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Star Trek (tv series, films) part 2

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[Star Trek, Next Generation flag]
by Željko Heimer

[Star Trek, Next Generation flag]
by Željko Heimer

The DS9 episode "Rapture" is built up around the ceremony for the admission of the planet Bajor into the Federation. On several occasions the ceremony hall is shown decorated with a set of 3 flags which might be Bajoran:

In the center right to the UFP is a multicoloured striped flag that might then be Bajoran: top to bottom stripes are yellow, black, white, green, red and light blue with relative widths something like this: yellow 3 black 2 white 4 green 4 red 1 light blue 14.

The rightmost flag is light green with an orange canton (shorter then high) that include a dark green emblem which is hard to entangle from the folded flag.

The leftmost is never clearly seen, only is lower hoist part seems to be yellow over dark red diagonally divded (the rest in not shown in the scenes).
Željko Heimer, 23 november 2003

An interesting pattern. Is there a deep numerological or mathematical reason for this odd arrangement??
Albert S. Kirsch, 23 november 2003

Regarding the "odd mathematical arrangement" in the first flag - if that is indeed the flag representing Bajor, and knowing the Bajoran societly being deeply religious, it is probably more then certain (now beat this liguistic construction!) that there is a deep spiritual significance in the widths of stripes and their colour arrangament. At least here the colour order follows (mostly) the basic heraldic rules (in vexillology turned to "contrasting colours" rule). Now, this is far from saying that the writers of this ST episode had grasped the spiritual concept behind it :-)
Željko Heimer, 25 november 2003

Enaran home world

[Star Trek, Next Generation flag]
by Željko Heimer

Among a rare alien flags visible in Voyager series is one of the Enarans (sp?) seen in this episode. Neelix organizes a party in the mess hall where Tom and Kim notice how this culture is colourful - the mess hall being ornamented with numerous mostly blue and green ornaments. Neelix hints that this are the colours of the Enarans flag that is "especially colourfull". However, the flag itself is not visible. Latter on, in a B'Elana's dream where she dream on the events going on the Enaran home world the flag seems to be visible hoisted as a banner during a ceremony. The flag is rectangular vertically hoisted ending in triangle, consisting of unqual strips of green-black-blue-black-green (approximately 3:1:6:1:3) with an emblem near the bottom: a horizotal green diamond with blue triangles in the ends (entering the green stripes) and a white hexagon. (described from memory)
Željko Heimer, 01 november 2004

The Klingon Empire

[Klingon flag version 1]   [Klingon flag version 2]
Both images by António Martins

The Klingon flag has a distinct "nazi" look; an image from the web confirms the ratio 3:5. Of interest is the flag of the real-life Klingon Language Insitute.
António Martins, 4 June 1999

The DS9 episode "Rapture" is built up around the ceremony for the admission of the planet Bajor into the Federation.

In Quark's (the bar) is organized a less formal ceremony also including the hoisting of a flag. Incidentaly, Quark makes an error and hoists a Klingon banner instead of that of the UFP, but he soon replaces it. Luckily for us, we get to see both: Klingon banner: six-sided (tie-like) hoisted banner, black with yellow emblem of the Klingon Empire with red ornament around it.
Željko Heimer, 23 november 2003

The Star Empire of Epsilon Indii

[Star Trek, Next Generation flag]
by Santiago Dotor

The Star Empire of Epsilon Indii has a nice squarely-swallowtailed flag the natives call 'standard'.
Santiago Dotor, 16 octobre 2000

Nazi planet from episode "pattern of force"

In this episode, the Enterprise visit a planet where the inhabitants, lead by a Federation "observer" virtually recreated the Nazi society of the mid-20th century Europe.

In one scene, behind the Fürer, both on his left and right are standing two squarish banners, hoisted from crossbars. The flags were vertically divided red-white-red with black swastika in the middle of the white stripe in the usual 45 degrees rotation. It seemed that black border or fringe was around the three edges. I don't think that these are "valid" for the real Nazi Germany we had on Earth.
Željko HEIMER, 10 january 2003

Earth flag

Earth Embassy flag

This flag was seen in an episode of "Star Trek: Enterprise", a series set about 100 years before the 1960's series and 200 years before the three series of the 1980's and 1990's. The United Federation of Planets does not yet exist, and Starfleet is part of some Earth government or union.

In this episode , the Earth embassy on Vulcan was bombed. A number of people were killed, and we see coffins covered by white flags with a UN like emblem. The flags are white, and the emblem shows a circle with map of Earth as is usually shown, not from above as the UN. There are branches around the circle with the map, but the orientation seems a bit off- the branches seem to meet at the side of the circle. The emblem is gold and blue, but I don't recall which components were which. The embassy was adorned with this symbol as well.
Nathan Lamm, 30 november 2004

the flag was not simply draped over the coffins, but covered them on all sides like a floor-lenght tablecloth, which would make the central "Earth & olive branch" logo quite tiny.
Eugene Ipavec, 8 may 2005

Possible grey variant

The episode, "Demons," of Star Trek:Entreprise featured quite a few flags. Unfortunately, most were on indoor flagpoles, and details weren't clear.

An early scene of an interplanetary conference showed a number of flags behind the conference table; presumably they were those of the attendees. One white or grey with an olive branch showing, perhaps the Earth flag mentioned before.

On the Enterprise itself, the conference room had both a dark blue and grey flag, perhaps those of Earth and of Starfleet. (I don't think we've ever seen a ship flag.)
Nathan Lamm, 7 may 2005

United States Of America (future version)

[Star Trek, Next Generation flag]
by Tom Aylward-Nally

A fictional flag from the Star Trek Next Generation TV series was the 52 Star US flag. The set designers wanted a flag from the viewer's future, and was concerned that people with VCRs would stop and count the stars. What I noticed about the flag (without stoping the tape) was that the blue canton rested on a red stripe instead of a white one.
R. Nathan Bliss, 19 February 1996

From Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 2, episode 38 (episode 12 of the season): The Royale

USS Enterprise commanded by Jan-Luc Picard finds debris of 21st century Earth interstellar vessel found in orbit around planet 8 of the unexplored system Theta 116, that is painted with the 52-stars US flag above which is red NASA acronym.

Latter in the episode they find a uniform - a space suit, with the equal US flag shoulder patch (with yellow edge trimming, as usual for the patches I guess), and Riker identifies it as the US flag as used between years 2033 and 2079 AD.

As Nathan noticed, the canton is differnet then usual, i.e. "sitting" on a red stripe covering only the top six stripes. The stars appear in staggering rows of 4x7+4x6 (so noticably the bottom row has only 6 stars). The ratio of the flag appears as 2:3 both on the debris and on the shoulder patch.
Željko HEIMER, 13 april 2003

Terran Empire

[red with logo] [red with logo]
by Eugene Ipavec, 24 april 2005
by Michael Metzler, 12 july 2005

In an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, there was a shot of the flag of the Terran Empire--the evil, mirror-universe variant of the Federation. During the title sequence it was planted in lunar soil by an astronaut, in a scene meant to resemble the famous Apollo 11 one.

The flag is red, with the Empire's symbol--Earth run through by a dagger--in gold and silver in the center.

The image I used to make the flag came from here
Eugene Ipavec, 24 april 2005

Here is a screenshot (from scifinews) of the opening credits scene where the flag is shown. These opening credits do have a very militaristic undertone, showing one battle scene after the other, from ancient sailing ships over the world wars to modern combat. Then you can see a Saturn-V moon rocket start, and in the next shot there's this astronaut putting the flag to the moon's surface. Then there come further scenes of space conquest until the Enterprise appears.
Michael Metzler, 12 july 2005