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Georgia: Rejected flag proposal, 2004

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[Rejected proposal of flag of Georgia]by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán

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Bill presented to the Parliament (proposed but rejected flag)

The first construction sheet shown on the website of the Parliament of Georgia is labeled organuli kanonis proeqti, that is a law proposal. It is dated 13 January 2004, and is signed by then acting president, Ms. Nino Burjanadze, while the adopted construction sheet is labeled brdzanebuleba, that is a decree. It is dated 25 January 2004, and is signed by the new president Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili.
Most obviously the definitive construction sheet matches exactly the flags seen on photos of Saakashvili's inauguration as well as the flags used for his first state visits to Strasbourg and Berlin.
As Christopher Southworth pointed out that the proposed flag had a ratio of 100:147, while the approved flag has a much more "sane" ratio of 2:3.

Greg Svanidze, 9 February 2004

Here is the text of the bill, translated by Mikhail Revnitsev (from Georgian into Russian) and Victor Lomantsov (from Russian to English).

The President of Georgia
to Parliament of Georgia

According to article 67 of the Constitution of Georgia I present as law- initiatives a bill of Georgia "Regarding the Georgian State Flag" and I ask to consider it.

Acting as
the President of Georgia Nino Burdzhanadze

Explanatory note "Regarding the Georgian State Flag"

The submitted bill "Regarding the Georgian State Flag" concerns the state symbolics of Georgia and establishes the description of a new state flag of Georgia.

During formation of the state, one of the most significant questions is the establishment of the symbols which represent the state in the world and reflect political and cultural orientation of the country.
Recently, what was more actively discussed here is the necessity of a change in the national flag of Georgia, which without any change repeats the flag of independent Georgia of 1918-1921. According to the new development of the country this flag does no longer correspond to state attributes which, on the one hand, should represent the past of Georgia, and, on the other hand, should reflect the future development of the country. For this reason the Parliament of Georgia began work in 1993 on the state symbols, and in 1996 the president of Georgia created the State Commission on the Symbols of Georgia. In 1997 the working group of Parliament of Georgia, working on the state symbols, came to a conclusion about the necessity of a restoration of the historical state attributes and the ratification of David the Builder's flag as the national flag of Georgia.

The flag of David the Builder represents a white cloth with the image of a red cross and in corners images of red crosses. It is necessary to notice, that a red cross on a white panel in heraldry and vexillology is considered to be Saint George's symbol. Georgians since ancient times have used flags with the image of crosses, as demonstrated by various historical sources and scientific results.
In Mtskheta monaster,y above a front entrance, the Bolnissi Cross is represented as the state symbol. The white flag belonged to David the Builder. Subsequently, at the end of the Xth century, for the association of southwestern kingdoms of Georgia and Abkhazia, Bagrat III added red crosses to the old flag of truce. This flag became further for Georgian people a symbol of Georgia during its further blossoming and association.

Concerning a national flag of Georgia the opinion was stated repeatedly by the Catholicos (patriarch) of Georgia Iliya II, who in reference to Georgian people said:

There are several reasons to consider a five-cross, white and red flag as a symbol of Georgia. It is proved by more than one historical source. This flag represents the religious orientation of Georgia, Orthodox for centuries and a cultural heritage.

In November 2003, during the national revolution, the Georgian people itself made a choice, selected this flag and declared its symbol of the victory.

In the submitted proposal the national flag of Georgia is described as a white rectangular cloth with five crosses, including a big cross in the center of a flag and four crosses of the same size in each corner of the flag.

For the preparation and the analysis of the bill on the national flag, similar working legislative norms and their use in practice of foreign countries (USA, Canada, Germany, Greece, Russia, Armenia, Turkey, etc.) have been taken into account.

Regarding the Georgian State Flag

Article 1.

1. This law according to article 11 of the Constitution of Georgia establishes a state flag of Georgia, its description, use and protection.
2. The state flag of Georgia according to the present law is a unique variant of a state flag of Georgia, the use of national flags of other kind is forbidden.
3. The original of the state flag of Georgia is kept in a place established by the President of Georgia.

Article 2.

1. The state flag of Georgia is a rectangular white panel, with a big cross in the center and red crosses in the shape of the so-called Bolnissi Cross in four corners.
2. The standard size of the state flag of Georgia is defined according to this law, change of the sizes of the national flag according to this law is possible with respect of the proportions.
3. The shade of red FF0000 shall be used on the flag. Change of this shade of red on the flag is forbidden.
4. The order of manufacturing and use of the state flag of Georgia shall be defined by a decree of the president of Georgia.

Article 3.

The national flag shall be constantly hoisted:
1. above the Presidency of Georgia
2. above the Parliament of Georgia
3. above the Enforcement Authority of Georgia
4. above the Constitutional Court of Georgia
5. above the Supreme Court of Georgia
6. above the National Bank of Georgia
7. above the Control Chamber of Georgia
8. above the Device of the National Defender of Georgia
9. above the Central Electoral Commission of Georgia
10. above buildings of bodies of local management and self-management, and also above those buildings where sessions of these bodies - during all session of these bodies are carried out
11. above buildings of the supreme representative chambers of Abkhazian and Adzharian autonomous republics and also above those buildings where sessions of the supreme representative chambers of Abkhazian and Adzharian autonomous republics - during all session are carried out
12. above embassies of Georgia and other diplomatic representatives of Georgia abroad.
13. on sea ships and other sea means of transport which are registered in Georgia.

The national flag of Georgia shall be used on all vehicles which serve official representatives of Georgia abroad

Article 4.

1. On the territory of Georgia, if simultaneously hoisting the state flag of Georgia and flags of Abkhazian and Adzharian autonomous republics or a flag of an international organization, the flag of Georgia should be bigger and hoisted above the other flags.
2. On the territory of Georgia, if simultaneously hoisted with the flag of Georgia the flag of an other state should not have a smaller size than the flag of Georgia.

Article 6.

1. Protection of the state flag of Georgia is provided by corresponding state bodies, local controls and self-management.
2. Use of a damaged, faded or spoiled state flag is forbidden
3. Infringement of the established norms of use of the national flag attracts responsibility according to the laws of Georgia.

Article 7.

The day of acceptance of the present law shall be the State Flag Day of Georgia.

Article 8.

1. At coming into force of the present law the law of Georgia adopted on November, 14, 1990 'About a state flag of Georgia' shall disappear.
2. Under the present law corresponding state bodies within one week should provide hosting of the state flag established by this law on a place of the presence.

Article 9.

The Law inures from the time of its publication.

Acting as the President of Georgia
Nino Burdzhanadze

January, 2004

Construction sheet (proposed but rejected flag)

[Rejected proposal of flag of Georgia]by Andriy Grechylo
Click on the image to get a high resolution construction sheet.

Here is official construction sheet attached to the Bill for the national flag of Georgia. Ratio is 100:147.

Andriy Grechylo, 5 June 2004

[Rejected proposal of flag of Georgia]by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán

Click on the image to get a high resolution construction sheet.

If we try to follow the measures given in the images from the Parliament website, the arcs of the crosses' arms do not match.
Respecting as most as possible the circles' radius (28.4u and 32u), and the two squares (28u and 5u) gives the construction sheet shown above.

Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 4 February 2004