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FOTW clickable maps - How to reuse them

Last modified: 2006-03-18 by antonio martins
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We are not in anyway responsible for the precision of maps and boundaries’ data. We do not provide any technical support for these maps.

Obtaining permission

You can freely reuse FOTW GeoIndex Maps and boundary data on your website, provided that:

  1. you use the material for non-commercial purposes only.
  2. you add the following code into your page showing the map:
    Maps and boundary data are copyrighted by
    <A HREF="">FOTW
    - Flags Of The World web site</a>
  3. if you distribute the material off-line (e.g., on floppy disks or CD-ROM), you must add this rules on every copy of the medium.
  4. if you distribute the material off-line (e.g., on floppy disks or CDROM), you cannot sell these media.

Please inform us about any reuse of our clickable maps.

Reusing these maps

  1. Save on your computer both the source of the page(s) and the linked image(s).
  2. In the source of the page(s), change the HREF attribute of each AREA SHAPE tag to link it to a page of your website. E.g. if you want to link your "/isle/aruba2.html" page to the Aruba shape from our caribbean map, change
    <AREA SHAPE="POLY" coords="280,169,280,187,243,179,243,170,280,169,280,169" HREF="aw.html">
    <AREA SHAPE="POLY" coords="280,169,280,187,243,179,243,170,280,169,280,169" HREF="/isle/aruba2.html">