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Galician Nationalist Parties (Spain)

Last modified: 2004-06-12 by santiago dotor
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Galician Nationalist Flag

[Galician Nationalist Flag (Galicia, Spain)] 2:3
by António Martins

This flag used by the BNG is made in such a way that one of the five-pointed star sides is parallel to the blue stripe. At first I thought this was because it is like that in the BNG logo, but then I found a photograph in that BNG website with one such flag in a BNG demonstration. Obviously this implies a certain proportion of the flag if the star is to be upright, namely that the ratio must be such that it bears a 36º angle (for a 360º circumference). This means an approximate ratio of 8:11.

Santiago Dotor, 27 October 1998

The stripe should also be thinner [see variants below], so the other side would not show between the "N" (90 deg.) and "NE" (18 deg.) points of the star. I recently learnt from a Galician visitor of my website that this flag is used not only by BNG, but by all separatist, independentist and/or integrationist (i.e. seeking to join Galicia and Portugal) groups. The red star over the normal Galician flag has certainly a communist influence.

António Martins, 11 May 1999

I think the stripe's bottom edge shows a bit along the star (from the North through the Southeast points, if you see what I mean).

Santiago Dotor, 11 May 1999

This flag is used by all nationalist groups, having been used before the BNG was founded in 1982. Nowadays it is used by the nationalist trade unions CIG and CUT and the FPG and Nós-UP parties. The BNG also uses it, but has its own flag.

Miguel R. Penas, translated by Santiago Dotor, 17 December 2002

Flag Variants

[Galician Nationalist Flag, variant (Galicia, Spain), incorrect 1] 2:3
Incorrect variant: wrong ratio, stripe not parallel to star side
by António Martins

[Galician Nationalist Flag, variant (Galicia, Spain), incorrect 2] ~8:11
Incorrect variant, no stripe showing along star bottom side
by António Martins

[Galician Nationalist Flag, variant (Galicia, Spain), incorrect 3] ~8:11
Incorrect variant, stripe showing on top fly part of star
by António Martins

Galician Nationalist Bloc

Bloque Nacionalista Galego

[Galician Nationalist Bloc (Galicia, Spain)] 2:3
by Miguel R. Penas

Unidentified flag, possibly political

[Unidentified flag, possibly political (Galicia, Spain)]
by Santiago Dotor

In recent Spanish television footage covering student demonstrations opposing a new law on universities, I spotted an unidentified flag, horizontally white-green-blue, amidst several Galician independentist flags. This would suggest either the flag of some Galician political group or perhaps that of a Galician municipality.

Santiago Dotor, 10 December 2001