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India - Political Parties

Last modified: 2005-10-08 by rob raeside
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Ajeya Bharat Party


Ajeya Bharat Party has been founded with the pure and pious intention to establish life in happiness, peace, unprecedented prosperity, equality, health, invincibility, and wholeness for all time to come.

Ajeya Bharat Party has been established in order to create ideal citizens who are steeped in Vedic Ideals, who have the field of all possibilities enlivened in their consciousness, who have command over Riddhis and Siddhis, and who are Indian to the core. Such individuals will be fully knowledgeable, of harmonious consciousness, and free from problems, illness, suffering, and conflict.
contributed by Dov Gutterman, 16 March 1999

The flag is a horizontal tricolour, as in the Indian flag, but with a ratio 1:2:1. Centred on the (wide) white stripe is a sun disk, bearing a face and garland on the forehead, and radiating out from the disk 24 rays, curved clockwise. On the white stripe is written presumably the name of the party in Indian script.

All India Forward Bloc

[All India Forward Bloc Flag] by Roman Kogovsek, 8 July 2005

I have seen this flag during a party meeting in Kolkata and also on propaganda material. It is plain red with a yellow-black-striped tiger. Above the tiger’s back is well known communist symbol in white.
Roman Kogovsek, 8 July 2005

The All India Forward Bloc or Forward Bloc (FB), an ally of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in the West Bengal government, and with 3 members in the Lok Sabha, uses a red flag with a white hammer and sickle and a leaping tiger. One can see the elements, unfortunately in flash animation and not in flag form, at
this site (the lion on the site is their party symbol as given by the Electoral Commission).  Party posters with versions of the flag can be seen here and here. As one will notice the party is based on the political heritage of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, who split from Congess and founded the FB in 1939. After WWII the party split, and the present FB is the left wing, the FB (Marxist). The right wing, FB (Ruiker) is said to have used an Indian tricolour with a leaping tiger on the white stripe, and gained 0.13% of the vote for the 1951 Lok Sabha. Given that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose commanded the "Indian National Army" the connection between these two flags is clear, if not clearly understood.
"Knut A. Berg", 20 October 2004

Trade Union Coordination Committee - India

[Trade Union Coordination Committee Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

TUCC is the central trade union attached to the All India Forward Bloc. The flag is identical in textile use. It is identical to the party flag, except for the letters "TUCC" added.
J.A. Sommansson, 24 January 2005

Bahujan Samaj Party

[Bahujan Samaj Party Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

A blue flag with an elephant.
J.A. Sommansson, 25 January 2005

Congress Jananayaka Peravai

 [Congress Jananayaka Peravai Party Flag]by  J.A. Sommansson

An orange-white-green flag with three blue six-pointed stars on the white bar, as seen on their web page at as on their website:
J.A. Sommansson, 24 January 2005

Democratic Socialist Party (Prabodh Chandra Sinha)

[Democratic Socialist Party (Prabodh Chandra Sinha) Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

A red over blue horizontal bicolor.
J.A. Sommansson, 25 January 2005

Dravida Peravai (the Annaist party of India)

[Dravida Peravai Party Flag] by N. Nandhivarman, 7 June 2005

The Dravida Peravai (the Annaist party of India) - "The party of the Greens in Tamil Nadu, India" show on their homepage a black and red flag divided vertically, the black closest to the pole.
Knut A. Berg, 31 December 2004

Ekta Parashad

[Ekta Parashad Flag] by Roman Kogovsek, 6 July 2005

[Ekta Parashad Flag] by Roman Kogovsek, 6 July 2005

This is a nation-wide organization, representing peasant and women population across India. I have seen those two flags on a meeting close to Puri in Orissa state. As I was told, the flag with Latin script is used nation-wide and the other is for use in Orissa. That is Orissa’s official script – Orriya.
Roman Kogovsek, 6 July 2005

The flag reads "ଏକତା", red on white, above "ପରଷଦ", white on green.
António Martins-Tuválkin, 8 July 2005

Indian Federation of Trade Unions

[Indian Federation of Trade Unions Flag] 2:3, by  J.A. Sommansson

According to the constitution of IFTU ( "The flag shall have a red base having length and breadth in the ratio of 3:2 and inscribed with a hammer across a sickle in white colour on two-thirds of the red base and inscribed with IFTU on the right end of the red base from top to bottom."  Indian Federation of Trade Unions is the central trade union federation politically attached to the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Democracy. There is also another IFTU, attached to Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Prathighatana, but that one is much smaller.
J.A. Sommansson, 25 January 2005

Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra

[Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

A white over green horizontal bicolor.
J.A. Sommansson, 25 January 2005

Janata Dal (United)

Janata Dal (United), with 7 members of the Lok Sabha, is another ally of the BJP. The web page on the union between it and the Samata party claims the unified party would retain the JD(U)'s symbol of arrow and the green-and-white flag of the Samata. He said both parties would contest the coming Assembly elections as the JD(U). I have been unable to find any image.
"Knut A. Berg", 20 October 2004

Janathipathiya Samrakshana Samithy, Kerala

[Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

JSS is a political party in Kerala (currently sitting in the state government), formed through a split in CPI(M).
J.A. Sommansson, 25 January 2005

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha

[Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

The flag was shown on Indian TV. JMM means 'Jharkhand Liberation Front'. JMM is an ally of the Indian National Congress Party and participates in the current national government. The arrow and bow is the election symbol of JMM..
J.A. Sommansson, 24 January 2005

Lok Janshakti Party

[Lok Janshakti Party Flag] by Roman Kogovsek, 6 July 2005

This flag was seen on wall posters in Kolkata, West Bengal State, India. The flag consists of three equal horizontal stripes in light blue-red-green with the name of the party in white on the red strip.
Roman Kogovsek, 9 July 2005

Majlis Bachao Tehreek

The flag of the Majlis Bachao Tehreek (Movement Save Majlis), an Islamic political party in Andhra Pradesh, India, can be seen at MBT is a breakaway group of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen.
J.A. Sommansson, 24 January 2005

PMK, Pattali Makkal Katchi

[PMK, Pattali Makkal KatchiRevolutionary Socialist Party Flag] from The Hindu Images

The caption on the web page relates: Flags in various hues and colours, with their symbols, belonging to the Democratic Peoples Alliance partners of Tamil Nadu for the ensuing parliamentary election, the dates for which are yet to be announced by the Election Commission, being displayed at the Saidapet Panagal Building in Chennai, on February 24, 2004. Photo: M. Moorthy
The interesting flag here is the blue-yellow-red tricolour between the DMK black/red and the H&S of the CPI(M) which from this site can be determined to be the
flag of the PMK, Pattali Makkal Katchi, a Tamil Nadu party based in the Vanniyar community.

"Knut A. Berg", 9 May 2005

Revolutionary Socialist Party

[Revolutionary Socialist Party Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

A red flag with a white disk in the upper hoist bearing a hammer and sickle.
J.A. Sommansson, 24 January 2005

Samajwadi Party

[Samajwadi Party Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

The Samajwadi Party, with 36 members of the Lok Sabha, from this site:
The party flag is of red and green. Two horizontal stripes - the upper two-thirds portion is red while the lower one-third portion is green. The bicycle emblem in the centre of the red stripe completes the party flag.
"Knut A. Berg", 20 October 2004

The photo shown here is a variant of the flag of Samajwadi Party. It is modelled on the standard party flag, but has some additions. On the top is the party name written in Devanagari script. In the middle is the photo of the party leader, Mulayalam Singh Yadav, and the party election symbol, a bicycle. On the bottom is the text "Mulayalamsingh Yadav Zindabad" (Long live Mulayalamsingh Yadav) in Devanagari. The standard party flag is 2/3 red and 1/3 green with a white bicycle in the middle.
J.A. Sommansson, 26 January 2005


[Shivsena Flag] from Shivsena website


SHIVSENA is registered with the Election Commission of India as a political party. It is a recognised political party in the state of Maharashtra. Any citizen of Hindustan who loves his Motherland can become a member irrespective of his cast, creed, religion or language.
collected by Dov Gutterman, 28 Aug 1999

Students Federation of India

[Students Federation of India Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

English version of the flag of Students Federation of India. SFI is the students wing of CPI(M). According to the constitution of the federation, the slogan "Independence, Democracy, Socialism" can be written in English or any Indian language.
J.A. Sommansson, 25 January 2005

Tribal Students Union

[Tribal Students Union Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

In Tripura in North-Eastern India, DYFI and SFI have autonomous affiliated federations working amongst the tribal peoples of the state. Above is the flag of the Tribal Students Union (affiliated to SFI) and below is the flag of Tribal Youth Federation (affiliated to DYFI)..
J.A. Sommansson, 25 January 2005

[Tribal Youth Federation Flag] by  J.A. Sommansson

Swatantra Party

[Swatantra Party Flag] by Ivan Sache

Blue field with a white star in the middle (source: Smith (1975))

Ivan Sache, 06 Aug 1999

Telugu Desam

Telugu Desam is a local party in Andhra Pradesh, with 3% of the national vote but 3 members of Lok Sabha.  It is a member of the BJP lead alliance which was defeated at the last election. The party web page shows a flag with a red gear wheel, green plough, and a white cottage printed together on the auspicious yellow cloth which is the Telugu Desam's official flag.  The red gear wheel represents the power of the labor and industrial progress, the green plough represents the power of the farmers and the progress of the harvest, and the white cottage represents the purity of the down-trodden, and their welfare.  The party emblem can be seen at this page.
"Knut A. Berg", 20 October 2004