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Party of God (Lebanon)


Last modified: 2005-12-03 by santiago dotor
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[Hizbullah Party (Lebanon)]
by António Martins | 2:3

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The Hezballa (meaning Party of God) is Lebanese and Islamic Shia'a. Though sometimes considered by mistake as Palestinians —most of whom belong to the Islamic Suna,— they are genuine Lebanese. The Shia'a has also another group in Lebanon called El-Amal.

Anonymous, 22 September 1998


I saw a Hezbollah flag on television. It was yellow with in the center name Hezbollah (God's party) in Arab writing (Kufi style). Around the name were several revolutionary symbols, including guns.

Harald Müller, 8 May 1996

The flag of Hezbollah is yellow with a green device (probably a Kalashnikov, a book and an Arabic inscription) in the centre near the bottom. The flag is green fringed.

Jaume Ollé, 1 February 1998

In the Israeli newspaper Yediot Akhronot of 18th August 1999, a photo taken at the funeral of one of the Hizbullah leaders in Lebanon shows their flag with an (apparently multicoloured) logo on a yellow field on the coffin and hoisted.

Anonymous, 18 August 1999

This flag [also] exists but I believe that with green logo is the official one.

Jaume Ollé, 27 August 1999

Flag Variants

[Hezbollah Party, red on yellow variant (Lebanon)]
by António Martins | 2:3

[Hezbollah Party, yellow on black variant (Lebanon)]
by António Martins | 2:3

[Hezbollah Party, white on red variant (Lebanon)]
by António Martins | 2:3

[Hezbollah Party, yellow on purple variant (Lebanon)]
by António Martins | 2:3

Ma'ariv newspaper of 23 May 2000 showed more variants of the Hezbollah flag as seen at a parade the previous day: white on red, red on yellow, yellow on black and green on yellow.

Anonymous, 23 May 2000

I saw on television the following variations of the more usual Hezbollah flag (green logo on a yellow field). Green logo on yellow, red logo on yellow, yellow logo on red, yellow (rather gold-ish) logo on purple (this one I seem to recall with a gold fringe).

Santiago Dotor, 25 May 2000

In Vexillacta #14, December 2001, Michel Lupant reports several variants of the party flag he saw in the Bekaa valley (one of the parts of Lebanon where Hezbollah rules):

  • Green on yellow
  • Black on red
  • White on black
  • White on red
  • Green on black
A black and white picture in the article shows a square Hezbollah flag. Shape and colours of Hezbollah flag do not seem to be really standardized.

Ivan Sache, 19 December 2001

Gaceta de Banderas, January 2002, contains images of Lebanese political parties, reported by Michel Lupant and drawn by Jorge Hurtado following his specifications. (...) Michel Lupant says,

Pendant ma visite en avril 2001 j'ai (...) traversé la vallée de la Bekaa dans l'est du Liban. Partout des drapeaux étaient attachés aux poteaux le long des routes, aux fenêtres, en guirnalde à traves les rues. Il s'agissait de drapeaux du Hezbollah, il y en avait de toutes les couleurs: V/Y, N/R, W/N, W/R, V/N (...).

Santiago Dotor, 22 May 2002

My translation:

During my trip in April 2001 (...) I travelled across the Bekaa valley in Eastern Lebanon. Everywhere there were Hizbullah flags tied to the [electric] poles along the roads, on the windows, to strings over the streets. Those flag had several colours: Green/Yellow, Black/Red, White/Black, White/Red, Green/Black.

Ivan Sache, 22 May 2002

Flag Variant in Gaceta de Banderas

As reported in Gaceta de Banderas Reconstructed image of the original flag
[Hezbollah flag as reported in Gaceta (Lebanon)]      [Reconstructed Hezbollah flag reported in Gaceta (Lebanon)]
both by Jorge Hurtado and Michel Lupant, exported to GIF by Santiago Dotor

Gaceta de Banderas, January 2002, contains images of Lebanese political parties, reported by Michel Lupant and drawn by Jorge Hurtado following his specifications. (...) The flag of Hezbollah shows the emblem off-centred towards the fly and the flag's proportions are 7:8.

Santiago Dotor, 22 May 2002

Michel Lupant actually brought these flags home for his collection, and showed them to us at the October 2001 meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Flaggenkunde. I took pictures of these flags. (...) Looking at this flag more closely, I would say that the fact that the emblem is very offcentred towards the fly and the flag is almost square (7:8), is due to this being a quite used and worn specimen. Hoist as well as fly side look as if simply cut there without properly sewing the edge. So I would bet this is only part of the original flag.

Marcus Schmöger, 24 May 2002

Assuming the distance to the fly was originally (i.e. before being deteriorated through use) the same as to the hoist, the resulting image is almost exactly 2:3, so probably this was the original intended ratio.

Santiago Dotor, 18 June 2002