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Bosnia and Herzegovina - The 1998 Flag Change - First Set of Proposals

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On the First Set of Proposals

In political weekly magazine "Tjednik" (nr. 30/I, Zagreb, 19.09.1997.) there is a short article on the new flag discussion with three coloured images attached to it. My translation, the drawings according to pictures there.

TJEDNIK, 30/I, Zagreb, 19.09.1997. p.9.

Symbols - What would Bosnian flag be like?

These days, after long time, it was again noted a concorded point of view of "Croat" and "Bosniak" side in B&H, while "Serb" side is still giving some troubles: if it is to be beleved to the official statement of Mariofil Ljubic, a member of Joint commision for making the state coat of arms and the flag, it is only waiting the prinicipal acceptance of Serbs and the new flag would be flown all over Bosnia and Herzegovia.

It is less known which of the proposed designs in already tightened choice is most preffered to (at least) Bosniaks and Croats, since there are no less then three designs that have found their way to the public. The misfortunate fleurs-de-lys, that would in other curcomstances be the ideal neutral solution, will be replaced with green-red-blue tricolour, with colour distribution similar to Czeck flag, or maybe light blue flag with golden olive branch. The third design mentioned is also on light blue background, with the outline of B&H in "AVNOJ" *) borders.

*) AVNOJ: Antifasisticko Vijece Narodnog Oslobodjenja Jugoslavije (Anti-fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia), the government body of Tito's partisans that in 1943 declaired formation of the new Yugoslavia and in 1945 determined borders of the republics within that are now considered international borders. The meaning of this in the artice, IMO, is that there will be outline in internationally recognized borders, and not with internal borders of enities within.

It is had to say what are the proportions of the flags in images since they are shown as flying, but it seems that 2:3 is something approximate enough (even if 1:2 would be more natural regarding tradition in the region, but they look mighty empty made that way).

The colour of background of two flags in the images is what I would rather call purpule or lilac then light-blue, but it is more then obvious that this is an error made by printing process since the intended colour is most surely UN light blue.

Zeljko Heimer, 20 September 1997

"Czeck" Pattern

[Proposal in czeck pattern]
by Zeljko Heimer

"Czeck" pattern proposal, green over red with dark blue triangle.
Zeljko Heimer, 20 September 1997

Laurel Branch

[Proposal with laurel branch]
by Zeljko Heimer

"Laurel branch" proposal, UN blue with golden olive branch. It is quite sure that the design of the olive branch is taken up from UN emblem (only one [hoist] branch, rotated some 30 degres counterclockwise).
Zeljko Heimer, 20 September 1997


[Proposal with map]
by Zeljko Heimer

"Map" proposal, UN blue with white voided map of B&H. The colour of the outlined map is not mentioned in the text, and on the picture it is white.
Zeljko Heimer, 20 September 1997