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City of Ipswich (Queensland, Australia)

Last modified: 2005-12-31 by jonathan dixon
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Flag for Council use
[City of Ipswich Council flag] image by Jonathan Dixon, 21 Mar 2005
Flag for General use
[City of Ipswich flag for general use] image by Jonathan Dixon, 21 Mar 2005

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Council Flag

The photo of the "council flag" sent by Suzanne Stephenson of Ipswich City Council shows the coat of arms [see description below] on a green background, with the words "CITY OF IPSWICH" in white lettering beneath the coat of arms.
Jonathan Dixon, 30 November 2004

There are in fact two Ipswich flags - the first one carries the City Crest and represents the Council or local government authority and is used exclusively by Council particularly on formal occasions such as issuing Scrolls granting Freedom of Entry to the military.

Just some background on the Crest - originally the Municipality of Ipswich was proclaimed on 2MAR1860 and gazetted on 3MAR1860 with the then town boundaries proclaimed on 16MAR1860. The Town's first Mayor, Alderman John Murphy, and his Council decided the Municipality needed a 'Seal'. Reverend Lacey H Rumsey, MA, Rector of St Paul's Anglican Church, Ipswich was requested to creat a design and that Crest and Arms is still in use by the City of Ipswich today.

There is no written record however it is believed this Crest was registered in 1861 by Rev Rumsey with the appropriate authority in England at that time..'
Suzanne Stephenson (Ipswich City Council), 30 November 2004

Flag for general use

The photo of the flag for use by the public sent by Suzanne Stephenson, of Ipswich City Council shows a white background, with the corporate logo (described below) of the council in (very dark) green and gold to the hoist side of the writing Ipswich
Queensland, Australia in the green of the logo. The i in Ipswich is in the style of the i in the logo, but with the stem in green and the dot in gold.
Jonathan Dixon, 30 November 2004

There are in fact two Ipswich flags. The second carries the corporate logo and is used widely by cultural, community, sporting, charity etc groups in promoting their events particularly when Ipswich City Council has involvement.
Suzanne Stephenson (Ipswich City Council), 30 November 2004

Detailed Description of the Coat of Arms

"The Crest is a Crown from which rays emanate and beneath them are a rose, shamrock and thistle representing Britain.

The Arms have in the upper left quarter the Golden Fleece with ribbon. The transport and trade in wool from the Darling Downs was an important industry in Ipswich at that time. In the lower quarter is a plough, two sheaves of wheat, one standing and one fallen. In the background on rising ground are three factories, one at each end with one chimney and the centre one with two chimneys and smoke issuing from them. A church building and spire are on top of the rising ground to the right. In the upper right quarter are a shovel, pick-axe and a coal basket suspended with a loop handle and a rope symbolising mining. In the lower right quarter a paddle-wheel steamboat is depicted on the river, with hills in the background, reminding us Ipswich was once a major inland port, with paddle-steamers plying both the Bremer and Brisbane Rivers. An emblem of wheat-in-the-ear is depicted on the left of the Arms and on the right an emblem of cotton in the pod - a reminder that during the American Civil War cotton was seen as an important new industry for Ipswich. A ribbon contains the motto 'Confide Recte Agens' which when translated reads 'Be Confident When Doing Right'. Beneath the motto is featured a grape vine with fruit. At that time, there was a number of vineyards near Ipswich.

The Arms portray the history of the early industries of Ipswich with a symbol (the Church) of faith in God, Who made possible those industries and production, and so the resultant prosperity of the Ipswich area. It recognises also the toil of the pioneers of Ipswich and the surrounding districts and is a memorial to them."
Suzanne Stephenson (Ipswich City Council), 30 November 2004

Corporate Logo

"The bright and modern logo depicts the bright future of the new City of Ipswich. Strikingly simple, this stylised 'i for Ipswich' logo features many aspects of the new City. Most importantly, the green and gold portions highlight the merging of the former Moreton Shire and Ipswich City local authority areas in 1995 with a white flowing band between them which at once is the letter 'i' as well as the lifegiving Bremer River.

A bold sun above the environmentally friendly green and gold pastures promotes the importance of the rural landscape and lifestyle to our regional City. Gold is not only symbolic of the bountiful rural landscape but of a sense of winning and achieving. Emerald green has long been associated with Ipswich representative sporting colours. Together green and gold could not be more patriotic.

The simple design enables reproduction, in all applications, from embroidery to vehicle signage, while the use of only two colours is cost effective."
Suzanne Stephenson (Ipswich City Council), 30 November 2004