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Flags of political parties (Sweden)

Last modified: 2005-03-12 by phil nelson
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Parties in the parliament Other political organisations

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Parties in the Parliament

Moderata Samlingspartiet (Moderate Party)

[Moderaterna flag] by Marcus Wendel

Moderaterna (Moderate Party) is the Swedish conservative party.
Marcus Wendel, 5 September 1999


The logotype of Moderata Samlingspartiet, a designed version of the initial letter of the party name, was appropved by the executive board of the party in 1969. This was soon after the party changed name from Högerpartiet (The Right Party). The production designer Carl Göran Craaford made the initial design work.

When presented, the symbol was blue. In the spring of 1969 the colour was changed to wine-red, which it was throughout the election campaign 1970. The reason of the change was that red was considered as a better color to attract attention. While blue traditionally has been the colour of the party and red often associated to left-wing parties, the colour changed back to blue.

During the eighties the tone of the blue colour was changed a couple of times. In 1998 the symbol was added with a coloured corona of yellow and red. The purpose is to let the party symbol say something more to take a step forward but still keep the values of our classical brand.
Niklas Claesson (Moderaterna), 16 Sep 1999

Moderaterna also uses a version with "Moderaterna" written in black below the logo.
Niklas Claesson (Moderaterna), 20 Sep 1999

Centerpartiet (Centre Party)

The Centre Party (agrarian party) is often displaying all-green flags together with the Swedish flag.
Elias Granqvist 13 August 1999

Centerpartiet also used a green flag with their logo.
Marcus Wendel 06 September 1999

Folkpartiet Liberalerna (People's Party the Liberals)

[Folkpartiet flag] by Marcus Wendel

The image is based on information and images recieved from Folkpartiet.
Marcus Wendel

Socialdemokraterna (Social Democratic Party)

The Social Democrats have used flags of different designs with red as a predominant colour. Sometimes they have used all-red flags.
Elias Granqvist, 13 August 1999

The first flag of Socialdemokraterna was red with
in yellow (?) centered on the flag.
Marcus Wendel, 6 September 1999

Vänsterpartiet (Left Party)

[Vänsterpartiet logo] contributed by Lowe Aspviken

The Left Party (former communists) have used red flags of different kinds.
Elias Granqvist

There is no official party flag as far as I know, but the flags distributed by the party, is rather pale red with the party's symbol in the middle on a grey field. The symbol is a V (for vänster = left) and a red pimpernel.

The Young Left (Ung vänster) has no such flag. Instead, every local organization has, or can make, it's own flag, one that is unique and represents that organization only, and is carried on solemn occasions like the 1st of May. Such flags have a long tradition in the worker's movement of Sweden. The league as a whole also has a flag like that. I was present myself when it was officially displayed for the first time, in May 2003. That flag is dark red, with the name of the League and a picture of a 1st of May-demonstration painted on one side, and on the reverse a golden torch and a quote: "keep the red flame burning". This was said by Olle Meurling, a member of the League who was killed by the fascists in the Spanish civil war.
Lowe Aspviken, 3 February 2005

Other Political Organisations

Fria Moderata Studentförbundet (Free Conservative Students)

Fria Moderata Studentförbundet (Free Conservative Students), a student organisation ideologically though not formally connected to the Moderate Party, has an official flag with is green (a slightly blueish green shade), on which is a white circle ("cannon ball") within a white laurel wreath.
Elias Granqvist, 13 August 1999

AnarkoKapitalistisk Front (Swedish Anarcho-Capitalist Front)

[Anarcho-Capitalist Front flag] by Andrew Rogers

This is the flag of the AnarkoKapitalistisk Front, or Swedish Anarcho-Capitalist Front. You can read more about them and what they stand for on their web site:

As far as the flag itself, they say the black, as is traditional, stands for anarchism, while the gold stands for capitalism.
Andrew Rogers, 16 April 2002