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How to contribute to FOTW site

Last modified: 2001-09-22 by rob raeside
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There are many ways to contribute to this Web.

Send your contribution only if you accept our copyright rules


Join FOTW mailing list

The main way to contribute is to subscribe FOTW mailing list: information posted to the List is mirrored to the Web; the Web increases as long as the List lives.

Una tantum contributions

If you have some interesting news about a flag but you do not want to subscribe the mailing list, you can send your contribution to Rob Raeside (
The text of the contribution must be in plain ASCII text; the pictures must be in UUENCODED or MIMED GIF format; and best if you can follow our colour scheme.

Ask about flags

You can also send to the same address any vexillological question: if pertinent, the question will be forwarded to FOTW mailing list; you may receive answers from the members of the list. If interesting, your questions and answers will be also added to FOTW website.

Send your comments

Send your comment about the content of any page to the editor of the page. Or send your comments about this website (errors, suggestions etc.) to the FOTW editor. The pages of FOTW are constantly improved by adding information from the FOTW-mailing list. However, due to time constraints not all information from the mailing list can be added to the pages immediately.