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Plock county (Poland)

Mazowieckie vojvodship

Last modified: 2002-11-02 by jarig bakker
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P這ck county flag

[Polck county flag] by Jens Pattke, 26 Oct 2002

Here are flag and banner of P這ck County in vojvodship of Mazowieckie. The CoA adopted on 10 May 1999 and the flag first hoisted on 26 Feb 2002.
P這ck County Flag (Source: UCHWALA NR 244/XXV/2002 RADY POWIATU W PLOCKU z dnia 26 lutego 2002 roku [by Law #244/XXV of the County Council (26 February 2002)])

Here is official law (translation by Chrystian Kretowicz)

On the basis of the Art.12 of the Law dated June 5,1998 about the County's self-government the County Council decreed the following:
1.Color of the P這ck County, which is Polish Scarlet.
2.Armorial Flag of P這ck County
3.Banner of Plock County.
Flag is a piece of cloth, rectangular, of Polish Scarlet color, in ratio of 5:8 (100 cm by 160 cm). In the middle is a divided in halfs the Mazovian-Plockian Eagle.
Banner is a square piece of cloth with sides of 100 cm and in Polish Scarlet color. Obverse has an embroided image of the Arms of Plock County - divided eagle of Mazovia-Plock, right side - silver, left - black.
Eagle's beak and talons are gold.
On the eagle's breast is a golden letter"P".
In the corners are four dates - 1495, 1918, 1990 and 1999 embroided in gold . Under the eagle is a legend "POWIAT PLOCKI" ( County of Plock) also in gold.
On the reverse is a golden laurel wreath. Inside the wreath is a county's motto "POLSCE I ZIEMI PLOCKIEJ" (For Poland and the Land of Plock) in gold.
Top of the banner is the White Eagle of Poland made of white metal.
Crown, beak and talons are gold plated.

Symbols of Plock County:
Color of the flag and bannere has a deep historical meaning. Since centuries, the Polish Scarlet was the color of the Mazovian Voivodship and the Land of Plock and on this background the white eagle, without the crown, was always placed. With these colors, two banners (military units), of Mazovia and Plock, took part in the Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg) in 1410. In 1462, the banner of Plock Voivodship underwent changes. The color was the same, but instead of the white eagle, the princely arms of the Mazovia-Plock were introduced - the black eagle with the gold letter "P" on its breast. As the present-day Plock County considers itself a historical successor of the traditions of Mazovia-Plock, the scarlet color of its flag and banner was retained.

Arms of the Plock County is an uncrowned eagle divided vertically into two halfs - white and black (silver and black).
On its breast, the eagle carries golden letter"P". Beak and talons are gold (yellow).
Right side of the eagle - silver (white) corresponds to the princely arms of the Mazovia-Plock, left - black - to the arms of Plock Voivodship.
The divided - "Mazovian-Plockian" eagle contains the heraldic traditions of Mazovia-Plock and the former Plock Voivodship - Land of Plock.
The divided eagle is the CoA of the Plock County according to the Law #59 of the County Council ( May 10,1999)
The dates in the corners of the banner:
1495 - Inclusion of Plock and Mazovia-Plock into the Polish Crown by the King - John Albert and the beginning of the rapid economic development of the city of Plock and other towns of thye Land of Plock.
1918 - memorializes restitution of Poland's independence after 123 years of enslavement due to the partitions, and creation of the local structures, including that of the Plock County, in the Polish 2nd Republic.
1990 - Restoration of the meaningfull territorial self-government by the Sejm of the Polish Republic on March 8,1990.
1999 - On Jan1,1999, the 3rd Polish Republic transferred to the self-governing community and authorities of the Plock County all responsibilities for the public affairs in the local context, which rested, up to date with the state administration.
The legend "POWIAT PLOCKI" (County of P這ck) together with with the arms, indicates belonging of the banner to the people of P這ck County.

The wreath of two brunches of laurel leaves in 7 shades (hues) of gold.
The Laurel Wreath symbolizes victory and prosperity.
The motto "For Poland and the Land of P這ck" pledges the service of the elected authorities and all inhabitants to the work for the benefits of the country and the county.

Jens Pattke, 26 Oct 2002

P這ck county banner - obverse

[Polck county banner - obverse] by Jens Pattke, 26 Oct 2002

Plock County Banner_obverse (Source: UCHWALA NR 244/XXV/2002 RADY POWIATU W PLOCKU z dnia 26 lutego 2002 roku [by Law #244/XXV of the County Council (26 February 2002)])

P這ck county banner - reverse

[Polck county banner - reverse] by Jens Pattke, 26 Oct 2002

Plock County Banner_reserve (Source: UCHWALA NR 244/XXV/2002 RADY POWIATU W PLOCKU z dnia 26 lutego 2002 roku [by Law #244/XXV of the County Council ( 26 February 2002)])

P這ck county CoA

[Polck county CoA] by Jens Pattke, 26 Oct 2002

Plock County CoA (Source: Uchwala Nr 59/VII/99 Rady Powiatu w Plocku z dnia 10 maja 1999 roku [by Law #59 of the County Council ( May 10,1999)])

P這ck vojvodship CoA

[Plock vojvodship CoA] image from this website, located by Jarig Bakker, 28 Sep 2002; P這ck was the seat of a vojvodship with the same name till 1998.