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County, Municipal and Island Flags (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Landkreis-, Gemeinde- und Inselflaggen

Last modified: 2006-09-09 by jarig bakker
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County-Free City Flags / Flaggen kreisfreier Städte

There are nine county-free cities (kreisfreie Städte) in Lower Saxony: Brunswick, Delmenhorst, Emden, Hannover, Oldenburg, Osnabrück, Salzgitter, Wilhelmshaven and Wolfsburg.
Stefan Schwoon, 20 Feb 2001

Other Municipal Flags / Andere Gemeindeflaggen

Niedersach[s]en city flags [quoted from Flaggenmitteilung?]:
    Municipality or Gemeinde colours
    Flottwedel yellow-blue-yellow
    Kirchlingen red-yellow-red
    Kreiensen red-yellow
    Ilsede red-yellow
    Holtriehm yellow-green
    Düdenbüttel white-red
    Sehnde yellow-red-yellow
    Bodenteich white-red
    Duderstadt yellow-blue
    Edemissen blue-yellow-blue
    Brome red-white-red
    Sickte green-yellow
    Wittmund red-green-red
    Wesendorf red-blue-red
    Northeim blue-white
    Ostrhauderfehn red-yellow
    Rehden red-yellow
    Rehburg-Loccum red-white
    Jemgum green-yellow
    Südbrookmerland red-yellow
    Uplengen black-white
    Brockel yellow-blue-yellow
    Emmerthal yellow-blue
Jaume Ollé, 28 Aug 1999

The names of the municipalities contain a number of spelling mistakes, and some have become renamed or incorporated into other municipalities. This is a list of corrections/updates:
- Flottwedel: now part of Wietzendorf
- Kirchlingen: doesn't exist, maybe Kirchlinteln is meant?
- Holtriehm: possibly Holtriem, a Samtgemeinde (an association of several small municipalities) in the county Wittmund.
- Bodenteich: was recently declared a spa and is now named Bad Bodenteich
Stefan Schwoon, 11 Feb 2002

Regional flag of Hannover

Regional flag of Hannover image by Pascal Gross, 20 Mar 2003

I found this on the website of the region of Hanover. Can we expect regional Lower Saxony flags?
The Region Hanover has its own flag: the colors are red and gold and can be shown with the arms. The arms: parted per fess Gules, a lion passant Or, armed and langued Azure, and Or, a trefoil proper barbed Or.
Pascal Vagnat, 16 Mar 2003

Pascal Vagnat reports in the German mailing list the flag of the Lower Saxony region of Hannover. The flag is described as red and gold and may bear the region's arms. I wonder whether the region of Hannover has the same territory as the former State of Hannover. However the new arms of Region Hannover as of 12th March 2002 is: "Gules, in chief a lion passant Or and in base a trefoil Argent barbed of the field".
Santiago Dotor, 20 Mar 2003

Erich Dieter Linder shows this flag on his website. I have made a gif of it.
Pascal Gross, 20 Mar 2003

No. The "Region" Hannover was formed on 1 Nov 2001 by the city of Hannover (engl. Hanover) and the munipalities of the former Landkreis (county) Hannover. The Landkreis was dissolved in the process.
You can see a map of the counties of Lower Saxony here.
Stefan Schwoon, 20 Mar 2003

Municipality of Garstedt / Gemeinde Garstedt

[Municipality of Garstedt (Lower Saxony, Germany)] image by António Martins

Garstedt is a small town southeast of Hamburg, Kreis Harburg. On this webpage [broken link] of the independent voters (Unabhängige Wählergemeinschaft) of Garstedt appear the flag and coat-of-arms. The coat-of-arms is canting, as spear in old Germanic was gar.
Jarig Bakker, 20 Feb 2000

Garstedt CoA

[Garstedt coat-of-arms (Lower Saxony, Germany)] image from this webpage [broken link].