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Bosnia and Herzegovina - Democratic Action Party

Stranka Demokratske Akcije, SDA

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by Željko Heimer, 27 February 2005

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Statutary Definition of the Party's Emblems

At SDA party web site, reported by Mark Sensen, there is the statute of the Party (in Bosnian language), adopted on 6 and 7 September 1996. The article 8 of the Statute defines the stamp, emblem and flag (my translation):

Art. 8.

The Party has stamp, emblem and flag.

[5 lines on the stamp]

The emblem of the Party is the abbreviation of the name of the party "SDA" written in stylized green capital letters, shaded with gray with the gray crescent that on the left encircles the letters "SDA".

The flag of the Party is green and white with the emblem of the Party. The ratio of whidth to height is 1:2. The colours of the flag are horizontal green, white and again green, with ratio of the width of colours 1:3:1 (green:white:green). The emblem is in the middle of the flag on white background. The outer edge of the crescent and initials of the emblem start from the hoist.

Detailed rules on the design and use of the stamp, emblem and flag are given by the Main Council of the Party.

I have made an image according to this description. I don't think I have seen the crescent in gray ever, rather in green as in the emblem on the same web pages, but then maybe that is wrong.
Željko Heimer, 30 March 1998

The SDA (Democratic Action Party) is the main party of the Bosniaks established and lead by Alija Izetbegovic until his death. I quoted the 1996 statutes, but the SDA web site have a new statutes of 2001 on line at <>. In the article 9 now there is no description of the symbol and the flag, but it is determined that these are adopted by a decision of the Main Board. (english text of the statutes is at <>)   In any case, at least since 2001 the flag determined by 1996 statutes is no longer used, instead is used an other, quite similar flag: green-white-green triband with a silver crescent and a fleur-de-lis and tricolour green-blue-red initials SDA.   Such flag is reportedly produced in Croatia for SDA around 2000.
Željko Heimer, 27 February 2005

Flag of 1996

by Željko Heimer, 27 February 2005

Variations of the Party Flag

1)[Variant flag of SDA]
by Željko Heimer

Such a flag was used in 1989 and 1990 by SDA (Stranka Demokratske Akcije, Party of Democratic Action), leading Bosnian Muslim party in last elections for Bosnian parlament before the war. I supose it is still used by them in Bosnia.
Željko Heimer, 15 July 1995

2)[Another variation of the SDA flag]
by Jaume Olle'

I'm sending the flag of the Democratic Party Action (Bosnia), a little different from the one by Željko. The source is V. Lomantsov.
Jaume Olle', 8 December 1997

I have never seen the crescent as grey (silver?). However, I think that maybe you got the letters' shapes better then me. Actually, I was more often looking at other details of the flag, and heeded a little to the fonts.
Željko Heimer, 9 December 1997

The flag reported by Lomantsov is published recently in Gaceta, but I'm not sure if is 100% correct. I think that your sources for Bosnian flags are very good, and I don't know the Lomonatsov ones.
Jaume Olle', 13 December 1997

In my previous message on the SDA flag, I questioned the colour of the crescent (gray) and said that I never so it such, but always green. Recently I saw an image of an SDA functionaire in a newspaper, behind him the flag very similar to the one I posted - yes, with the gray crescent.
Now I have another suspition - was the green crescent used before on the party emblems, and that the new colour of it was adopted only in the latest statute? The statute was adopted on 6 and 7 September 1997.
Željko Heimer, 4 April 1998

An article in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten dated 12 September 1996 was accompanied by colour photographs showing the SDA logo and party flags.
One photo is of the party headquarters in Sarajevo. The sign above the entrance carries a logo with a dark gray crescent and the letters "SDA" (all on top of a map of Bosnia and Herzegovina).
A second photo is from a SDA party meeting in Hadzici. Several party flags are shown, all of them are in motion so it is difficult to determine the details. However, I am sure that the crescent is of a different colour from that of the letters (which are green). I would say that it is very dark green judging from the photograph.
Jan Oskar Engene, 12 April 1998

3)[Yet another variation of the SDA flag]
by Jorge Candeias

Now that you mention it, I remembered that I have a photo of a SDA flag also taken from a newspaper. I can't tell when it was published, but the crescent is, to my eyes, a dark grey, and the "shadow" of the letters "SDA" is of the same colour, while the letters are in a greyish green.
Jorge Candeias, 13 and 18 April 1998

There are two basic versions of a logo on a green-white-green flag. Logo consists of the crescent and letters. In one version letters are green, crescent is green, but the shadow that crescent and letters throw is grey. In the other version the shadow is black.
Velid-aga Jerlagic, 12 April 1998