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Kyiv (Kyiv, Ukraine)


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by Anto'nio Martins, 17 March 2003


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The Gonfalon

From the site of Ukrainian Heraldry:
"In May 1995 the session of the town council approved the gonfalon: a rectangular canvas of dark blue colour with a ratio of the sides: 2:3. In the centre there is an image of Archangel Mykhail."
Phil Nelson, 7 July 1999

Coat of Arms

from the site of Ukrainian Heraldry

From the site of Ukrainian Heraldry:
"In May 1995 town council session of Kyiv confirmed a new resolution of giving the historical Coat of Arms with the picture of archangel Michael back to the city."
Phil Nelson, 7 July 1999

The city

From the site of Ukrainian Heraldry:
"City in Kyiv Oblast. It is situated on the banks of the Dnipro. According to a legend Kyiv was founded by three brothers Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv and their sister Lybid more than 15 centuries ago. The town had been the political center of Kyiv Rus'. The blossoming forth of Kyiv was during the ruling of the prince Volodymyr Sviatoslavovych and Yaroslav Mudry.The baptism of Ukraine began in Kyiv. In the X - XII centuries Kyiv was one of the biggest cities in Europe. In nearly 1362 Kyivsky land became part of Great Lithuanian principality. In 1494 Kyiv was given the Magdeburg Right. Since 1648 it was a center of Kyiv regiment.In 1918 Kyiv was occupied by Moscow troops.On the 24th of August 1991 in Kyiv the Supreme Rada proclaimed the independence of Ukraine. The first symbols of the capital of Ukraine appeared still in the days of Kyiv Rus' . The picture of archangel Michael considered to be the Protector of fighting men is connected with the cult of the warrior angel. In the days of Volodymyr Olgerdovych the picture of archangel Michael was not used. But after 1471 in the emblem of Kyivs'ke principality started to appear again. Since the XVI century the white angel nimbed in gules field became the official symbol of Kyivs'ke principality.With having the Magdeburg Right an arm with a crossbow appeared on a Magistrate seal. On flags of the Cossacks regiments during the war of 1648-1654 there was a picture of Michael piercing a dragon with a spear. The picture of Michael appeared also in the emblems of Gadiach, Krolevets and Ovruch."
Phil Nelson, 7 July 1999

My ancient encyclopedia says, under the heading "Magdeburg", "Magdeburg became a flourishing commercial town during the 13th century, and was an important member of the Hanseatic League..."Magdeburg law" (Magdeburger Recht), securing the administrative independence of municipalities, was widely adopted." Perhaps where the source says "was given Magdeburg right" we should translate "received the right of civic self-government" or something similar
John Ayer, 8 July 1999

Kyiv during Vladimir the Great

Images or descriptions of flags of ancient Kiev were not saved. Some historians think, that the red flags with a white or yellow trident were used in Kiev. But their hypotheses are confirmed by nothing.
Ukrainian nationalists consider that the flags of Vladimir were blue-yellow. But in fact this B-Y flag has appeared only in 1848. Flags with three tails were drawn on ancient coins (X c.). Vladimir has lead violently christening of Kiev Rus. Therefore it is possible the religious plots were represented on the flags
Victor Lomantsov, 3 March 2002

It is impossible to speak about flags in Russia earlier than since 1685, when Zar Peter I adopted the first Russian flag - white - red - blue. In Annalistic Codex of Zar Ivan I (The Terrible) from XV C. the images of banners ostensibly 12 centuries - red with a narrow strip lengthways staff are given, but it can be mistification.
Michail Revnivtsev, 5 March 2002

Kyiv City Subdivisions

During soviet time, Kyiv had 14 administrative districts (rayons) with such names as: Leninskyi rayon, Minskyi rayon, Moskovskyi rayon etc. Few years ago a new law about the Capital of Ukraine was adopted and Kyiv received 10 new rayons, new borders, new names.
Andriy Grechylo, 28 July 2004