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Natal Colony 1905-1910 (South Africa)

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[Natal Blue Ensign (1905)] by Martin Grieve, 19 Apr 2003 See also:

Natal Colony Blue Ensign (1870-1905)

[Old Natal colony flag] by Martin Grieve, 8 Apr 2003

The legislative Council of the Colony of  Natal adopted in August 1870 a Red and Blue Ensign bearing the Colonial Seal on a white roundel as a charge on the fly. The Seal was of a standard type in use in British Colonies since 1839, and may be described as follows:
'Within a Chippendale-type frame, on a plain, two Wildebeest (gnus) in full course at random (to sinister) with the words COLONY OF NATAL beneath the frame. The frame itself is ensigned with the Royal Arms, and around the circumference appears the legend VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIA REG. F.D.'
The complicated design of the Seal did not lend itself to successful application to flags. To make the legends readable from both sides, manufacturers were obliged to sew two devices back to back. A simplified version of the device on the fly of the Blue Ensign was adopted by a dictum of the Colonial Office dated 23 August 1975. This device actually predates the granting of arms to the Colony by Royal Warrant on 16 May 1907. The latter device may be described as follows:
'Within a gold Chippendale-type frame, in front of mountains and on a plain two Wildebeest contourne' in full course, side by side, proper, therebeneath the name NATAL in black letters, the frame ensigned of a Royal Crown, also proper.'
This remained the flag of the Colony until it became the Province of Natal in the Union of South Africa in 1910.' Source: 'Sovereign flags of Southern Africa', by A. P. Burgers, Cape Town, 1997, pp. 26-27:

The images in the book are unfortunately scans of images, whereby the badges are very dim indeed. These are:

  • Red ensign with 'complex' badge
  • Blue ensign with 'complex' badge
  • Blue ensign with 'simple' badge
Mark Sensen's illustration is a Red ensign with a 'simple' badge. But no mention of a black and white flag, with two bucks.
Jarig Bakker, 24 Jul 1999

Attached image of old Natal colony  flag. After 1907 the flag was used with simplified Coat of Arms. When I drew it I didn't have a good model, and because of this the details in the center are not accurate. This could be the blue ensign.
Jaume Ollé, 27 Jul 1999

There was also a Blue Ensign containing the Badge detail, sent up by myself recently, which I omitted last time
BTW , disk is not smooth enough IMHO so if any of you better giffers can improve here please help to give a better rendering.
Martin Grieve, 17 Apr 2003

Natal Colony Blue Ensign (1905-1910)

A defaced Blue Ensign existed, with the badge of the Colony in the fly. No white circle.
There was no Red Ensign in use as far as I know.
Martin Grieve, 17 Apr 2003

Natal Colony Governor's flag (1905-1910)

[Natal Colony Governor's flag (1905-1910)] by Martin Grieve, 19 Apr 2003

Governor followed the usual pattern used in The British Colonies, and placed the badge within laurel Garland on the Union Flag.
Martin Grieve, 17 Apr 2003

Natal Colony Seal (1905-1910)

[Natal Colony Seal (1905-1910)] by Martin Grieve, 18 Apr 2003

Two flags were in existence between 1905 -1910 in the Natal Colony : 
A blue ensign and, of course, a flag for the Governor of the Colony. 
The theme of two Wildebeest running in the foreground was continued, but in a slightly different form. Incidentally Wildebeest derives its name from the Afrikaans/Dutch word meaning "wild beast". It is more commonly known as a "Gnu" outside of South Africa.
Martin Grieve, 18 Apr 2003