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Tuscany - Political Flags (Italy)


Last modified: 2004-11-13 by dov gutterman
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Lega Nord Toscana

by Jaume Olle', 24 January 2004

by Jaume Olle', 24 January 2004

Toscani uses a horizontal red-white-red flags with a device in the center but I do not know what it is.
Giuseppe Bottasini, 19 September 1996

Tuscany - Austrian flag with Tuscany arms (red cross bordered golden, and upperimposed yellow shield: left of the observer with five red balls; right, red diagonal band; above all golden crown).
Jaume Olle', 29 December 1998

"Lega Nord Toscana" has used two variants of a different flag. The one above is the most recent one.
Paolo Montanelli, 19 Febuary 2003

The shield is per pale, or a bend gules and or six roundels gules.  I would think the uppermost roundel on the sinister half of the shield - larger than the other five - should be azure with three tiny fleurs-de-lis or, which would make that half of the shield the arms of the family of Medici.
Joe McMillan, 19 Febuary 2003

This flag is used by Tuscan League followers. This, and a lot of other autonomist or independentist flags, also some of
them used by followers or allied to the North League, were published and Flag Report, and the remaining will come in the next issue
Jaume Olle', 19 Febuary 2003

At <> there is the flag used by Tuscan Northern League. [in this case with unusual "Toscana" (= Tuscany) lettering. I've never seen a "real" flag with a similar writing]. Northern League followers pretended that this flag was that of "Granducato di Toscana" (= Grand Duchy of Tuscany) but I doubt this flag had been used in past times. They used to sell car stickers and patches with this image. However, on the stickers and flags they issue now, there is the "new" symbol , which is probably more "historical correct" than the previous one. Joseph McMillan said that in the shield the upper roundel should be bigger than the others and azure with three little fleurs-de-lis or to recall the Medici arms. In actual banners, stickers &c I've always seen it gules.
Paolo Montanelli, 20 Febuary 2003

Above is one Tuscan flag inspired by those of the Grand-Duchy of Tuscany. In fact they are at least three:
1) the "old flag" of Lega Nord Toscana shown above and also at <>.
2) the "new flag" of Lega Nord Toscana, which can be seen at <> (Note: it's just a portion of a photo: of course, the proportions of the flag ar similar to the "old one" and only the CoA is a bit different, in the shape of the crown, the brighter shade of gold and the roundels on the right part of the shield).
3) the "flag of the Grand-Duchy of Tuscany" (even if I do not think it was an actual flag of the Grand-Duchy) which has been used by Lega Nord Toscana, other autonomists and also common people who think it's the "real Tuscan flag".
You can see it at <> (It's the fouth stamp on the right in the line below).
It features a more complex CoA: the shield is tieced per pale, or a bend gules (with three eagles, like the banner of Lorraine), gules a fess argent (Austria) and or six roundels gules (with the uppermost roundel contining three litlle fleurs-de-lis, like the flag of the Medici family).
Paolo Montanelli, 6 May 2003

My brother, Eli Gutterman, came from a visit in Tuscany with a photo taken in Florence of the flag of Tuscan Northern League with another red-white-red flag charged with the Lega Nord's "warrior".
Dov Gutterman, 22 October 2003

Provided by Mr. Girardo Crocini, italian consul in France is a photo showing the independentist flag of Tuscany used by the
leghisti (members of the League). also a similar flag bearing letters TOSCANA is used by leghisti.
Jaume Olle', 24 January 2004

Here is a car sticker showing a widely used autonomist flag for Tuscany. Similar to upper flag but widely used and not political oriented. Note the shield tierced per pale.
Paolo Montanelli, 10 November 2004

See also Padania and Northern League (Lega Nord)

Movimento Autonomista Toscano

Movement Flag
from <>, located by Paolo Montanelli

"National Flag"
from <>, located by Paolo Montanelli

There is another movement in Tuscany which is in favour of independence or great autonomy for this region. It reached a certain success in past times, now it is a very tiny party. The logo of this movement can be seen at <>. The flag of the movement can be seen at <>.
They have also a "national flag" for Tuscany at <> in two variants: with or without "M.A.T." lettering. Now the flag with lettering no longer exists since the flag of the movement is only the one I indicate above.
This movement shows an Austrian-like flag (like those of Lega Nord Toscana -- Tuscany Northern League) but with no Lorraine-Medici styled CoA. Instead, it has a reproduction of the Etruscan Chimera known also as "the Chimera of Arezzo" since it was found in 1553 near the town of Arezzo (in eastern Tuscany) a bronze sculpture which is considered a masterpiece of the Etruscan art (now it is at the Archaeological Museum in Florence).
The site also indicates a possible "national hymn" for Tuscany: it is "Nessun Dorma!" (or "Vinceṛ"), a famous aria from Puccini's "Turandot", worldwide famous because of its interpretation by Luciano Pavarotti. Puccini, in fact, was born in Lucca, in western Tuscany.
Paolo Montanelli, 22 Febuary 2003

Flag at the chart "Flags of Aspirant Peoples" [eba94]

by Ivan Sache, 19 September 1999

This flag is listed under number 55 at the chart "Flags of Aspirant Peoples" [eba94] as: "Tuscany (Toscana) - Central Italy." - Horizontal red-white-red with coat-of-arms. I have no hint on the use of that specific flag in Tuscany.
Ivan Sache , 19 September 1999 and 20 Febuary 2003

Ivan's image shows the arms as tierced per pale, Lorraine (apparently), Austria, and Medici--possibly the old imperial arms for Tuscany?
Does anyone recognize the dexter half of the arms?  With the beakless and talonless white eagles on the red bend, it would be Lorraine, but without them I have no idea.
Joe McMillan, 19 Febuary 2003