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Plzen region symbols, Czech Republic

Plzensky Kraj

Last modified: 2002-08-09 by jarig bakker
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[Plzen region flag] by Jarig Bakker, 31 Jul 2002, after image at this site.
adoption date: 25 Feb 2002 See also:

Plzen region flag

Plzen Region - the regional assembly has approved the symbols (Dec 11) and sent them to the parliamentary subcommittee. It discussed and approved the Plzen Region CoA and flag in its meeting next day (Dec 12). The CoA and flag are quartered: upper hoist is red with Bohemian lion; upper fly is green with a yellow camel (with red tongue); lower hoist is green with two horizontal stripes, white and yellow (they represent the most important west Bohemian rivers, Berounka and Otava Rivers; lower fly is red with white Romanesque church from the city of Stary Plzenec, with a yellow cross on the top of its tower. See FOTW - it is proposal # 2 with the church depicted according to proposal #1 (i.e. asymmetrical). No correct image so far.
Jan Zrzavy, 15 Dec 2001

Yesterday, one new regional flag, that of the Plzen Region, has been formally granted.
Jan Zrzavy, 26 Feb 2002

At this site there are the official images of COA and flag of the Plzen Region (Czech Republic). Note that the chapel roof should be cross-hatched and the window should be black.
Jan Zrzavy, 2 Apr 2002 and 31 Jul 2002

Plzen region emblem

[Plzen region emblem] image from this website, reported by Jan Zrzavy, 2 Apr 2002

Plzen region emblem proposal #1

[Plzen region emblem proposal #1] image from this website, reported by Jan Zrzavy, 4 Dec 2001

Two proposals of the symbols of the Plzen Region (Czech Republic) that won the second competition are very similar to each other: both are quartered, upper hoist is red with Bohemian lion, upper fly is green with a yellow camel (from COA of Plzen city), the lower fly is red with a Romanesque church of Stary Plzenec. The lower hoist field is green with either four white stripes, or with two stripes, yellow and white. The final proposal should be approved by next meeting of the regional assembly.
Jan Zrzavy, 4 Dec 2001

I know that camels are roaming about in Arizona and the Aussie outback, but wouldn't expect them in Czechia... In Jiri Louda's "European Civic Coats of Arms", 1966, the following expanation is given:
"... the camel was captured by the people of Pilsen from the Hussite forces during the Hussite siege of the town..."

On this webpage is written:
"In 1434, in memory of their deeds under the last siege by the Hussites, they received a golden camel in a green field from Zikmund of Luxembourg."
Is there more info on this rather odd symbol?
Jarig Bakker, 4 Dec 2001

... and Hussites have the camel as a gift from Polish king that they received during their crusade to the Baltic Sea. A little bit crazy, isn't it?
Jan Zrzavy, 4 Dec 2001

I have heard the story too. It is said that Hussites received that strange animal from king of Poland - maybe he got it from Turks or from Tartars. The medieval Polish state was really large reached almost to Black Sea Coast. Also Moldavia was Polish Suzerain for certain period of time.
But back to Plzeň. I don´t know why should the camel look to the sinister side. In the CoA is it turned left only to be looking to the middle of  the Arms, I suppose. And the essential part of the arms is greyhound, not camel. And as for constant need for depiction of Starý Plzenec Chapel in Plzeňský kraj Flag   - Pilseners regard it is the oldest preserved Stone Building in Bohemia.
Ales Krizan, 5 Dec 2001

Plzen Region: the new COA (+ BOA) has been approved by all regional bodies and by the parliamentary subcommittee as well (and includes Bohemian lion, a camel, silver and golden horizontal stripes, and Romanesque chapel).
Jan Zrzavy, 31 Jan 2002

Plzen region emblem proposal #2

[Plzen region emblem proposal #2] image from this website, reported by Jan Zrzavy, 4 Dec 2001

Plzeňský kraj flagproposal

[Plzenský kraj flag] by Jarig Bakker, 22 Jun 2001

The proposals of the COAs and flags of the Plzen Region (Czech Republic) are presented at this page.
(Note that only banner-of-arms have chance to be approved by the Parliament.)
Jan Zrzavy, 27 May 2001

The symbols of the Plzen Region of the Czech Republich have been approved by the regional assembly (29th May). The four green stripes represent four rivers (the Mze, Radbuza, Uhlava, and Uslava Rivers) that fuse in Plzen (forming the Berounka
River). The yellow stripe in the green field stands for the gold-bearing Otava River within the green mountain forests. And the church symbolizes the very old Romanesque chapel in Stary Plzenec (near Plzen).
Jan Zrzavy, 22 Jun 2001

Using the image of the BOA at this site I have made a gif of the banner of arms. That design was only second in the internet-vote. The CoA with the greyhound etc. was first with 93 votes, this one had 87 votes. The web isn't as powerful as generally assumed :-)
Jarig Bakker, 22 Jun 2001

Although it'd degrade the design on a nice flag, part of me secretly hoped that a particular product of Plzen would've been noted on the flag. In these parts, the product has "Pilsner Urquell" on its label.
Lewis A. Nowitz, 23 Jun 2001

The proposals for symbols of the Plzen Region were *not* approved by the parliamentary heraldic and vexillological subcommittee.
Jan Zrzavy, 25 Sep 2001

Plzen Region: the symbols were rejected by the parliamentary subcommittee and new competition is prepared.
Jan Zrzavy, 2 Nov 2001