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Socialist Republic of Romania, 1965-1989

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[Flag of Romania, 1965] by Calvin Paige Herring

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Overview of the Communist Era Flags

Socialist Romania had three different national flags which differed in the details of the arms which appeared on the central yellow stripe:

  • 1948: the arms had a scroll bearing the letters 'RPR', no red star.
  • 1952: the arms had a scroll bearing the letters 'RPR' and were surmounted by a red star.
  • 1965: the arms had a scroll with the word 'ROMANIA' and were surmounted by a red star.
Does anyone know date of adoption for each flag?
Nick Kariyasu, 26 March 1998

The second version was adopted in September 1952, 'RPR' standing for 'Romanian People's Republic'. The third version was adopted on 21 August 1965. The dexter part of the scroll bears the word 'Republica' and the sinister part 'Socialista' so the complete text reads 'Republica Socialista România' (Socialist Republic of Romania).
Mark Sensen, 27 March 1998

In 1965 a major artistic change in the arms was effected. The only substantial change was the removal of the letters, "RPR," and their replacement by the words Republica, Socialista and Romania on the left, right and central ribbon bands, respectively. At the same time, the tricolour with the arms became the flag for all purposes -- civil, state and military.

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Calvin Paige Herring, 05 May 1998

Naval Jack, 1965-1989

Second Navy Jack, 1965-1989

[Naval Jack, 1965-1989] by Calvin Paige Herring

This jack consisted of the arms (1965 version) centered on a square tricolor with two crossed anchors in the hoist. It was replaced after the overthrow of Ceaucescu in December, 1989. Sources - Barraclough & Crampton (1981), Crampton (1989); Crampton (1990).
Calvin Paige Herring, 07 May 1998

First Navy Jack, 1965

[Naval Jack, 1965] by Calvin Paige Herring

I have a question regarding Socialist Republic jacks. Barraclough (1969) states that the Romanian jack was a square version of the national flag "with two crossed anchors in place of the national emblem". His 1981 collaboration with the late William Crampton says that the jack was a square national flag with crossed white anchors in the hoist. The question is, was there a change in the jack of Romania between the 1969 and 1981 or was one of the books in error?
Calvin Paige Herring, 02 May 1998

According to EMC Barraclough's Flags of the World (1969), the jack of Romania was a square tricolor with 'two white crossed anchors in place of the national emblem.' I am not sure when this flag was adopted or when it was replaced. Barraclough seems to indicate that the flag was replaced when the arms were changed in 1965. Obviously, there would be a problem with one seeing the white anchors on yellow. In my opinion, this heraldric error, combined with the anchors' visibility problem, probably led to its replacement.
Calvin Paige Herring, 07 May 1998

Is a very strange flag. Perhaps the anchors must be outlined in black, or perhaps were in the blue band and Barraclough forgot to say it. In the second Jack the anchors are centered in the band.
Jaume Ollé,, 07 May 1998

Defense Minister

[Defense Minister, 1965-1989] by Calvin Paige Herring

Chairman of Councils of State and of Ministers

[Chairman, Counils of State and Ministers] by Calvin Paige Herring

Arms of Communist Romania, 1965-1989

[Arms of 1965] by Jaume Ollé

Ceausescu-Party Flag Stamp

[Ceausescu, Communist party flag stamp] contributed by Jarig Bakker

Communist Party

I was watching a historical documentary on the TV tonight where I saw a flag of the Romanian Communist Party hoisted behind Ceausescu on the occasion of one of his last speeches before his fall. The flag was hoisted behind him, together with the Romanian national flag of the time. It was too quick a glance to get the details right, but the flag was red, with the emblem in the middle - just on the same place where it was the coat of arms on the next hoisted Romanian flag, and the emblem was of the same size. It consisted of a golden wreath of the same basic shape (oval) as the national emblem, but was not made of the same "corn" (the grains were much bigger). In the middle was the hammer and sickle symbol in the same position it is usually found on Soviet flags. I do not remember noticing the five-pointed star, but as I said, it was a quick glance.
Zeljko Heimer, 2 December 1999

According my Sources (basically Flaggenmitteilung) flag was red with golden wreath and within a golden h&s (no star). The union of wreaths is made by a ribbon with the romanian national colors. In the upper part (between both sides of the wreath end) until 1965 were the letters PMR and later PCR. wreaths show in circular shape like in the post stamp.
Jaume Ollé, 8 December 1999