  Lodge or club flags tend to have local symbols, most clubs revolve around a town or region.  If it is Polish, it sounds more like some sort of battle or naval flag.  It wasn't until later centuries, probably about the 18th -19th that the current colors of white on top and red on the bottom were codified.  Tradition says that the early Polish flag was red on top white on the bottom, until so much blood was shed on Polish soil that it soaked into the land leaving the sky white.  One hint on the identity of the flag in question would be how the eagle is represented.  The stylization of the eagle seems fairly consistent over long periods so that it should look similar to the current version. Those are my best guesses.  When I have some time, I'll see if I have any pictures of flags that look like this one.  It might help to know where this flag was seen.
Michael J Cwik, 8 Aug 2000

My understanding of the description tallies with your supposition: the flag is divided vertically, the red to the hoist, the white to the fly.  I asked my girlfriend tonight about the eagle charge and she's pretty sure that it was not holding anything in its claws, but equally she doesn't think it was crowned, which would tend to identify it as Polish if it was.
Roy Stilling, 8 Aug 2000

The absence of a crown may make this a communist-era flag, if indeed it is Polish. Unless and until some New Yorker reports more detail on this flag, we'll have to live with Cwik's guess as a working hypothesis.
Al Kirsch, 9 Aug 2000

I went researching about this flag, & other polish flags, while  doing this I visited FOTW's polish flag page. I discovered this flag to match the description of the undentified Polish flag: Banner of President of Republic of Poland 1945-1952.
Joshua Horn, 30 Sep 2001

What would a Polish president be doing in Broadway?
Rob Raeside, 1 Oct 2001

An UFE: swastika-flag with Hammer and Sickle

I am looking for a particular flag. I saw it in a documentary recently and I am hoping you can help me locate a picture of it. It is a standard swastika flag with a small hammer and sickle in the top right hand corner. It was flown over Poland during the period of the Non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia.
Jason O Callaghan, 2 Sep 2005