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Kommer Jakobstads vapen från Frankrike?
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Om Sotenäsʼ kommunvapen
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Internationella kongresser
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Trends in university heraldry: The British empire and beyond
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Religious Images and National Symbols in the Creation of Czech Identity, 1890-1938
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Bävern i Härnösands vapen
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Stockholms Sankt Erik är Sankt Olof!
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Gamla kommunvapen och nya emblem
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Heraldik längs E 4:an
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Heraldik och humor
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Heraldik i DDR
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Landskapsvapen i damast
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Emblemas Municipais de Galicia vol. I. Expedientes de escudos e bandeiras aprobados nos anos 1994-97
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Party versus Order: Ulster Unionism and the Flags and Emblems Act
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Um merki Íslands
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Heráldica Institucional y Vexilología del Principado de Asturias
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Lions and Virgins — heraldic state symbols, coats of arms, flags, seals and other symbols of authority in South Africa 1487 — 1962
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Flags of Southern Africa
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Die vlae van Suider-Afrika
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Karjalan vaakunat ja liput
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The Dragons of Wessex and Wales
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Thor und St. Olaf — Axt und Kreuz in ihrer religiösen und politischen Bedeutung
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Thor und St. Olaf — Axt und Kreuz
New location: bib-paa.html#pau55
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Album des pavillons nationaux et des marques distinctives / National flags and distinctive markings
New location: bib-pay.html#pay00
Correction numéro 24 ā lʼ Album des Pavillons nationaux et des Marques distinctives
New location: bib-pay.html#pay96
Correction numéro 25 ā lʼ Album des Pavillons nationaux et des Marques distinctives
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Correction numéro 26 ā lʼ Album des Pavillons nationaux et des Marques distinctives
New location: bib-pay.html#pay96b
Correction numéro 27 ā lʼ Album des Pavillons nationaux et des Marques distinctives
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Correction numéro 28 ā lʼ Album des Pavillons nationaux et des Marques distinctives
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Correction numéro 29 ā lʼ Album des Pavillons nationaux et des Marques distinctives
New location: bib-pay.html#pay97b
Correction numéro 30 ā lʼ Album des Pavillons nationaux et des Marques distinctives
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Van evers en heiligen: Wapens en vlaggen van gemeenten in de provincie Antwerpen
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Unusual City Flags of the United States
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The three flags of general Belgrano
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The Queenʼs Sea Flags
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Kongress for vexillologi
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Alverdens flag i farver
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The International Flag Book in Color
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All verdens flagg i farver
New location: bib-ped.html#ped71a
The International Flag Book in Color
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Internationales Wappen- und Flaggenlexikon in Farben
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Flaggor i färg
New location: bib-ped.html#ped73
7. internationale flagkongress
New location: bib-ped.html#ped77
Flaggor i färg
New location: bib-ped.html#ped78
Verdens flagg i farger
New location: bib-ped.html#ped79
Alverdens flag i farver: Politikens flagleksikon
New location: bib-ped.html#ped79a
Moussaultʼs lexicon van vlaggen en wapens
New location: bib-ped.html#ped80
Flaggor i färg
New location: bib-ped.html#ped81
The Greenland Flag
New location: bib-ped.html#ped87
From Origins of Heraldry to Modern Communication
New location: bib-ped.html#pel86
Signalering til søs — Flagsignalering i den danske orlogsflåde i perioden 1720-1800
New location: bib-ped.html#pep95
New location: bib-ped.html#per83
Gratulerer, Averøy kommune
New location: bib-ped.html#pet86
Aukra sitt nye kommunevåpen
New location: bib-ped.html#pet87
Politisk tegnsætning: Nationale symboler og national identitet i Europa og Den tredje Verden
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Where No Flag Has Gone Before
New location: bib-ped.html#pff92
Where No Flag Has Gone Before
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Revolutionens symboler i rättshistoriens belysning. Frihetsträd — hatt och mössa — blodsfana
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Handen. Den äldsta rättssymbolen
New location: bib-ped.html#pfl51
Statens symboler
New location: bib-ped.html#pfr87
Russian Infantry flags of the Seven Yearsʼ War
New location: bib-ped.html#pgh7x
Flags of the World: A Comprehensive Guide
New location: bib-ped.html#pgt98
Les pavillons dʼAppel a un pilote
New location: bib-ped.html#phi79
Les emblemes de la France Libre et de la Resistance en France de 1940 a 1945
New location: bib-ped.html#phi87
Les drapeaux des îles Wallis-et-Futuna
New location: bib-ped.html#phi99
Et dansk flag fra unionstiden i Maria-kirken i Lübeck
New location: bib-ped.html#phn82
Skjoldfrisen i Sorø Kirke. Et kritisk Bidrag til dansk Heraldik
New location: bib-ped.html#phn83
Phylactčres Vexillologiques
New location: bib-ped.html#phy