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Dictionary of Vexillology: Corrections and Updates

Last modified: 2006-09-30 by phil nelson
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This page documents changes in the original text as released by the editors of the Dictionary of Vexillology based upon comments received by them to the presentation.  Updates are listed from the most current to the oldest.

Correction/Update Date Changes
Update No. 22 30 September 2006 Added: Proposed Vexillological Conventions, Erased; Changes to: Battle Honour, Cockade, Dimidiated, Garland
Editorial Change 4 Corrected internal linking problems resulting from prior editorial changes.
Update No. 21 26 August 2006 Added: Crancelin, Crown of Rue, Enty, Flag Exchange, Flag Lieutenant, Flags, Per bend, Pointed, Yeoman of Signals; Changes to: Armorial Sail, Base, Bunting Tosser, Launching flags, Quarter, Signal Flags
Update No. 20 12 August 2006 Added: Aspect Ratio, Bunting Tosser, Continental Colors, Customs Flag, Flag Down, Forked Ensign, Grand Union, Honour Jack, Organizational flag, Splitflag, ;Changes to: Introduction, Colour, Ensign, Flag, Stand of Colours
Editorial Change 3 Split of pages F, P, S (Southern Cross - Sword Knot); Added: indices to terms
Update No. 19 5 August 2006 Added: British Flag, Dannebrog, Hinomaru, Interlaced, James Union, Old Glory, Red Duster Royal Plate, Saw-Toothed, Star-Spangled Banner, Stars and Stripes, Tricolore, Wolfteeth; Changes to: Blue Ensign; Civic Banner, Flag Disc, Rainbow Flag, Red Ensign, Serrated, Union Jack, Whip Pennant, Wimple.
Update No. 18 22 July 2006 Added: Conjoined, Dimidiation, Entire, Impale by Dimidiation, Vexiferret, Vexiferreting; Changes to: Introduction, Armorial Sail, Banner, Car Flag, Dimensions, Dimidiated, Enhanced, Hanging flag, Impale, Pilot Flag, Royal Standard. Standard, Union Jack, Union Mark, Vexillium Regale.
Update No. 17 8 July 2006 Added: Lanyard pennant; Changes to: Appointment Flag, Descate, Difference, Flag family, Jack of Honour, Pan-African Colours, Pan-Arab Colours, Pan-Slavic Colours, Proportions, Vailing.
Update No. 16 1 July 2006 Added: Height, Width Across ; Changes to: Length, Proportions, Trailing, Width
Update No. 15 Added: Auncient, Flying Line, Flying Rod, Overall, Stumpmast, Swag; Changes to: Advertising Banner, Ancient, Banner, Gaff, Gonfalon, Inescutcheon, Mast, Multi-Tailed, Multi-Tailed Descate, Pall, Saltire, Square-Tongued, Triple-Tailed Descate, War Flag, Width
Update No. 14 9 June 2006 Added: Crooked Cross, Cross of Lorraine, Fess-point, Fictional flag, Fictitious flag. Fylfot, Inverted Pile, Per Saltire, Reversed Pall, Simple Pall, Swastika, Upright Pall; Changes to: Archivexillum, Blue Ensign, Cross, Flagoid, Honour point, Political flag, Radiating, Roundel, Saltire, and Tinctures (in Appendix III).
Editorial Change 2 Misc. editorial corrections
Update No. 13 29 April 2006 Added: Chevronel, Federal Service Flag, Rainbow Flag, Signifer, State Service Flag, Vexillarius, Vexillifer; Changes to: Banner, Bannerette, Christian Flag, Eagle, Rainbow Colours, Religious Flag, Schwenkel, Semeion, Service Flag, Signum,  Sleeve, State Flag, Sub-national Flag, Tenné, Ties, Transartat, Vexillary, Vexillation, Vexillology, Vexillum.
Update No. 12 Added: Bob, Flag Sling, Insurance Flag, Nails, Number Flag, pan-African Colours, pan-Arab Colours, pan-Slavic Colours; Changes to: Colour, Colours, Core Flag, Flag Belt, Flag Belt, Flag Family, Onomast, Palio, Pallia, Parade Flag, Peace Flag, Pennant
Update No. 11 22 April 2006 Deleted: Badge pennant, Morse Code Flags; Added: Badge Pennon, Heraldry, Morse Code Signalling with Flags; Changes to: Blue Peter, Color Matching Systems, Colour Sergeant, Colours of Defiance, Corporate Banner, Deface, Diver Below, Flag of Distress, International Code of Signal Flags, International Code of Signals, King's Colour, Morning Colours, Organizational Colour, Pallia, Pennoncel, Pirate Flag, Queen's Colour, Rainbow Colours, Regimental Colour, Royal Colour, Second Colour, Sovereign's Colour, Stand of Colours, Tackline, Trooping the Colour, Tufa, Wigwag; New Image: Peace Flag
Update No. 10 15 April 2006 Added Cantabrian Labarum, Crutch, Handwaver, Headquarters flag, Labarum, Landesfarben, Mourning Ribbon, Officer's flags, Palm, Pensil, Phoinikis, Pulley, Regimental flag; Changes to Camp Flag, Cantabrum, Draping, Livery Banner, Livery Colours, Pallia, Pavon, Peak, Semeion, State flag, Swallow-tail(ed), Table (or Table Top) Flag, Tongue(s), image for Appendix I; Deleted Labarum Cantabrum.
Editorial Change 1 8 April 2006 Split of pages B, C (Class Flag - Cypher) and S
Update No. 9 1 April 2006 Changes to Badge Banner, Banderole, Banner Roll,  Baucens, Bow Pennant, Descate, Double-Tailed Descate, Flammula, Streamer, Swallow-Tailed; Added Badge Pennant, Civic Banner, Clew, Cloven Bullnose, Cloven Descate, Cognisance, Conoissanse, Corporate Banner, Double Pointed, Demonstration Banner, Gallery, Vexillophilatelist, Vexbibliophile, Vexillophily.
Update No. 8 Changes to Colour, Core Flag, Desecrate, Draco, Government Service Ensign, Fane, Flag-Tossing, Gajardus, Hanging Flag, International Flag, Jack, Sash; Added Colour Matching System, Disfigure, Flag Burning, Flag Family,
Update No. 7 Changes to Alfaquaquus, Archivellifier, Bauceant, Gajardus, Gonfalon, Gonfalonier, Gonfanon, International Code of Signals, Multi-tailed, Pennoncier, Schwenkel, Stand of Colors, Standardium, Swallow-Tail and Tails, Vexillum; Deleted Alferous, Antesignanus, Hindsigne; Added Alferes, Antesignory, Bannerman, Beaufort, Buss, Cross Bar, Framed Flag, Gonfaloniership, Handsigne, Outrigger Flag, Square-Tongued, Stepped Fly, Tongue, Vexillation, Vexillator, 
Update No. 6 Included in initial page deployment - 25 March 2006 Added Bandum, Blue Ensign, Cantabarii, Cantabrun, Church Banner, Flag of St. George, Red Ensign, Vexillolography, Wimple, White Ensign. Changes to Archivexillum, Banneret, Car Flag, Crossbar, Lance Flag, Lance Pennon, Standard, Vexillographer, Whip Pennant.  Spelling correction of Undy.
Update No. 5 Deleted Bunchuk. Added Alferous, Regimental Colours. Changes to Archivexillifer, Archivexillum, Budgee Pendant, Colour Sergeant, Horsetail, Government Service Jack, Mizzen and Religious flag.
Update No. 4 Added Aquila, Aquilifer, Archvexillifer, Semaphore flag, Telegraphing.  Changes to Eagle, Semaphore and Vexillary
Update No. 3 Added Bunchuk, Casting the Colors, Class flag, Colour Sergeant, Tough. Changes to Colours, Guidon, Horsetail, Schellenbaum,  Tugh, and Vexilloid.
Update No. 2 Changes to Government Jack
Update No. 1 Corrected image of Schwenkel