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Kazakhstan Naval Flags

Republic of Kazakhstan

Last modified: 2004-03-13 by victor lomantsov
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Kazakh Navy Ensign

[Flag of Kazakh Navy] by Mark Sensen and Jan Oskar Engene

Yes, there is a Kazakh navy! The new Caspian sea fleet was officially inaugurated on 17 August 1996. On this occasion, reported Transition Magazine "was the blue, white, and gold flag finally hoisted over a Kazakh naval vessel".

(Source: Susan Caskie: 'Anchors Aweigh',Transition Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 19 / 20. September 1996, p. 44)

I emailed the journalist in question, and got a swift reply with some more details. The source of the Transition Magazine story was the Russian news agencies Itar-Tass and Interfax. Though they did not supply Transition Magazine with a picture, they did report a new naval ensign. This was blue and gold - like the national flag - with the addition of a 'white design'.
Jan Oskar Engene, 26 September 1996

[Flag of Kazakh Navy] by Zeljko Heimer

In Album 2000 (Album des pavillons nationaux et des marques distinctives/ National flags and distinctive markings; Armand du Payrat) Navy Ensign is: white over light blue bicolour with the sun&eagle emblem in the middle and with a five-pointed red star infront of a blue anchor in canton. The sun seems to be placed in the exact middle of the flag, so that the eagle feather reach exactly the division line of the white and blue. The anchor is bigger and placed a bit more towards fly then the one shown earlier. Ratio 1:2. In Album the blue of the anchor is not the same shade as the blue of the field, though there are no two light blues listed in the colour table.
Zeljko Heimer, 30 March 2002

All naval flags of Kazakhstan were adopted 18 July 1996 by Decree No 3068 of president Nursultan Nazarbaev. Most of them were designed by Alexander Basov.
Victor Lomantsov, 18 January 2003

Ensign of Naval Auxilliary Vessels

[Ensign, Naval Auxillary Vessels]
by Antonio Martins, Mark Sensen and Jan Oskar Engene

This is a blue field with the navy ensign (above) in the canton (size 1:2). The note (Flagscan, the Journal of the Canadian Flag Association) says that most ensign use the blue shade from the national flag. In the case of this particular ensign it is not clear whether the blue of the field is a different shade from teh blue of the canton, though the sketch indicates a narrow line separating the two.
Jan Oskar Engene, 09 October 1997

[Ensign, Naval Auxillary Vessels]
by Zeljko Heimer

In Album 2000 the Ensign of Naval Auxilliary Vessels is: blue ensign with the naval ensign in the canton. Ratio 1:2. Whatever is said for the naval ensign is valid here too. The blue field of the ensign is standard naval dark blue and there is no white fibriation between the canton and the field.
Zeljko Heimer, 30 March 2002

According text of Decree No 3068:
Article 3
"The cloth is rectangular in the ratio of 1:2. The canton occupies one-quarter of the surface and consists of the Naval Ensign. The remaining field is dark blue".
Christopher Southworth, 30 April 2003


[Kazakh Jack] by Calvin Paige Herring

A square flag with a white panel bordered light blue, white and golden yellow. The golden yellow Sun and Steppe Eagle emblem of the national flag is placed in the white panel

Source: SAVA Newsletter 22/98 (August 1998)
Calvin Paige Herring, 09 January 1999

[Kazakh Jack] by Zeljko Heimer

In Album 2000 the navy jack is: white square flag bordered dark naval blue with yellow inner voided border and the sun&eagle emsblem in the middle. Ratio 1:1

Source: Album 2000
Zeljko Heimer, 30 March 2002

According text of Decree No 3068:
Article 1
"The Jack of the navies of the first and second class consists of a white cloth (in the proportions of 1:1) charged in the centre with the emblem shown by the State Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The height of the emblem is equal to half of the hoist. Three borders surround the Jack. The outer border is of dark blue and is 1/27 of the hoist, the next border is of white and 1/13.5 of the hoist, the inner border is of golden yellow and is 1/13.5 of the hoist".
Christopher Southworth, 30 April 2003

Commission Pennant

[Commission Pennant] by Zeljko Heimer

The commission pennant is white with a light blue strip in the hoist. The hoist stripe is exactly like the national flag; however the ornamental strip in the hoist of the national flag is not on the commission pennant.

Source: SAVA Newsletter 22/98 (August 1998)
Calvin Paige Herring, 09 January 1999

Ratio according Album 2000 - 1:12 or 1:30 "for the 1st and 2nd class" of ships
Zeljko Heimer, 30 March 2002

In "Description" attached to Presidential Decree No.3068 "On the Symbols of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan" dated 18 July 1996 no overall sizes are (unfortunately) given, however, the blue panel is regulated at one-quarter the length of the pendant.
Christopher Southworth, 19 February 2004