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Croatia - Political Flags

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At the moment there are 17 parties that have representatives in the Parliament (Sabor) out of 110 registered parties in the country.
The list of parties look at <> (represented in Sabor) and <> (not represented in Sabor).
Željko Heimer, 7 May 2005

There is about 100 parties registered in Croatia that do not have representatives in the Sabor. Some of them have representatives in the local government and self-government bodies, while others are kind of a family projects sometimes active only for a single electoral campain.
Željko Heimer, 8 May 2005

Croatian Dalmatian Home, HDD (Hrvatski dalmatinski dom)

This is a rather marginal party, or at least of regional importance in Split, but I mention it because I think it uses a rather interesting flag. I have no documentation at the moment nor do I have a decent picture of this flag, but from memory the flag used in vertical blue flag with three golden crowned lion (i.e. banner of arms of Dalmatia) and with red squares fimbriated white in each corner. I think that additionally in the base is a white stripe with some inscription.
Željko Heimer, 8 May 2005

Croatian Democratic Peasant Party, HDSS (Hrvatska demokratska seljacka stranka)

Established in 1994 in Cakovec, in 2004 entered Sabor with a single non-party (sic!) representative. I have not found the party documents determing a flag, not have I observed any flag. The party emblem is shown on <>consisting of a chequy shield topped with initials HDSS all withing a circular wreath of wheat.
Željko Heimer, 7 May 2005

Croatian Independent Democrats, HND (Hrvatski nezavisni demokrati)

Established: Zagreb, 30 April 1994. Members: 1995 (10.568), 1996 (12.680), 1997 (12.680), 1999 (12.680). Members in Croatian Parliament: 1992-1995 - 9 (6,52%), 2000 - 1 (0,66%), 2003 - 1 (0,66%). This is the first fraction that seceeded from HDZ in 1994 lead by Stjepan Mesic (now the President of Croatia) and Josip Manolic. They seceeded mainly as a protest for Tudman's politics in B&H and regarding the malverzations in the privatization. Many of the members latter joined into other parties (e.g. Mesic went to HNS before renouncing party membership after he was elected president). The party used and embelm consisting of conjoied initials HND in red, white and blue each letter. However, I can't remember exact details of the flag except that it was white with the emblem. It was hoisted in Zagreb in the main square for a long time (I paseed by many times) but I do not rememebr seing it lately - maybe they changed the headquarters.
Željko Heimer, 8 May 2005

Croatian Party of Pensioners, HSU (Hrvatska stranka umirovljenika)

Established: Zagreb, 29 April 1996. Members in Croatian Parliament: 2004 - 3 (1,97%). The party enetered the Sabor in the last elections as a very big surprise to all analists. It supposrts the current government of HDZ. The emblem is described in the Statets (Statut HSU, 31.03.2001 <>) but not the flag. The flag is used as white with the party emblem in the middle above a red line with the full name of the party inscribed beneath it. The emblem consists of blue initials HSU with a red square in the last letter and a dove flying above those. I have not observed the flag flying regularly in Zagreb, but I have seen it on TV in some occasions.
Željko Heimer, 7 May 2005

Democratic Party of Kneginec, DKS (Demokratska kneginecka stranka)

A micro-local party. By its statutes defines a flag that is orange with the party emblem in the middle. The emblem is a quasiheralidc shield that may be seen on <>.
Željko Heimer, 8 May 2005

Democratic Union of Medimurje, MDS (Medimurski demokratski savez)

Established: Cakovec, 30 March 2005. Membership: 2005 (200). Members in Parliament: 2005 - 1 (0,66%). The party was established by a LIBRA member that apparently opposed with to the merger with HNS. He established a regional party and acts in the Sabor in close coopeartion with other regional representatives (notabley IDS-DDI). It seems thah the party has no embles as yet.
Željko Heimer, 7 May 2005

Independence and Progress, SIN (Samostalnost i napredak)

The party was established in 2004 by Nenad Ivankovic. It gained some popularity or at least publicity with aggressive marketing of eurosceptic ideas. The party uses some modern iconography (see the emblem at <>), but apparently, it seems that no flag is used, or at least, I have not noticed any yet.
Željko Heimer, 10 May 2005

Istrian Democratic Assembly, IDS-DDI (Istarski demokratski sabor - Dieta democratica istriana)

During the previous elections in Croatia I saw a dark blue flag with three golden Goats in the center. Could that be the (un)official flag?
Velid Jerlagic, 4 Febuary 2000

I remember some flags like that (or at least some stickers) used by IDS-DDI (Istarski Demokratski Sabor - Dieta Democtarica Istriana), the regional party in Istria (ruling in Istria county, and since recent elections less then a month ago, part of ruling coalition in Croatia). At least they have been using it for short time (and somewhat influenced with Dalmatian Coat of Arms), and soon they switch to their current logo (and the flag) white - with green disk with three white goats, 2:1, name of the party inscribed in circle in three languages (Croatian, Italian, Slovenian). The three goats stand for the three main nations living in Istria, of course.
Željko Heimer , 6 Febuary 2000

IDS-DDI, Istarski demokratski sabor - Dieta democratica istriana (Istrian Democratic Assembly) - The full name include the slovenian versions as well: Istrski demokratski zbor - IDZ, though this is less frequently used. Established: Pula, 14 February 1990. Members: 1995 (3.800), 1996 (3.800), 1997 (3.800), 1998 (4.100), 1999 (4.100), 2002 (3.700), 2004 (3.800).  Members in Croatian Parliament: 1992-1995 - 2 (1,44%), 1995-1999 - 3 (2,34%), 2000 - 4 (2,65%), 2003 - 4 (2,65%).  The party emblem is described in the Statutes (Statut IDS-DDI, 23.03.2002 <www.ids-ddi-com>): a white disk in green field with three goats white, two over one, facing to the dexter, with the full name in all three languages inscribed around the disk. The flag is of the same design - green with the emblem, but is not specifically described. Beside this, it seems that the inverted version of green and white is also used.
Željko Heimer, 7 May 2005

Istrian Democratic Forum, IDF-FDI (Istarski demokratski forum - Foro democratico Istriano)

IDF-FDI, Istarski demokratski forum - Foro democratico Istriano (Istrian Democratic Forum)- Established: Pula, 24 December 1996 . Members: 1998 (420), 1999 (420), 2000 (250), 2001 (128), 2002 (867). Members in Croatian Parliament: 1995-1999 - 1 (0,78%). The party seceeded from IDS and held a mandate in the Parliament. It also had some secess in the local electtions in Istria, lead by Luciano Delbianco. Unfortunately, I have found nothing on its symbols.
Željko Heimer, 8 May 2005

Primorje - Gorski Kotar Alliance, PGS (Primorsko goranski savez)

Established: Rijeka, 11 March 1990. Members: 1996 (4.850), 1997 (4.850), 1998 (4.923), 1999 (4.988), 2001 (5.077).   Members in Croatian Parliament: 1995-1999 - 1 (0,78%), 2000 - 2 (1,32%), 2003 - 2 (1,32%), 2004 - 1 (0,66%). This is an alliance of numerous local parties in the north Croatian littoral and mountainoius hinterground (roughly the Rijeka region). PGS usually makes coallitions with the SDP but maintains good relations with other regional parties. The embelm of PGS is shown on <> and <> consisting of italic blue letters PGS and a green and blue symbol that stands (I guess) for the sea-side and mountains. I am not sure about the flag, I found no description or photo of it, but according to what I think, I remember is that the symbol is set in a white flag with a thin green stripe above and a blue stripe below. What I am not sure is if the stripes are along the edges or removed from it ("Isreali type").
Željko Heimer, 8 May 2005

Serb People's Party, SNS (Srpska narodna stranka)

Established: Zagreb, 18 May 1991. Members: 1995 (15.000), 1996 (15.000), 1997 (15.000), 1998 (15.000), 1999 (15.000). Members in Croatian Parliament: 1992-1995 - 2 (1,44%), 1995-1999 - 1 (0,78%), 2000 - 1 (0,66%), 2003 - 1 (0,66%). The party represented Serbs within Croatia who did not choose to join the rebelion - quite a siginifican number mostly in large cities, Zabreg, Sprit, Rijeka, in Istria etc. I believe that recently the party disolved within the Serb National Council and the SDSS, but I am not quite sure. The party uses the flag red-blue-white with the party emblem in the middle. The embelm consist of a white disk with the bust of Nikola Tesla (a Serb scientist born in Croatia) with inscibed name of the party and aboce three-socloured arc in the Serb tricolour with cyrillic initials and below in the Croatian tricolour with Latin initials (see <>).
Željko Heimer, 10 May 2005

Social Democratic Union of Croatia, SDU (Socijalno-demokratska unija Hrvatske)

Established: Zagreb, 31 May 1992. Members: 1995 (36.235), 1996 (36.235), 1997 (900), 1998 (1.100-1.250), 1999 (1.100-1.250), 2004. (1.400). Members in Croatian Parliament: 1992-1995 - 1 (0,72%).
Željko Heimer, 10 May 2005