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Missing info! (2)
Title: Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani (Corpus of sculpture of the Roman world), Great Britain Volume I, Fascicule 4: Scotland
Medium: book
Main author(s): Lawrence J. F. Keppie; Beverly J. Arnold
Edition (publisher: place): Oxford University Press: Oxford (United Kingdom)
Language: English
Edition date: 1984 (1st ed.)
Catalogue codes: ISBN 0-19-726026-8 = ISBN 978-0-19-726026-3
Pages: 68 + 42 pl.


Missing info! (3)
Title: Heraldry, pageantry and social display in medieval England
Medium: book
Main author(s): Peter Coss; Maurice Kee
Edition (publisher: place): Boydell Press: Woodbridge, Suffolk (United Kingdom)
Language: English
Edition date: 2002
Catalogue codes: ISBN 0-85115-850-1 = ISBN 978-0-85115-850-9
Pages: 278


Missing info! (3)
Title: National Relics. A History of the War Banners of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence 1848-49
Medium: book
Main author(s): Györkei Jenö; Kottra Györgyi Csákváriné
Edition (publisher: place): Atlantic Research and Pulbication / Zríny Publishing House: Higland Lakes, New Jersey / Budapest (Hungary)
Language: English
Edition date: 2001
Catalogue codes: ISBN 963-327-342-0 = ISBN 978-963-327-342-7
Pages: 111
Remarks: Series: Atlantic Studies on Society in Change.


Title: Die Sprache der Zeichen und Bilder
(in English: The language of signs and pictures)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Inge Klebe; Joachim Klebe
Edition (publisher: place): VEB Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften: Ost-Berlin (Germany)
Language: German (High)
Edition date: 1989 (1st ed.)
Catalogue codes: ISBN 3-326-00090-1 = ISBN 978-3-326-00090-7
Pages: 200
Format: 225×202 mm


Missing info! (1)
Title: The Anthony Roll of Henry VIII’s Navy
Medium: book
Main author(s): C. S. Knighton; D. M. Loades
Edition (publisher: place): Ashgate: Aldershot (England) & Burlington, vt, USA. for Navy Records Society (United Kingdom)
Language: English
Edition date: 2000
Catalogue codes: ISBN 0-7546-0094-7 = ISBN 978-0-7546-0094-3
Pages: 198
Format: 30×21,5 cm
Weight: 0,9 kg
Remarks: about 30 pages relate to flags


Missing info! (4)
Title: The “Nighthawk Rangers” of the 17th Virginia Cavalry lost their banner after the battle of Monocacy
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Brian Stuart Kesterson; Parke Pierson
Language: English
Source title: America’s Civil War
Source number (date): 17.3 (2004)
Source pages: 16-18-19


Missing info! (4)
Title: Under two flags: Symbolic voting in the State of Mississippi
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): G. R. Karahan; W. F. Shughart
Language: English
Source title: Public Choice
Source number (date): 118.1-2 (Jan) (2004)
Source pages: 105-124


Missing info! (1)
Title: Finnish scout colors
Medium: article in a vexillological source
Main author(s): Heikki Karjalainen; Kari K. Laurla
Language: English
Source title: Proceedings of the XX International Congress of Vexillology [icv03]
Source number (date): (2004.08)


Missing info! (3)
Title: Prehled vlajek světa
(in English: Overview of the World’s Flags)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Pavel Kovár; Václav Řezáč; Stanislav Soják
Edition (publisher: place): Agentura Infoa: Dubicko (Czechia)
Language: Czech
Edition date: 1994 (?)
Catalogue codes: ISBN 80-85836-03-3 = ISBN 978-80-85836-03-5
Pages: 12
Format: 30 cm
Remarks: Col. ill. N47 in [brz96b].

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