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International Code of Signals (N-Z)

Maritime Signal Flags

Last modified: 2005-06-17 by phil nelson
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Individually, each flag has a specific meaning. Below are the meanings from the 1951 Admiralty Manual of Seamanship and the newer meanings from the 1969 RYA Flags and Signals complied by David Prothero

ICS Letter N (November)

[Signal Letter N]
by Antonio Martins

November; No (Negative): became, No (Negative or 'The significance of the previous group should be read in the negative').

ICS Letter O (Oscar)

[Signal Letter O]
by Antonio Martins

ICS Letter P (Papa)

[Signal Letter P]
by Antonio Martins

Papa; In harbour the same. At sea, Your lights are out or burning badly: became, when used by fishing vessels to mean, 'My nets have come fast upon an obstruction'.

ICS Letter Q (Quebec)

[Signal Letter Q]
by Antonio Martins

The solid yellow flag was used to indicate quarantine before it was made the flag for Q. Also, it's worth noting that display of the yellow Q flag today means that the ship does not have disease aboard; it signifies "I request free pratique," which means I ask that the authorities in the port give me a clean bill of health.
Joe McMillan, 15 February 2005

ICS Letter R (Romeo)

[Signal Letter R]
by Phil Nelson

Romeo; The way is off my ship - you may feel your way past me. (No current meaning available)

ICS Letter S (Sierra}

[Signal Letter S]
by Antonio Martins

Sierra; My engines are going full speed astern: became, My engines are going astern.

ICS Letter T (Tango)

[Signal Letter T]
by Antonio Martins

Tango; Do not pass ahead of me: became, Keep clear of me; I am engaged in pair trawling.

ICS Letter U (Uniform)

[Signal Letter U]
by Antonio Martins

Uniform; You are standing into danger: became, You are running into danger.

ICS Letter V (Victor)

[Signal Letter V]
by Antonio Martins

ICS Letter W (Whiskey)

[Signal Letter W]
by Antonio Martins

ICS Letter X (X-Ray)

[Signal Letter X]
by Phil Nelson

ICS Letter Y (Yankee)

[Signal Letter Y]
by Antonio Martins

Yankee; I am carrying mails: became, I am dragging my anchor.

ICS Letter Z (Zulu)

[Signal Letter Z]
by Phil Nelson

Zulu; To be used to address or call shore stations: became, I require a tug. or, when made by fishing vessels operating in close proximity on the fishing grounds it means, 'I am shooting nets'.