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Italy - Political Flags (Part 4)

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List di Pietro - Italy of the Values (Lista di Pietro - Italia dei Valori)

by Marcus Schm÷ger, 7 August 2002

"Lista di Pietro - Italia dei Valori" (List di Pietro - Italy of the Values <>) - This is another "one-man band" party, founded and led by Antonio di Pietro, former public prosecutor in Milano. As such, di Pietro was one of the protagonists in the so-called "Mani pulite" (clean hands) action against the widespread corruption in politics and economics (involving, inter alia, former prime minister Bettino Craxi and current prime minister Silvio Berlusconi). Di Pietro and his group first took part in the foundation of the "Democratici" of Prodi, but later became independent again. They did not ally themselves with the center-left coalition for the 2001 elections, but presented their own list. The party only won 3,9% of the votes and it failed to get a deputy elected, as there exists a 4%-hurdle in the proportional vote.
The logo is described (at <> ) as follows:
"Linea di circonferenza azzurro europa con all'interno del cerchio, nella metÓ superiore del campo, su sfondo azzurro decrescente dall'alto verso il centro la figura stilizzata di un gabbiano in quadricromia con i colori - da sinistra verso destra in rosso, giallo, verde, celeste-azzurro (quest'ultimo da sfumato a intenso) e con la scritta "Lista" in maiuscolo corsivo di color nero, posta in posizione centrale e spostata a sinistra del cerchio, sopra la scritta "DI PIETRO" (di colore azzurro europa) in maiuscolo, a caratteri cubitali, corsivo, con il puntino sulla i di colore rosso e con quest'ultima lettera pi¨ piccola rispetto alle altre, la "o" in parte sotto l'ala destra del gabbiano; inoltre con la scritta "ITALIA DEI VALORI" in maiuscolo, a semicerchio lungo la circonferenza interna inferiore del cerchio stesso".
(A circular line of European blue, with in the upper half of the field, on a background of blue fading from top to center, the stylized four-coloured figure of a sea-gull with the colours - from left to right - red, yellow, green, azure (the last from toned down to intense) and with the inscription "Lista" in upper-case italics of black colour, in a central position and shifted to the left of the circle, over the inscription "DI PIETRO" (of European blue colour) in very large upper-case italics, with the dot on the i in red colour and this latter letter smaller than the others, the "o" in part under the right wing of the sea-gull; furthermore with the inscription "ITALIA DEI VALORI" in upper-case letters, in a semi-circle along the lower inner side of the circular line.) Logo at <>.
This logo is also used on flags with a white background. Fotos at <0036.jpg>, <0044.jpg>, <0054.jpg>, <0043.jpg>, <0031.jpg>, <0032.jpg> and <0033.jpg>.
Marcus Schm÷ger, 7 August 2002

Margherita (Democrazia Ŕ libertÓ - La Margherita = "Democracy is Freedom - The White Ox-Eye)

by Marcus Schm÷ger, 17 July 2002

by Marcus Schm÷ger, 17 July 2002

Flag and logo of the "Margherita", the sub-coalition of the The Olive Tree (L'Ulivo ) coalition joining together more or less centrist parties.
Marcus Schm÷ger, 17 July 2002

"Margherita" ("Democrazia Ŕ libertÓ - La Margherita" = Democracy is Freedom - The White Ox-Eye <>) - The Margherita is a sub-coalition of the "L'Ulivo" coalition joining together parties claiming heritage of the old DC ("Democrazia Cristiana" = Christian Democracy). The more right-wing fission products of the DC belong to "Casa delle LibertÓ", sub-coalition "UDC" (see 1.4). The leader of "Margherita" is Francesco Rutelli. The parties of the Margherita coalition form a common parliamentary group in the Camera dei Deputati (77 deputies) and the Senato (37 senators); the UDEUR members, however, had left the common groups in June/July 2002. Recently (March 2002) the three remaining parties of the coalition (PPI, Democratici, Rinnovamento Italiano) decided to formalize Margherita as a party under the name "Democrazia Ŕ libertÓ - La Margherita", thus dissolving the formerly independent parties. The current logo of "Margherita" is divided pale-blue over white over green, in the center a white ox-eye; at the top the inscription "DEMOCRAZIA ╚ LIBERT└" (Democracy is freedom), at the bottom the inscription "LA MARGHERITA". Logo at <>. The former logo of "Margherita" was divided pale-blue over white over green, in the center a white ox-eye; in the upper right corner the logos of the four parties belonging to the coalition, in the upper left corner the inscription "Democrazia Ŕ libertÓ" (Democracy is freedom), at the bottom the inscription "con Rutelli" (with Rutelli). The flag is simply divided pale-blue over white over green, in the center a white ox-eye. Fotos of the flag at <>, <rutelli02.jpg>, <rutelli03.jpg>,<rutelli04.jpg>, <rutelli05.jpg>, <rutelli06.jpg>, <rutelli07.jpg>, <rutelli08.jpg>, <>f and <>.
Marcus Schm÷ger, 1 August 2002

Movement Social Italy (Movimento Italia Sociale)

by Marcus Schm÷ger, 10 August 2002

MIS ("Movimento Italia Sociale" = Movement Social Italy <>) - The MIS is another neo-fascist party especially stressing its roots in the "Repubblica Sociale Italiano" of 1943-45. It has been founded in 2001. The logo shows a waving Tricolore with a black eagle (reminiscent of the war flag of the "Repubblica Sociale Italiano") and the inscription "MOVIMENTO ITALIA SOCIALE". The statute (Art. 2) at <> describes the symbol: "L'emblema del Movimento Italia Sociale Ŕ costituito dalla scritta Movimento Italia Sociale di colore nero su fondo azzurro, un'aquila di colore nera con alle spalle la bandiera tricolore." (The emblem of the Movimento Italia Sociale consists of the inscription Movimento Italia Sociale in black colour on a blue background, and an eagle of black colour having on its shoulders the tricoloured flag). Logo at <>.
The flag shows the logo on a white field and shows the party name a second time. Flag at <>.
Marcus Schm÷ger, 10 August 2002

National Alliance (Alleanza Nazionale)

by Marcus Schm÷ger, 12 July 2002

A right-wing party
G. Vacca, 22 September 1997

AN ("Alleanza Nazionale" = National Alliance <>) - The AN is the successor party of the old MSI (Movimento Sociale Italiano), a neo-fascist party. Under the leadership of Gianfranco Fini the MSI renamed to AN in 1994 (including other forces of the right), and has struggled to be accepted as a modern right-conservative party rather than a neo-fascist party. The more radical wing of the old MSI has constituted itself as MSI-Fiamma Tricolore. This development is similar to the development of the old PCI via PDS to the DS, including the separation of the radical wing of the old PCI as Rifondazione Comunista. The AN currently holds 99 out of 630 seats in the Chamber of Deputies (Camera dei Deputati) and 45 out of 325 in the Senate (Senato). In the European Parliament the AN is part of the UEN (Union for Europe of the Nations) group of euro-sceptical parties (together with the French "Rassemblement pour la France", the Irish "Fianna Fßil", the Portuguese "CDS-Partido Popular" and the Danish "Dansk Folkeparti").
The statute describes the symbol (logo) of the party at <>:
"Art. 1 - L' emblema di Alleanza Nazionale Ŕ costituito dalla scritta bianca Alleanza Nazionale su fondo azzurro e da una Fiamma Tricolore (verde, bianco, rosso) su base trapezoidale contenete la sigla MSI in giallo-oro su fondo rosso." (The emblem of the Alleanza Nazionale consists of the white inscription Alleanza Nazionale on a blue field and a tricolored flame (green, white, red) on a trapezoid base containing the abbreviation MSI in golden-yellow on a red field.) The logo obviously refers to the roots of the AN in the old MSI. <>.
The flag is blue over white, with the logo at the bottom and the white inscription "Alleanza Nazionale" at the top. It comes in two sizes, the bigger one (150 x 250 cm) can be bought for 31 EURO at <>.
Photos of the flag at: <> , <>, <24.jpg>, <29.jpg>, <30.jpg>,
<>, <>, <>, <Comizio1.jpg>, <> and <>.
Marcus Schm÷ger, 19 and 27 July 2002

Alleanza Nazionale party (at the right side of the spectrum, and currently 2nd biggest partner in the government coalition) tried once to use the elephant in an election coalition, together with Mr. Segni' s "Pact for Italy" but the poll result was discouraging and therefore the symbol was dropped. See
Alessio F. Bragadini, 20 July 2002

Azione Giovani (Action Juveniles)

The youth organization of the AN (Alleanza nazionale) is the AG (Azione Giovani = Action Juveniles <>). The AG has its own flag. The flag is white, shows the logo and some inscriptions. Fotos at <>, <SerieB2.jpg>, <SerieB3.jpg>, <SerieB4.jpg> and <>. Logo at <>. Beside their own flag members of the AG obviously does use also flags with the celtic cross. See fotos at <>, <27.jpg>, <32.jpg> and <35.jpg>.
Marcus Schm÷ger, 27 July 2002

National Social Front (Fronte Sociale Nazionale)

by Marcus Schm÷ger, 8 April 2003

by Marcus Schm÷ger, 10 August 2002

"Fronte Sociale Nazionale" (National Social Front, a.k.a. "Fronte Nazionale" <>) - The neo-fascist "Fronte Nazionale" has been founded in 1997 as a fission from the MSFT, and renamed itself into "Fronte Sociale Nazionale" in 2001. There had been several other groups in the past using the name "Fronte Nazionale". The name has been chosen to recall the French "Front National" of Le Pen. In the 2001 elections the party got 0,06% and 0,3% of the votes (Camera and Senato, respectively). The symbol shows - beside the inscriptions "FN" and "Fronte Sociale Nazionale" - a largely stylized tricoloured flame recalling the old MSI symbol. I have not found any flag. The symbol is described in the statute (Art. 3) at <>: "Il Fronte ha per simbolo una figura geometrica, recante i colori della bandiera nazionale verde, bianco e rosso, con i vertici allungati verso l'alto, che poggia su di una base formata dalle lettere FN, il tutto inscritto in un cerchio contenente le parole "FRONTE SOCIALE NAZIONALE"." (The Fronte has as symbol a geometric figure, showing the colours of the national flag green, white and red, with the apexes elongated to the top, which rests upon a base formed of the letters FN, the whole inscribed in a circle containing the words "FRONTE SOCIALE NAZIONALE")
Logo at <> and <>.
Marcus Schm÷ger, 10 August 2002

Flag (?) at Website (Previous?)

by Ivan Sarajcic, 10 April 2003

I don't think that the flag that can be seen at <> is the "flag" of the Fronte Nazionale. All the fotos at their website consistently show a different flag, namely a blue (sometimes perhaps a black?) field with (a variant of) the logo in the center. See <>, <immagi4.jpg>, <Image6.jpg>, <immagi5.jpg> and more. What was reported, although the filename is "bandiera.jpg", is probably a symbol used for election posters or for the internet (similar to the English use of the word "banner" in the latter context).
Marcus Schm÷ger, 8 April 2003

There is some confussion between Fronte Nazionales and Fronte sociale Nazionale. Fronte Nazionale, I believe, has black, white red flag. When renamed Fronte sociale in 2001 the flag used was the blue one but frequently with the old emblem. The black, white red colors seems to be the main colors in <> and with the emblem of the Fronte Sociale, as flag,  in <>. An unclear photo can be see in <>. The blue flag can be partielly viewed at <>.
Jaume Olle', 9 April 2003

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