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Warsaw (Poland)

Mazowieckie vojvodship

Last modified: 2003-02-01 by jarig bakker
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[Flag of Warsaw] by Dov Gutterman, 14 Mar 1999 Related pages: See also:

Warsaw: introduction

This is current list of the Gmina Warszawska (English: Warsaw city district or Warsaw city borough) : 11 boroughs. All entities are entitled to their own emblems (flags, CoAs, etc).
Jens Pattke, 21 Dec 2002

The City of Warsaw had carried out a reform of the administrative division in the year 1994. The former boroughs were united to the new borough Warszawa-Centrum. The old status "Borough" (Polish: gmina warszawska) was reduced to status of "Quarter" (Polish "dzielnica"). There were the following boroughs to 1994:

The boroughs used unofficial flags since 1961. These flags were abolished in 1994. The present quarters use the flag and the CoA of Warsaw.

Presently, they are only quarters in the new Warszawa-Centrum Borough.

In 1994, the borderline of the City of Warsaw was enlarged to the surrounded province. New boroughs were founded. These were the follwing:

Jens Pattke, 22 Dec 2002

Spartakiade flags

In the summer 1961 a spartakiade was organised in Warsaw. A spartakiade is a sports festival of the workers. The people took part under many red flags and under much communist ideology.
For this sports festival the boroughs of Warsaw flags received provisory flags. These flags were not official. In the sixties one very often used these flags. Later one forgot it.
Beginning of the nineties, with the renaissance of symbols one remembered the flags from the sixties. They were again used now as interim solution. In the year 1994 there was the reform of the Warsaw administrative divisions.
The old boroughs became quarters. The flags were not any longer applied.
Symbols of the quarters is today the coat of arms and the flag of Warsaw.
See: Warszawa-Mokotow, Warszawa-Ochota, Praga-Polnoc, Praga-Poludnie,Warszawa-Śródmieście, Warszawa-Wola, Warszawa-Żoliborz.
Source: Jacek Skorupski "Flagi w Warszawie (Flags in Warsaw)" in FLAGA Nr. 12.
Jens Pattke, 26 Dec 2002

Flag of Warsaw

In Flagmaster n°4, Winter 1971, an article about the flags of the capital cities of Europe mentions that in Warsaw each town districts has (had?) its own flag. Can someone corroborate this?
Pascal Vagnat, 12 Nov 1999

I am not sure as I do not read Polish, but in "Godloibarwa Polski Samorzadowej" published by the Instytut Wzornictwa Prezwmyslowego in 1998 are illustrated the following flags (among many others):
Warszawa (1938) - Equal horizontal stripes of Y over R.
Dave Martucci, 12 Nov 1999

In addition to the coat of arms, a mermaid or syrenka  in  Polish, the city of  Warsaw does have a flag of its own, which is very widely used.  It is a plain bi-colour of gold over red.  It is in the same proportions as the National flag. This flag is flown on all city buildings, and several private buildings. Many trams and buses are painted gold over red also.
 James Oates, 12 Aug 2000

The communes enumerated on the page are those that lie outside the administrative borders of the city of Warsaw; inside the city, there are further five separate communes (I think they were instituted in July 1998) corresponding to the city quarters.
Gwidon S. Naskrent, 6 Sept 2000

Warsaw flag with CoA

[Warsaw flag with CoA] by Jarig Bakker, 17 Dec 2001

Warsaw: horizontal gold/red.  The miniature I bought had in addition the coat of arms centered.
Luc Baronian, 18 May 1999

Some of the cities do fly flags with the coat of arms. Warsaw has its coat of arms on a flag with a yellow horizontal stripe over a red one.This flag is seen regularly over city buildings, etc. Sometimes the flag does not have the coat of arms on it (Yellow and red are the city's colors).
Robert Przygrodzki, 14 Dec 2001

Warsaw vertical flag

[Warsaw vertical flag] by Dov Gutterman, 22 Mar 2002

Warsaw - I can't add much . the flag over the city wall is yellow over red and there is also a vertical banners with the same colours. Miniflags sold in shops have also the CoA charged on them.
Dov Gutterman, 22 Mar 2002

The coat of arms of Warsaw

[Coat of arms of Warsaw] image from this site, reported by Dov Gutterman, 14 Mar 1999

The shield of Warsaw is red, with a golden crown over it, charged with a mermaid en passant pink skinned, with blue tail silver tipped, holding a golden curved sword over her head in the right hand and a golden round shield in the left.
António Martins, 21 November 1996

Warszawa-Centrum Borough Flag

[Warszawa-Centrum Flag] by Jens Pattke, 23 Dec 2002

Warszawa-Centrum Borough uses the symbols of the city of Warsaw. A difference: the coat of arms is in the upper yellow stripe here. The city of Warsaw pulls the same coat of arms across both stripes. Flags adopted on 6 Jun 1995. Ratio 2:3.
Source: Jacek Skorupski "Flagi w Warszawie (Flags in Warsaw)" in FLAGA Nr. 12.
Jens Pattke, 23 Dec 2002

Warszawa-Bemowo CoA

[Warszawa-Bemowo CoA] by Jens Pattke, 22 Dec 2002

Warszawa-Bemowo Borough: The borough still hasn't adopted any flag. In the CoA is the aircraft marking as symbol of the Polish Military Air Base Bemowo (incl. museum).
Source: Jacek Skorupski "Flagi w Warszawie (Flags in Warsaw)" in FLAGA Nr. 12.
Jens Pattke, 22 Dec 2002

Warszawa-Wilanów Borough CoA

[Warszawa-Wilanów CoA] by Jens Pattke, 25 Dec 2002

Warszawa-Wilanów Borough: The borough still hasn't adopted any flag.
Source: Jacek Skorupski "Flagi w Warszawie (Flags in Warsaw)" in FLAGA Nr. 12.
Jens Pattke, 25 Dec 2002