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Magellan Region and Chilean Antarctica (Chile)

Región XII Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena

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Reg. XII flag
image by J.J.Andersson, 06 Jul 2002
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About the flag and coat of arms

I saw recently the flag of the Region XII of Chile, i.e. Magallanes y Antártida Chilena, in Punta Arenas, the capital of this region, flying along the chilean national flag, in front of the seat of the regional government (Nogueira with José Menéndez corner).
Pere Mir, 18 Dec 2000

It is rectangular, having the height two thirds of its length, and is divided in two fields. The upper one is blue where the constellation grazes in the fields of the South Cross, and the lower with the edge serrated symbolizing a mountainous horizon, in ochre yellow. The fields are separated by a narrow white stripe. The ochre yellow is the colour of the typical vegetation of the steppe, the physiographic form most characteristic of the regional, expressive geography as well of the wealth of its ground and its subsoil. The parallel white band to the serrated edge symbolizes the snow that crowns the mountains.
Sergio Arenas, quoting from, 24 Aug 2001

Photo of this flag was posted to me by the regional government when I asked for. Flags and arms of the region are official after 5 february 1997 (publication in the Diario Oficial de Chile). Aprobation for regional council was in 12-9-1996.
Jaume Ollé, 28 Jan 2001

Adopted 15 October 1996 by regional resolution nr 42.
J.J.Andersson, 06 Jul 2002

With the flag and shield were adopted also a cockarde, a logo, an animal, a flower, a plant and a tree. The info was posted by the regional government.
Jaume Ollé, 19 Aug 1998


The Magallanes and Antartica flag is 2:3. The 1:2 version seems that was originat when was confused with a proposal for new australian flag.
Jaume Ollé, 24 Jun 2003

Placement of the Southern Cross

A nice flag. The Southern Cross is unusually positioned, at least when you are used to see it in all those flags positioned “vertically”. Is there any special reason why this position was chosen?
Željko Heimer, 28 Jan 2001

Is this how it appears at that location at a specific time?
Terence Martin, 10 Sep 2003

It would appear at that angle at a different time every night of the year. Then again, in the Antarctic that limits it to 180 days. The height above the horizon would vary, though, so if you knew where the view was meant to be you could cut it down to two possible days equidistant from midwinter, and work out the time from that.

I suspect, though, that it is more for vexillological design than for a specific time — it is so close to the horizon that it cannot possibly be as it appears anywhere in the Antarctic (possibly as it appears in midwinter from Santiago?).

A third possibility is that it might be oriented that way because the Southern Cross constellation is so closely associated with Australia. An upright Southern Cross might cause confusion. Chile is about 110 degrees longitude from Australia and — coincidentally? — the Southern Cross on this flag is about 110 degrees from upright.

James Dignan, 10 Sep 2003

Coat of arms

Reg. XII arms
image by Francisco Abarzua, 24 Aug 2001

It is Iberian style divided into three fields. In the right are three chequered bands in red on a silver field, representing the arms of the discoverer Hernando de Magallanes [Fernão de Magalhães]. In the left side the Southern Cross constellation hangs in the blue sky field reminiscent of the mythology of the southern natives. The lower field is of ochre yellow, signifying the importance of the steppe in the economic evolution and the historical prosperity of the region. Under the shield and is the motto «Prima in terra chilensis», indicative of the leading geographic and historical of the region.
Francisco Abarzua, 24 Aug 2001

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