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[flag of Somalia and Puntland] image by Steve Stringfellow

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Puntland is a self-proclaimed state within Somalia. Founded in Garowe, the charter was signed by the leaders of Sool, Southern and Eastern Sanaag Regions and Buhoodle District. 

From (link is outdated)  here what is said about the flag:

Article 3 The Flag, Emblem and Anthem of Puntland.

3.1 The flag, emblem and anthem of Puntland will provisionally remain those of the former Somalia Republic pending the adoption of the Puntland flag, emblem and anthem within 12 months of the approval of this Charter.

Dov Gutterman, 19 Feb 1999

I have seen a flag for Puntland which is different from the former state of Somalia from which it seceded in 1998. The flag is a horizontal tricolour of green - white - red. In the hoist side there is a blue triangle with a white star like the Somalia flag. The flag may also be the same as the Western Somalia Liberation Front. There is a detail of this flag on this website - at the bottom right hand corner of the page.
James Frankcom, 22 Apr 2003

If I don't remember wrong this flag was also published in the last issue of Francia Vexilla attribued to Puntland, but I believe that is a mistake; however the Ogadeni clan and the Majurtini clan may be related in any form (I don't know much of the complex inter-clan relations in the former Somalia and neighburing Somali territories) and may have adopted the same flag.
Jaume Ollé, 23 Apr 2003

Both "Majurtini"and Ogadeni are clans of the Darod group (or clan...). The Darods are the main Somalian group (75% of all Somali people, the others being Digil-Rahanweins, Hawiye-Sabs, Issas, Dir-Gedabursis, Garreh-Ajurans, etc). The Puntland is the land of the Mijurtinis (the region - Bari & Nugal - was first called Migiurtina by Italians = ? Miyurtina in English, Mijourtine in French). Ogadenis are also in Somalia but mainly in the Ogaden (Ethiopia) and also in Kenya.
The only flag of Puntland i have saw is the somalian flag itself but with a paler blue. The logo shown on the page concerns the liberation front of Western Somalia ( = "State of Somali" in Ethiopia = Ogaden). Not like Somaliland, Puntland which official name is actually Republic of "Puntland State of Somalia", has not the aim of independence but of forming a confederation when things will go better... but when ?
Since things are still not going better and Somalia is still a no-state country, Puntland can be considered actually independent since 1992 (1998 for the declaration of "no secession"...) like other "States" in Hiranland, Jubaland, etc.
Jean-Marc Merklin, 24 Apr 2003