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Stargate SG-1(tv series)

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The sci-fi series "Stargate" concerns travel through an ancient network of gateways that connect habitable planets all over the galaxy, most of them ruled by a race of parasitic aliens, the Goa'uld, who have been snatching humans from Earth for ages for use both as host bodies and as slaves (to whom they represent themselves as gods.)
Eugene Ipavec, 17 october 2005


This race is not a united front; the most powerful of them, who hold the title "System Lord," spend most of their time at war with one another, using their vast armies of human worshippers to contend for resources, territory or simply ego. There is a weak ruling body, a semi-formal conclave of System Lords, but the only Goa'uld flags in evidence in the series are those of the individual Lords. The banners of three of them (Cronos, Nirrti, and Yu) appear in the season 3 episode "Fair Game" but not clearly enough to reproduce, though. They are vertical and bright-red, one bears a gilded representation of a snake-like Goa'uld symbiote.
Eugene Ipavec, 17 october 2005


[blue hanging banner with golden alien writting]
by Eugene Ipavec, 17 october 2005

In the season 9 episode "Origin, Part 2" there is a formal summit between Earth and a leader of the Jafaa, once the human soldiers of the Goa'uld aliens, who had recently revolted and overthrown them. The leader is preceded by heralds with a banner, either his or that of the Jaffa collectivelly, which is vertical and hangs from an elaborate armature in the shape of an upside-down 'L', exactly like the banners used earlier in the series by the Goa'uld System Lords. It is a lighter shade of blue, with some curvy gold calligraphy, probably thicker than I have it here, and a horizontal line near the bottom.
Eugene Ipavec, 17 october 2005

Kelowna Hierarchy

The flag of the Kelowna Hierarchy, a nation-state of the planet Langara, appears in a goverment bunker in an episode at the end of season 6. It is black, with a odd-looking irregular silver crescent--resembling the head of a wrench--in its center, and a downward-aimed golden dagger superimposed over it.
Eugene Ipavec, 17 october 2005


[blue hanging banner with a black logo]
by Eugene Ipavec, 17 october 2005

By the end of season 8, the Goa'uld have been badly weakened and demoted to the level of a nuisance, clearing the way for a new set of heavies, the Ori, who are, in a novel touch, not fake gods, but the genuine article. Being the disembodied descendants of the ancient Stargate-builders, they are nearly omnipotent, demand worship from humans, and rule over billions of faithful. They inhabit an adjacent galaxy, from whence they dispatch missionaries to this one as a prelude to a crusade-type invasion force.

Their flag, or more accurately, the flag of their religion called "Origin", can be seen hanging off the facade of the temple in the village of Ver Ager in the season 9 episode "Origin, Part 2". It is dark blue with a black border and black symbol of Origin, which recurs constantly in the Ori's domains.
Eugene Ipavec, 17 october 2005

Stargate Command

[white with sgc logo]
by Eugene Ipavec, 27 july 2005

In a recent episode, a character gets teleported into the briefing room sans his clothing. He is forced to improvise a kilt--sarong?--out of the flag. In the process we get a good shot of the graphic--a rather garishly-colored version of the SGC logo on a white background. The logo is a stargate--the ring-shaped thing--superimposed with a dialing chevron--the "V"-shaped thing--superimposed in turn with the address-symbol for Earth: the crossbar-less "A" thing.
Eugene Ipavec, 27 july 2005