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Illinois municipalities with incomplete flag information

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From the village code of the Village of Algonquin, Illinois

The following described flag shall be the official flag for the Village: White Flag: outline of State of Illinois in gold with blue border in center of flag; multi-colored Indian head facing staff in center of State of Illinois; bottom of flag in gold numbering 1834, blue lettering Algonquin, Illinois, gold numbering 1890.
Ned Smith, 19 September 2005


On the upper fly is a white map of the state of Illinois outlined in black. The geographic location of Coffeen is marked on the map. In the upper hoist is a red barn with a fence. Below the fence is what appears to be a family of two sons and a daughter plus parents. A red public building of some sort is in the lower-left hand corner of the flag. In the middle of the flag is a water tower with the word COFFEEN in green. In the lower-right hand corner of the flag is a factory alongside a river, and a black silhouette of Abraham Lincoln is next to the map.
Image located by Albert Kirsch
Mason Kaye, 25 November 2003


At is a large black&white partial photo of the city flag of Danville, Illinois. It is white or at least a very light color with the words DANVILLE ILLINOIS on 2 lines at the fly half, with the city seal set on 5 vertical stripes at the hoist half- the stripes are fly to hoist: 1-a thin medium color, 2- a wide stripe of the field color, 3- a thin stripe of a darker color, 4- another stripe of the field color, about a third or a quarter of the width of the wide stripe, and 5- another stripe of medium color, about the same width as the 4th stripe. A good graphic of the seal can be seen at but not it is clear that the seal on the flag does not use the full color scheme shown in this image. It must also be noted that the wording around the seal differs between the linked image and the one shown on the flag. And the seal on the flag has the year 1827 in the shield's chief while the other image has a device like a beehive. Also it may be of interest to note that the caption on the photo states the city flag was aboard the space shuttle Atlantis in an orbital mission in November 1994.
Ned Smith, 2 April 2006


Darien's flag can be seen at "This flag represents the original Darien city flag. The flag was created and designed by Pst. Rodgers. It was officially dedicated to the city on January 3, 1972."
Dov Gutterman, 31 December 2002


"1.14 City flag.
The flag of the City of Elmhurst shall be a white flag bordered with gold fringe. There shall be a carmine sash running diagonally across the flag with superimposed shield. The shield shall bear the name “Elmhurst” in black letters on a white background with two elm leaves on a yellow background, between which shall be the numerals “1869” in black. This shield shall further contain three green elm trees on a background of blue, below which shall appear the letters “ILL” in black on a white background. A copy of the flag design is attached hereto and made a part hereof. (11/1/71)

1.10 City seal.
(a) It is hereby established, ordained, and declared that the official seal of the City is established to now and in the future be as follows: The impression shall be circular in form, in the outer circle of which are inscribed the words, “The Corporate Seal of the City of Elmhurst, 1910.” Within the inner circle are inscribed the words, “State of Illinois” and also within the inner circle is depicted a design including an eagle, a rainbow and a section of the sun. This seal is to be, in every instance, used where it is by law necessary in order to give effect to the municipal acts of the city. (2/17/70)
(b) The seal of the city shall be and remain in the exclusive custody of the City Clerk.
(c) Except where otherwise provided by the Illinois Revised Statutes, the seal of the city, when used, shall be affixed by the City Clerk only."

Dov Gutterman, 27 October 2002

La Grange

The Village of La Grange in Illinois, US, has a flag, described at Unfortunately, no image.
"The La Grange flag has a field of three (3) horizontal stripes of equal width: a medium warm blue stripe at the top, a white stripe at the center, and a medium warm green at the base. At the left center of the flag is a circle containing an irregularly striped tree symbol in dark green on a light cool blue background in the center. This tree has the numerals "1879" in white. Around this center field is a white stripe with "La Grange" printed at the top and "Illinois" at the bottom. Both words are printed in dark green Gothic letters. This white stripe is bordered with a narrow band of the same light cool blue of the center field."
Valentin Poposki, 19 November 2005

Go to the web site and click the box on the right of the page which says "Click here to see a video about village of La Grange." About half way through, the Village President can be seen speaking to the camera, in front of a lectern which bears the seal, with three flags behind him, including the United States national flag.
Colin Dobson, 21 November 2005


(A) There is hereby adopted an official flag for the village which is described as follows:
Three horizontal stripes of orchid-purple, white, and green, with the center white stripe stylized so as to half enclose with a laurel wreath the official village seal as described in § 11.02 below, with the words "The Lilac Village" in sky magenta script on the white stripe to the right of said seal and wreath.
(B) This flag shall be recognized as the official flag of the village.
(C) The Village shall keep on hand a sufficient quantity of official flags so as to be able to honor all requests for said official flag. Where a not-for-profit educational or civic service organization requests an official flag, said official flag shall be provided at no cost. All other individuals or entities (whether for profit or not-for-profit) requesting an official flag shall be charged the Village's actual cost for having said official flag made, along with the Village's actual costs in regard to processing said request and delivering said official flag. ('70 Code, Ch. 1.12) (Ord. 1022, passed 3-18-63; Ord. 3965, passed 6/2/94)

(A) There is hereby adopted a corporate seal for the village, which shall be known and designated as the official corporate seal of the Village of Lombard.
(B) This seal shall be recognized as the official seal of the village. ('70 Code, Ch. 1.08) (Ord. 929, passed 11-13-61)

Dov Gutterman, 28 October 2002


The flag seems to be the town's logo under inscription of town's name. See it folded at
Dov Gutterman, 28 October 2002

Northfield Township

The website at shows the township's seal and the township's flag on two of three slide-shows in the upper part of the front page. The flag appears to be blue, with a yellow border, and a white seal in the center (details indeterminate).
Valentin Poposki, 28 August 2005

Oak Park

Oak Park's flag is its logo and inscription in blue over white. It can be seen between the national and probably state flag at
Dov Gutterman, 27 October 2002

Richton Park

The Richton Park village flag is the seal on white as seen at
Dov Gutterman, 31 December 2002

Sleepy Hollow

The two officials are seated in the room in the village hall in which the board meets. On one wall is an oil painting of Falese; on another is the village flag, a delightful declaration that here is a place that shuns pretense. The central symbol in the red-white-blue-and-brown standard is the Headless Horseman (the horse is brown). ''People are always asking for copies of our flag,'' Peterson said. ''They don't know we have only one.''
Dov Gutterman, 6 January 2003

The Village of Sleepy Hollow in Illinois, US, flag is mention in the Encyclopedia of Chicago here:
Valentin Poposki, 19 November 2005

South Holland

The South Holland flag can be seen in a photo at, which we have archived here.
Dov Gutterman, 6 November 2002

The flag is also visible on the village home page at Judging by the village emblem, the first item on the white stripe is a tulip.
Valentin Poposki, 1 November 2005


Vandalia's flag is city logo on white as seen at
Dov Gutterman, 28 October 2002


A photograph of this flag can be seen at and
Dov Gutterman, 6 November 2002


The History Behind the City Flag
"On March 12, 1992 the original city flag was presented to the United City of Yorkville. The concept of the original United City of Yorkville flag was a result of a contest sponsored by Tom Hughes (former owner of the Pride Gas Station), the Yorkville Chamber of Commerce and the United City of Yorkville. Local artist, Holly Willson was selected as the winning designer of the original flag. Holly also volunteered her time to expedite production of the flag. Only two original flags were produced. One flag flew in front of City Hall, and the other was presented to Holly as a contest prize. The original flag was never officially approved by the City Council.
        Several years ago, the City Council entertained the idea of creating a new design of the city flag to act as a symbol which would honor the United City of Yorkville. It was decided that the new flag would present an altered, updated version of the official city seal. Rose Spears, Ward 4 Alderwoman and Chairperson of the Administration Committee, volunteered to expedite the creation and production of the new city flag. Once again Holly Willson was contacted to create the artwork of the suggested design. The new flag design includes the name of the city, county seat information, the historical County Courthouse, the Glen Palmer Dam, the Fox River, and the Town Square Park's Perpetual Flame monument.
        In March 2002, the newly created flag was approved by the City Council. The official 3' by 5' foot, screen printed flags are for sale to residents and businesses for $65.00. It is the intent that the flags will be proudly flown throughout the United City of Yorkville as well as Kenda11 County as a symbol of honoring our outstanding community.
        On June 24, 2002, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was presented a flag by Mayor Arthur Prochaska and Alderwoman Rose Spears on behalf of the United City of Yorkville. "

Photos of the flag, which is the seal on a white field, and the seal can be seen at this page.
Dov Gutterman, 23 December 2002