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Unidentified flags (Germany)

Last modified: 2006-09-23 by jarig bakker
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German tank flag

[German tank flag] image sent by Mary Oldring, 11 Oct 2002

Maybe you can help me. I don't know what this is called. This flag was removed from a German Tank in Holland during WW11.
Any info you might have would be gratefully appreciated.
Mary Oldring, 11 Oct 2002

old German flag

old German flag image by Michael Skowitz, 13 Feb 2003

I have a particular flag (3`x5`) that was given to me by a friend in the military who served in Germany, where he bought the flag. Neither he nor I know what it is but upon researching the FOTW site we have found that the black, white, red was the old German flag and the flag perhaps could be a reference to old Germany. The flag has a cross on it. I have recreated the flag, and enclosed in the email an image of it. I would be grateful of any help.
Michael Skowitz, 13 Feb 2003


Uhlan-flag image by Michael Skowitz, 13 Feb 2003

This is an original rare Prussian Royal Uhlan Flag as spotted on Ebay. There is written:
Original rare Prussian Royal Uhlan Flag (Unteroffiziersfahne) from 1917, the motiv on the flag shows the royal Eagle.
Soldiers on horseback from the Royal Uhlan Regiment (2nd Hannover) already carried this banner in the  time period from 1871 - 1920. The condition of the Uhlan-flag is very good, size approx. 70 x 35 cm with four fixing-eyes on the flag.
Bill Garrison, 24 Mar 2003

German environment flag from poster

German environment flag from poster image by J. Patrick Fischer, 29 Apr 2003

I found this flag on a poster in the German consulate of Guangzhou/PR China. I only know, that it was about a competition about environment.
J. Patrick Fischer, 29 Apr 2003

Thüringen Corps

[Thüringen Corps flag] image by David C Curran, 16 Jun 2003

I have been in Heidelberg Germany for over 15 years and just last week I saw a flag like the one attached. I thought it was the old Northern German Empire Flag but then it's just the same as the Kamchatka Territory (Russia) upside-down. It was displayed on a flagpole projecting from the building (ratio 3:2) and also banner style from a freestanding pole (ratio 5:2). The building had the sign: Thüringen Corps. I still am trying to find out what that is or who they are. It doesn't seem to be a new organization. What do you know?
David C Curran, 16 Jun 2003

There is most probably a totally different solution, and the four-coloured flag (yellow-red-black-yellow) was the one that pointed to that for me. These are flags of Burschenschaften/Studentenverbindungen (students' associations). As Heidelberg is an important university town, there are also a lot of these Burschenschaften around. Each of these have their colour combinations (two, three or four colours), including rare colours such as pink in many cases. These colour combinations are
displayed as sashes mainly, but also as striped flags on the buildings belonging to the Burschenschaft. The Burschenschaften had been playing an important role in German history (and the German flag's history) around 200 years ago. Nowadays they are basically small, unsignificant groups with (mostly) right-conservative, in some cases even right-radical, political opinion. There had been several scandals here in Munich and the rest of Bavaria with NPD members being also member of one of the Burschenschaften. Although most of them are just conservative and not radical, the distinction is not always easy.

The Studentenverbindung in this case is the "Corps Thuringia" (names are traditionally latinized, i.e. not "Thüringen" but "Thuringia"). see this website. On the website you see their coat-of-arms, that displays the colours black-red-white (bendwise) in one quarter, as well as in a pennant.
Marcus E.V. Schmöger, 16 Jun 2003

Flag on a painting

I have found a flag which I have been unable to indentify. It appears in the 1926 painting 'The Pillars Of Society' by George Grosz (a German Expressionist artist). It looks very similar to the North German Confederation / German Empire flag 1867-1918 except in the middle of the white stripe, it has a black stripe which extends from the left side to about the middle of the flag.
Kieran Ball, 19 Jun 2003

This could be the Naval Reserve Ensign (flown by merchant vessels commanded by Naval Reserve officers). It was a horizontal black-white-red tricolour with an Iron Cross at the hoist.
Miles Li, 19 Jun 2003