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Club Atlético River Plate (Argentina)

Last modified: 2006-08-19 by francisco gregoric
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[Club Atlético River Plate official flag]
by Francisco Gregoric, based on information provided by Osvaldo Gorgazzi, 12 Aug 2006
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Presentation of the club

The Club Atlético River Plate (usually known by its short name as "River") is located in the Neighborhood of Núñez in the northern part of the City of Buenos Aires. It is one of the two most famous and biggest clubs and football (soccer) teams in Argentina. The other biggest team is the Club Atlético Boca Juniors. Both teams are the ones with most fans in Argentina.

The club River Plate was originally founded in May 25, 1901 in the southern part of the City of Buenos Aires City. The club was located during some of its first years in the neighborhood of La Boca. It was during this time that the rivalry between River Plate and Boca Juniors was born.

The club was given an English name "River Plate" that is an English translation of the Río de la Plata of the City of Buenos Aires. The club was originally located closer to the harbour. According to the history, the words "River Plate" were seen by some members of the club in some boxes in the harbour, of loaded from ships, whose final destination was the "Río de la Plata."

In 1923, River Plate moved to the northern part of the City of Buenos Aires (first to the Neighborhood of Palermo, and then Núñez). However the rivalry between both clubs, have continued as up today.

From the times the club moved to the northern location, the nickname of the club "los millonarios" (the millionaires) was born, since the change of location was dues to the affluence of the club.

River Plate Stadium is named El Monumental, and it is the biggest football stadium of Argentina.
Francisco Gregoric, 12 Aug 2006

The use of English being common in the naming of Argentine soccer clubs, as the sport was introduced into Argentina by English railroad workers.
Joe McMillan, 5 Jul 2005

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The colors of the club and the flag

At the beginnings River Plate team wore a white jersey. According to the traditional story one day during Carnival, a piece of red ribbon was taken from a cart participating in the Carnival parties by some members of the club. They wanted to add some color to the white jersey. They added this ribbon diagonally and in that way the River Plate t-shirt was born.

However, it must be noted that River Plate colors are the same colors of Genoa. River Plate was founded in an area full of Genoese immigrants in those times. There even was a curious incident of the Genoese inspired La Boca Republic some years earlier.

The official flag of the club River Plate reproduces the color scheme of the club's t-shirt. Osvaldo Gorgazzi informed me that the acronym of the club should appear in the official flag: C.A. (for Club Atlético) at the upper hoist, and R.P. (for River Plate) at the lower fly.
Francisco Gregoric, 12 Aug 2006

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Flag variants

Simplified flag

[Club Atlético River Plate flag]
by Francisco Gregoric, 13 Aug 2006

This is a simplified version of the official flag without the acronym. It is also used sometimes at the club and at River Plate's Stadium El Monumental.
Francisco Gregoric, 13 Aug 2006

Flag with circular acronym

[Club Atlético River Plate flag]
by Francisco Gregoric, 13 Aug 2006

This flag variant has the acronym of the club's name CARP (Club Atlético River Plate) added in black letters at center inside a circle. It reproduces the central part of the club's emblem.
Francisco Gregoric, 13 Aug 2006

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Flags used by fans

Horizontal triband

[Club Atlético River Plate fans flag]
by Gastón Abriola, 23 Nov 2002

Although the Club Atlético River Plate official red diagonal flag is used by fans, the most common flag raised by them is the horizontal triband white-red-white. This second flag is much easier to manufacture than the official one.

Sometimes texts appear in the horizontal triband flags used by River Plate fans.
Francisco Gregoric, 13 Aug 2006

Other flags

As it is common in Argentina, football (soccer) fans raise several different designs of flags.

In fact the colors are the important thing: for River Plate the most important point is that the flag would be white and red. There are vertical tribars white-red-white flags, horizontal or vertical bicolor flags, some flags may have text, while other have portraits of players, coaches, etc.
Francisco Gregoric, 13 Aug 2006

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