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Mexico - 1823-National flag "official" variant used in 1881-1898

Jan. 1, 1881 - Dec. 31, 1898

Last modified: 2004-12-29 by juan manuel gabino villascán
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[1823 National Mexican Flag, official varinat used in 1881-1899] 2:3[Unofficial proportions]
[National Flag, State and War ensign]
[Variant - this flag is one of several which could be displayed]
[Flag no longer in use]
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, April 15, 2001
Flag and coat of arms adopted: Apr. 14, 1823
Redefined: January 1, 1881.
by decree of Dec. 30, 1880.
In use until: December 31, 1898.


  • On land:
  • Civil, state and war flag.
  • At sea:
  • State, and war ensign.
    Naval jack (torrotito de proa)


1881-1898 official variant

In 1880 President Porfirio Díaz decided that the eagle have displayed wings, following the French trend, and no crown (“Porfirist” flag).
Santiago Dotor, 29 Dec 1998, summarizing from

This flag was adopted by decree of December 20, 1880, and came into effect on January 1, 1881.
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, April 15, 2001

[Mexican flag variant used about 1893]
by António Martins Tuválkin, March 20, 2000.

"(...) During the 1830s, the Porfirista government intended the flag as well the coat of arms on it became uniform overall the country. The changes to the coat of arms in such age were born by the Dec. 30-1880 President Decree, by means of which, Porfirio Díaz tried to materialized the original design provided by the First Constitutional Congress. (...) Tomás de la Peña was appointed to design the new coat of arms; he inclined for the French-style eagle: fronted with up-lifted wings, looking to its left (...). This coat of arms was used until 1898, since in 1899, Díaz decided for replaced it, though the Peña's design was in use until about 1908. A very important change in appreciated in the 1893 flag: the garland is made of laurel and olive branches; this is to prove, despite the effort for unifying both flag and coat of arms, the anarchy prevailed (...)"

Quoted in: Bandera de México. Presented by: Alfonso García Macías. Ed. Miguel Ángel Porrúa. 1º edition: 1985. 3º edition: 1995. México. Pp. 143

I addition to that, this coat of arms is painted jointly with coat of arms of some Mexican States of the time in the walls of a late-XIX century building located in Bucareli St. and Emilio Dondé St. in Mexico City, near the tourist "Ciudadela Park".

A verey similar coat of arms appears illustrated in brochures by the "Secretaría de Gobernación" (Secretariat of the Interior) but attributed to 1823 as used as header by the Supreme Congress. In this case the eagle is engraved, painted or drown in the early XIX century style., then in a three-quarter position, and slightly inclined.

Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, June 10, 2002.

1823-Coat of arms versions used in 1881-1898

[1881 Mexican coat of arms]
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, April 15, 2001

The new arms were designed by Tomás de la Peña, at that time, a Mexican great painter.
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, April 15, 2001.